Is Paid Surveys And More A Scam

The Brutally Honest Review

(Note: As of now, Paid Surveys and More is No More. However, there are probably ones similar to this, so you can take it as a heads up and prevent yourself from getting scammed.)

What is Paid Surveys and More?


is paid surveys and more a scam
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Paid Surveys and More is a middleman that offers you the access to surveys that pays hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month.

Before we even dive in to see if it’s true. One thing I must warn you about is NEVER paying money for surveys. Out of all the surveys that I’ve done in the past, I’ve never had to pay for it.

The last survey website that I revealed turned out to be a complete waste of time. Check out a similar website that I revealed in the past by clicking here.

In all honesty, it sounded quite exciting at first, but the reality is the complete opposite. After spending your hard-earned $44.50 to gain access to their directory of so-called, “high paying surveys”. You will be left with not only $44.50 less in your bank account, but also a huge disappointment.

Besides your initial investment, Paid Surveys and More will also continue to earn money from you whenever you complete a survey. — They get a referral commission.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money online. Download my free eBook Below:

Can You Really Make Money With The Provided Surveys?


Sure you can, but most of these surveys you could find on your own. Even when it’s free, it can cost you hours upon hours of answering their questions before you can reach a certain threshold to receive a payment. — In other words, unless you have the patience to answer thousands of surveys… good luck getting paid.

The only person that’s really making money is the referrer which is Paid Surveys and More.

Is Paid Surveys and More a Scam?

Absolutely! The only person really making money is the founder of Paid Surveys and More. As stated previously, why would you pay for surveys when you’re trying to make money from surveys? — Does that sound counterproductive?

It’s just another tactic to get you to believe you can make lots of money, but in reality, you are only being directed to free surveys earning pennies while the referrer (Paid Surveys and More) earning hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars.

Paid Surveys and More is No More


If you click on the provided link above, you will realize this website is no longer active. However, the name of this website is still popular amongst the survey community. I did some keyword research and it seems people are still searching for this product.

Most survey scams use the same technique, so providing information on Paid Surveys and More will hopefully deter others from falling for the ones in the future.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Surveys


If you want to learn how to make money online. There are many alternatives, so don’t let paid surveys leave a bad taste in your mouth.

There are people who have made a fortune from building an actual business online. You can do so by drop shipping, affiliate marketing, gameplay streaming, and more.

If You Are Serious About Making Money Online


I run a website and a blog that provides information through research on how to make money online. It all started with trying to make money through surveys.

Well, it didn’t work out because it was paying pennies… and I never had the patience to reach the payment threshold, so I never got paid.

I knew it wasn’t for me, so I continued my search and stumbled upon a platform that has not only allowed me to help others but also build a brand of my own.

If you are interested in starting your own online business, all you have to do is download a free copy of my eBook. It’s PDF formatted, so you can access the book on your mobile devices.

Keep in mind, I am only looking to work with serious people who are willing to work for a better lifestyle. If you’re looking for a way to make money fast. — Please don’t sign up because my time is very limited.

Did you enjoy this review? Have you ever heard of Paid Surveys and More? Have you ever earned a significant amount of money via paid surveys? If yes, please share which one you worked with, so I can take a look at it (:

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Do your part in preventing others from falling for schemes like Paid Surveys and More. You can make a difference today!

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below(:

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Is Paid Surveys And More A Scam
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