Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments?

Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments
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In response to a readers email, is it worth responding to blog comments? If you take a look at my blog posts with comments, you’ll see that I respond to every single person. There’s not ONE person even if it’s a negative comment that I don’t respond to.

Depending on the comment, it can take me up to a minute to read and a minute to respond. If the comment contains a complex question, it might take a little more time, but I do eventually respond.

In this article, I will go over why it is worth your time to respond to each and every comment! Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments?

Not Responding To Comments Is Rude!

When you’re writing a blog post, you should use a conversational tone to engage with your readers. The same applies to blog comments! If someone asks you a question in person, would you ignore them? That’s exactly what you’re doing if you don’t respond to your blog comments.

I understand that sometimes you might not want to respond because of a negative comment. Trust me, I’ve been there and I feel the same way.

Example: Bob leaves a comment and says you’re a scammer. What you teach does not work!

By not responding, you’re allowing that person to win. Your other readers will see this comment and see that you have no response to this person. Therefore, they’ll make the assumption that you don’t care and that you’re probably a scammer.

By responding to comments, it will help you with my next point.

Responding To Comments Will Help Increase Your Traffic

Did you know that comments actually contribute to the overall numbers of text on a page? Assuming that you are not getting spammed comments, having comments will actually increase the number of long tail keywords that you will rank for.

Long tail keywords will help increase your overall search traffic because it’s easier to rank for and it’s more specific. For example, a short tail keyword would be, “make money.” Whereas a long tail keyword would be something like, “how to make money from home.”

long tail keywords
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Besides the benefit of getting search engine traffic, you’ll also benefit from lots of returned visitors. The comment box is a way for you to conversate, so take advantage and build a conversation with your readers. It’s almost like Facebook! When you’re responding to the comments, they are more likely to return to read your response and possibly respond to your response as well.

Responding To Comments Will Help Increase Social Shares

When you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Do you share things you like or things you don’t like? The answer is quite obvious. You’re more inclined to share things that you like of course!

The Benefits of Social Sharing:

You’re leveraging your readers Social Media followers. When they share your article, it will reach people that you wouldn’t normally reach.

  • More inbound traffic
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Completely free!

By responding to comments, you’re engaging with your readers which actually encourages them to share your articles! If you’re a new blogger, you should take advantage of this because you’re not going to rank very well for search engines from the beginning.

Responding To Comments Will Help Increase Sales

It’s not surprising that responding to comments will help increase sales. You see, people who leave comments are very interested in your article or your offer. By responding to their comments, you are building a relationship and that will in the end help increase sales. Check out my article on how to sell yourself, not your products.

It makes sense because people don’t buy from strangers. If you walk up to a random person and try to sell them something. They will be less inclined to buy it, but if you’ve built a relationship, it’s much easier! That’s why when I used to sell chocolates for school, I would sell to my family and friends haha!

Responding To Comments Can Help Redirect Them To Other Articles

Sometimes I get asked questions that I’ve answered in a previous blog post. Instead of repeating myself, I would redirect them by adding a URL in the comment box. That way, they are receiving a more in-depth version of my answer rather than a few words. Trust me, they will appreciate that way more!

In Conclusion

So is it worth it to respond to blog comments? Absolutely! I would never ignore a readers comment. As listed above, there are so many benefits from responding to comments and it only takes you a couple minutes.

Do you agree with this article? Let me know if you have other benefits that I’ve not covered in this article.

Kind Regards,

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Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments?
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6 thoughts on “Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments?”

  1. I can't agree more. I love responding to comments. Replying to comments makes me happy because I can communicate with the readers. Comments is very important for the website. I even add the feedback from the readers to the article. For example the article about sleeping. Two commentor mentioned that ginger water can help falling asleep. I add the tip to the article after checking it. Comments can enrich the website content.

  2. Hi Melani,

    I'm glad you enjoy responding to comments. I'm sure your readers enjoy reading your responses. Taking feedback from readers and implementing it in your article is a very intelligent move! Do you see a difference in website traffic by responding to your blog comments?


  3. Yes, it increases traffic, improves SEO rank, and increases duration. I have ever seen the first rank article with hundreds of comments.

  4. I have been joining in Blog Support FB group. The group has 23.701 members.We only need to send our website link and Instagram Business link to be the member. The member trade post sharing and comments. There are many FB and Pinterest groups like that. We can search and choose the most suitable for our niche.

  5. Hi Melani,

    Wow, that is very impressive! Thanks for sharing your findings and experience with my readers! I will definitely look into it myself.


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