Is American Online Jobs A Scam? A Deceptive System.

american online jobs review
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Most people in America are earning the bare minimum. In fact. it’s not uncommon to hear someone telling you that they are working 3 or 4 jobs to make ends meet. The problem with this approach is that you can only work so much until you just physically can’t anymore. Let’s not forget that you won’t have time for yourself or your family if you work 3 or 4 jobs.

That’s why many people are searching for online job opportunities. And that’s how a reader of my mine discovered American Online Jobs. However, he is skeptical about the legitimacy of American Online Jobs and wanted me to do a review on it.

Just recently, I reviewed a few websites that contain the word, JOB in its name. But turned to be a total lie. Again, I will give American Online Jobs the benefit of the doubt. Is American Online Jobs a scam? Continue reading to find out!

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American Online Jobs Review

Name: American Online Jobs
Price: Free
Owners: Unknown
Recommended? Continue Reading To Find Out

American Online Jobs – Product Overview

american online jobs training
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At first, American Online Jobs sounds like a job opportunity, when in reality they don’t offer any jobs. When you first land on their homepage, you are asked to complete a short survey for their so-called, pre-screening.

After completing the pre-screening questions, you will be taken to step #2. There you will have to create a free account and if you like, register for their bonus accounts (optional, but required if you want to make money later). The bonus accounts are low-quality survey websites that I would never recommend.

Basically, they want you to create accounts on multiple survey websites. The purpose of this is so you can get your own unique referral links to duplicate another American Online Jobs website. You see how they offer you to sign up for those bonus survey websites? You’ll have to do the same to entice others to sign up as well.

Also, American Online Jobs will create a free website after you register as an affiliate. What you’re getting is simply a URL with your referral ID that leads to American Online Jobs.

So far, I don’t see how you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars per week from promoting a low-quality website like American Online Jobs. Let’s dive deeper to see why their system won’t work!

Why The American Online Jobs System Won’t Work

american online jobs member training area
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In the members training area, you will be presented with 10 lessons plus bonus training. The lessons are short videos based on the following:

  • Joining Facebook Groups.
  • Advertising on Craigslist as a work from home opportunity.
  • Paying for Bing advertisements.
  • Posting YouTube videos.
  • A direct link to another website that teaches you how to make money on Instagram as an internet marketer.
  • A direct link to another website that teaches you how to make money with affiliate links on Pinterest.
  • Talks about GetResponse for email marketing.
  • Signing up as an affiliate to create your own website (affiliate link).
  • An overview of the affiliate dashboard.
american online jobs lessons
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One Of The Lessons

I can tell you from going through the lessons provided by American Online Jobs that their claims are hyped up and won’t work. Basically, they are telling you to post your affiliate link on different platforms to entice people to click-through.

Now I know why they wanted you to sign up for low-quality survey websites in the beginning. It’s so you can configure your referral links from each of those websites into your own American Online Jobs page.

If you don’t, then the referral links will be the ones from American Online Jobs by default. Which means American Online Jobs will earn commissions from your referrals instead of you.

So far, I don’t see any value in American Online Jobs. First, they tricked you into signing up by disguising itself as a job opportunity. How do you think your readers will react? Basically, they want you to do the same thing. Trick others into believing it is a job opportunity only to earn money by tricking others as well.

Can you make money? I’m sure you can. But I don’t believe you can make significant amounts of money with American Online Jobs. The website and their training are what I consider low-quality.

Is American Online Jobs A Scam?

I have concluded that American Online Jobs is a scam. I don’t like that fact that American Online Jobs misleads you into thinking you are signing up for an actual job opportunity.

All they have you do is sign up for multiple websites with no clear instruction on what you’ll be doing to make money. Usually, before you apply for a job, you are usually given a list of job requirements and duties.

Even someone like me, who has reviewed many different products, programs, systems, was confused at first. American Online Jobs clearly lacks transparency, so I don’t recommend them to anyone.

If you really want to make money online, there is a far better way to do so. One that is totally tangible, a legitimate business that you own and have total control over. If you’re interested in learning more about it. Please continue reading.

A Tangible and Legitimate Online Business

Smart Affiliate Hub was founded in 2017 and is based on a legitimate business model that has enabled many to reach 4,5 to even 6 figure monthly income. The best part about it is that you can genuinely help others in the process. The business model that I use is called affiliate marketing.

I don’t have to own an actual product or service. I simply recommend them to my readers to help them solve their problems. You can do the same in any niche space.

For example, if you are into losing weight. You can create content that talks about how to lose weight. Within the content, you can include recommended products and services through the use of affiliate links.

I don’t want to waste too much of your time going through each step, so I’ve written an Ultimate Passive Income Model eBook that details the exact steps to get started. Please click on the banner below to claim your copy for free.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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american online jobs review
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