Instagram Features You May Have Overlooked

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Instagram Features You May Have Overlooked
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Instagram is a great Social network for both everyday use and marketing. As a business, your goal should always be focused on getting your content in front of people who actually care and will take action.

Whether it is to sign up for a digital course or purchase a product.

In fact, I find better engagement via Instagram over Facebook, Twitter, Mix, Tumblr, etc. Now that doesn’t mean you should neglect other sources.

What you should do is focus a little bit more Instagram.

Instagram is a very simple social network. If you want to share an image, simply upload it, crop it, apply filters, add a description and publish.

You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with Instagram, so whenever you post on Instagram, it will also get shared across those networks. But there are a few additional Instagram features you may have overlooked.

#1. Add Line Breaks To Your Bio

By default, your Instagram biography will appear as a single line of text. In my opinion, it looks clustered like a big block of text in your face if you include enough words.

If you use an iPhone, you can use notes to type up whatever you want to say like the image below. Once you paste it on your Instagram biography, it will appear exactly as it would in the picture.

Instagram Ericchensf
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Instagram: Ericchensf

This gives you more room to describe yourself as well as using emoji to spice things up. It just looks so much better if you use a line break.

#2. Check Out Your Followers’ Activity

This is one of my favorite features and that is to check out my followers’ activity. It’s a great way to find new out who they are following. What pictures they are liking, so I can like them too. I do this all the time to expand my reach to new people.

Simply, tap on the heart icon at the bottom of the app and you’ll get to see feeds from yourself or from your followers. Click following to see your followers’ activity.

Instagram followers' activity
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Instagram: Ericchensf

Now simply skim through your followers’ activity to see what they’ve been doing. You’ll find some irrelevant accounts too, but that’s normal if you use your Instagram for personal use.

It’s a mistake that I made when I used my personal Instagram account for Smart Affiliate Hub.

But as long as you interact with people who are interested in your niche, you’ll gain more followers as well as likes over time.

#3. Manage Your Image Filters

I didn’t know you could do this until recently while toying with the app. This is not too big of a deal, but swiping through filters can be time-consuming especially if you are uploading multiple images.

Instagram allows you to manage your image filter, so you can remove the ones that you don’t want to use.

To do this, upload a dummy photo and swipe all the way to the end of the filters list. Once you’re at the very end, you’ll see a square labeled as manage.

manage instagram filter
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Source: Instagram Ericchensf

By tapping on the Manage button, you’ll get the option to check or uncheck the filters that you want to keep or remove. You can also position the filters by tap and holding the filter that you want to move up or down the list. Once you’re done configuring your filter list, simply tap on the Done button.

#4. Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts? Maybe you are operating multiple businesses. I should have done this in the beginning, but oh well. I can’t bother creating a personal one anymore.

Anyways, it can be a hassle if you have to log out and in each time you want to switch between Instagram accounts to post different content. The good news is, Instagram has a really good feature that makes this simple.

manage multiple accounts on instagram
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Instagram: Ericchensf

To get there, first, you need to click on the profile icon (the person). Once you’re there, click on the 3 bar icon somewhere on the top right-hand corner. Now look down and locate the gear icon on IOS or three vertical dots on an Android device. And finally, if you scroll all the way down, you’ll see the option to add account.

Once you click add account, all you have to do is enter the username and password for any additional Instagram accounts you want to add.

To switch between accounts, you just have to go back to the profile icon (the person), press and hold it and you will see a list of your available accounts to choose from.

#5. Bookmark Relevant Posts

Instagram is a very active social platform, so if you don’t bookmark something, you’re probably not going to see again unless you find the account who posted the picture.

So if you want to bookmark a relevant post, so that you can refer back to later. Simply tap on the bookmark icon located at the bottom right of the image.

Now you may be wondering why? Well, maybe the post contains relevant hashtags that you may want to use for yourself. Or maybe the image description contains the URL to a blog post.

After you’ve bookmarked an image, you can refer back to your bookmarks by tapping on the profile icon (the person) > 3 bar icon somewhere on the top right-hand corner > Saved.

Once you click Saved, you will be presented with every post that you’ve ever saved on Instagram.

In Conclusion

I hope this was helpful! The Instagram features that you may have overlooked should help you better utilize Instagram for your business.

If you already know these features, then you can definitely use this as refreshment.

If not, let us know which feature you didn’t know existed or was this helpful.

Other than that, if you need help with anything, please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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Instagram Features You May Have Overlooked
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