Income Elite Team Review 2021: Can You Make $80K Per Month?

income elite team review
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Is the Income Elite Team a scam? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Income Elite Team claims to have a system that can help you earn some serious cash online.

As usual, I give every product and system the benefit of the doubt. At first glance, their website seems very enticing, but it only matters if it’s stating facts.

In this article, I will give you a thorough review to help you make an informative decision. Is the Income Elite Team a scam? Continue reading to find out.

Income Elite Team Review 2021

Name: Income Elite Team
Price: $4.95 plus up-sells
Owners: Steve Peirce, Rob Wass, and David Sharpe
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What Is the Income Elite Team?

steve peirce
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Owner Of Income Elite Team

Income Elite Team is a system that claims to have made them millions of dollars every year. With their system, you can replicate their success and bring in upwards of $80,000.00 per month.

As an internet marketer, I love breaking down people’s landing pages to see what the actual system is about. Unfortunately, it was difficult because their landing page and sales video are jam-packed with how much money is being made.

Like many similar systems, the Income Elite Team claims that you can run their system on autopilot making it simple to make money online.

Again, I wish they would break down exactly what you’re paying. It’s like buying a house without seeing it first. Sure it might sound great on paper or in videos, but let me see it first!

The good news is, I will tell you exactly what Income Elite Team is all about. Continue reading to learn more. (:

Breaking Down What Income Elite Team Is About

First, let’s check out the price for the Income Elite Team. If you look carefully, the $4.95 charge is just an entry fee. There’s a recurring payment of $39.95 per month after your first month’s trial.

The main training being taught by Income Elite Team is how to build an email list. First, you’ll create a landing page and sending traffic to it.

So far this is legitimate because building an email list is crucial for online businesses and internet marketers alike. With a quality email list (with qualified subscribers), you can continue to market to them through follow up emails.

However, there is a flaw in their training. They don’t teach you how to build a relationship with your audience. Collecting emails is not enough.

If your subscribers don’t know, they won’t trust you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple! When your only building landing pages to collect emails, you’ll have to rely on paid traffic.

My blog, for example, doesn’t rely on paid traffic. I get people to my blog through content marketing (blog posts). It’s free and it really gives my readers a little piece of me. For example, if you found this article on Google, I didn’t have to pay a single penny to have you here.

If you are a complete newbie. Relying on paid traffic can cost you a fortune. Also, what happens if you are no longer able to afford paid advertisements? Well, not only is your bank going to take a hit, but your traffic stops as well.

Additional Costs To Consider For Income Elite Team

Just to be fair, I expected up-sells from Income Elite Team. There’s no way they can make money selling their system for $4.95. That’s barely enough to cover advertising costs!

Here is a list of up-sells to be aware of:

  • Traffic Packages (Ranges From $39.95 to $69.95): This is okay if you’re getting relevant traffic. I’ve looked into paid traffic before and most are low quality from people who have no intention to buy. That’s why I only recommend spending money on reliable sources.
  • Template Websites ($57.00 Per Month): These are basically landing pages designed so you don’t have to. For $57.00 per month, it’s quite expensive.
  • Video Vault Plus A Coach ($197.00 Per Month): This is their most expensive up-sell. I am skeptical about this coach and I suspect that he or she will also try to sell you on additional high ticket products. This is a common practice used by businesses like MOBE which was recently shut down by the FTC.
  • Domain Name Plus Website Hosting (Depends): If you look at the very bottom of their landing page, they mentioned that you’ll need to get your own domain name plus website hosting. For $39.95 recurring per month, I was expecting to get that included.

So far if you are opt-in for the whole deal, you’ll be spending $293.95 per month recurring excluding traffic. It’s absolute blasphemy because my website is hosted on Hostgator and it costs me less than $100.00 per year.

In fact, if you choose the lowest package, you can get started for around $2.75 per month which works out to be $33.00 per year. Let’s add on a domain name which typically costs $15.00 per year. That’s still only $48.00 per year!

Again, $293.95 per month plus additional traffic cost is outrageous!

Is Income Elite Team A Scam?

I’ve concluded that the Income Elite Team is not a scam. However, I don’t recommend you sign up with them because they’re asking you to spend a fortune on a system that they never explained.

Also, their email marketing method is not ideal for beginners because you’ll have to spend another fortune. Building an email list through a simple landing page is like trying to win at a casino.

Sure you’ll get some emails here and there, but because you don’t have a rapport with your subscribers. They will eventually just unsubscribe. Let’s assume that some people buy. You’re basically hoping that you’ll earn more than your advertisement cost. What makes this different than gambling at a casino?

If you want to make money online (for the long-term), you should have a solid foundation. One that you can offer value to your audience. That’s why most businesses have a blog. It’s a great way to offer value plus build an audience base.

For example, my blog is based on helping people understand how to make money online. I offer free content such as the blog post you’re reading. I also recommend different products and services as a better alternative.

If my readers believe in me and trust my blog. The chance of them buying something is much higher than a random person with a landing page full of hyped-up claims.

I understand that making money requires work. Part of your online business can be automated, but not the entire business. If anyone can make money without lifting a finger, why are people still creating content and doing SEO? It’s simple, systems like the Income Elite Team does NOT work.

Learn How To Make Money Online The Right Way

If you are serious about learning how to make money online. I recommend downloading my free eBook. Is it the best and most comprehensive? Probably not. But it does contain the exact process of how I started with zero experience.

I can’t promise that you’ll become successful. The only person who can promise you that is yourself. 90+% fail to make money online, not because it’s impossible. It’s because they gave up on themselves. Stay consistent, learn from the right source, and you’ll do great.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message down below. I do read and answer everyone and I will try my best to help you out.

income elite team review
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2 years ago

A great article Eric, where you completely dissect when you call out the Income Elite Team. I really liked the breakdown of your review and it helped me in deciding to stay away from them. I was initially curious about them, but now, I don’t like the idea of joining them. Thanks very much for this article,


2 years ago

A great article Eric, where you completely dissect when you call out the Income Elite Team. I really liked the breakdown of your review and it helped me in deciding to stay away from them. I was initially curious about them, but now, I don’t like the idea of joining them. Thanks very much for this article,