If You Lose Everything. What Would You Do?

For those who are not aware of this, Russell Brunson, a legendary marketer sent an email to interview his ‘Two Comma Club’ award winners. He wanted to know what these successful individuals would do if all of a sudden, they lost everything! This includes their business, money, name, email list, affiliates and JV partners, etc.— If you lose everything. What would you do?

Here’s the content of his email:

Russell wanted to hear from experts exactly what they would do from Day 1 to Day 30 to pick themselves back up. What he found was astonishing, people were actually giving him detailed plans mapping out exactly what they would do from Day 1 to Day 30.

Now here’s where things get interesting. He asked those experts if they’re willing to share their strategies for free! Right now, each of those 30 speakers is going to give you their answer on how to start from ZERO again in an upcoming video interview that maps out exactly what they would do if they were to start over for 30 days.

Since you are starting from ZERO, that means you don’t need the following:

  • Email List
  • Existing Income
  • Affiliates or Partners
  • Authority

Basically, you can start from zero just like these experts requested by Russell Brunson himself!

What You Will Get From This 30 Day Summit

  • How to consistently create high-converting offers that your audience loves. Competitiveness of your niche doesn’t matter.
  • Learn how to launch your own automated, income producing funnel with a complete blueprint.
  • Learn the fastest methods to generate cash even if you have no prior business experience.
  • Learn how to skyrocket your business by growing an army of loyal customers!
  • Learn how to get repeat business from the same customer! Remember, it’s easier to get a repeat customer than to get a whole new customer.
  • Learn how to increase the prices of your products and generate high sales (as much as $10,000.00).
  • Learn how to separate the people you want to work with through applications.
  • Learn how to market your own book without actually writing it. Become a published author in your niche which elevates you to expert status.
  • Learn how to create “no-brainer” offers with ease!

This is definitely a summit that you should not miss out on!

Kind Regards,

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