How To Write High Quality Content For Your Website

How To Write High Quality Content For Your Website
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With over 152 million blogs currently on the internet. It is absolutely necessary to produce high quality content. Content that are both compelling and serves a purpose.

Google gets around 3.5 billion searches per day! And what makes them the #1 website (most visited) is because they serve amazing text-based content.

Amazing content also ranks well on search engines which will help get you more visitors. After all, what good is content if nobody is reading it?

High quality and engaging content are going to gain you more traffic in the long run because people are more likely to share it with their peers.

Instead of pushing out mediocre content, I’d like to show you how to write high quality content for your website!

Tips for Writing Quality Content

Tip #1: Write As If You Are Speaking To Your Readers

Write As If You Are Speaking To Your Readers
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Writing as you would write for an English essay is one of the common misconceptions of blogging. Yes, you want to be clear and ensure that your readers can figure out what you’re trying to say.

However, focusing too much on writing properly can make it boring and robotic for your readers.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing with zero grammatical/spelling errors, but you’ll want to write with a voice; your voice.

Note: Sometimes when I am writing my blogs, I tend to speak it out loud while I’m typing it. Weird right?

Have you ever wondered why talk shows are so funny and engaging? That’s because they are giving you a show of their unique personality.

Imagine if they were talking to you as if they were reading off of a book?


You are not being graded on how well you write, so write as if you are talking to a friend and you will receive much better results.

Tip #2: Use Visuals

Use Visuals
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A picture can speak a thousand words. Having visuals on your website will not only make it easier to digest. But your visuals can also display data, illustrations, etc.

When you include visuals to your content, it can better explain what you are talking about and keeping your readers engaged. 

I’ve read many blogs in my lifetime and those with only words and no visuals couldn’t keep my attention for more than 10 sentences.

Tip #3: Revise Your Blog Post After

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Back in school, your teachers will recommend that you brainstorm before you write. Personally, I prefer to write as I think. 

When you write without planning, you will notice that writing can be fun and easy! You can always go back and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. 

I remember trying to write a blog using the tips given to me by my professors in the past.

It was daunting and I hated it! 

I almost wanted to quit because I didn’t think I could do this for a very long time… at least not long enough to be successful. 

Tip #4: Be Honest Especially When It Comes To Product Reviews

be honest
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Making money is important and I’m sure you want to make money with every single content you publish.

However, by lying to your readers and writing solely to promote a product to earn money will not get you very far. I remember reading an article about the best laptop for 2017.

I was hoping to find out more information and what’s actually bad about the product.

I was quite disappointed after reading a few articles.

Every laptop was considered good and an excellent choice to buy, so which one should I buy? 

I had to dig through product reviews on the vendor’s website to finally make a decision, so the affiliate marketers who were promoting those laptops did absolutely nothing.

Here’s an article I wrote on how to write good product reviews for affiliate marketing.

Tip #5: Do Your Research

do your research
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Credibility is very important if you want to be successful online.

You should respect other peoples time by doing your research before trying to inform them of a service or product. 

Your readers came to you because they seek answers, not your bullshit. 

You should not feel bad about not knowing something because the truth is, we don’t know everything.

Tip #6: Write For People Who Hates Reading

hate reading
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Yup, not everyone likes to read. You don’t want to write huge paragraphs!

You want to shorten everything, so it’s easier to read. I made this mistake in the beginning.

Fortunately, I have some great friends who offered me genuine advice on my content and informed me of this mistake.

Tip #7: Ask Questions

ask questions
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When you ask your readers question, it gives you the opportunity to gain feedback. Inviting your readers to leave comments can also improve your SEO performance.

If you are doing a product review, your comments can be a deciding factor for your readers. I am more likely to buy a product If I scroll down and see the author engaging with his readers.


When I see the author engaging with his readers, it shows me this person truly cares about this business and can be trustworthy.

Tip #8: Read And Respond To Comments

respond to comments
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When your readers ask you a question, you can use that question to create a whole new blog to address it. I’ve done this so many times because any question is considered a GOOD question.

When one person asks a question, chances are, many more will follow. That’s why I take notes when someone asks me a question.

This is a great way to write quality content that will actually help people. It’s also a great way to stack up on good ideas to write about.

Tip #9: Remember To Write For Your Readers

Seo or readers
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Without your readers, your blog is nothing but another blog on the internet. I remember starting out as an affiliate marketer, most of the veterans were telling me to focus on content writing and search engine optimization. 

Those were great advice, but what is considered good content?

Content that is helpful to readers of course! When you write your contents, you want to put search engine optimization (SEO) at the back of your mind.

You want to remember to focus on your readers first. Search engine optimization is important, but what good is content that means nothing to your readers.

What you are seeking is a long-term success if you want to have a successful online business.

I have one advice for you, people don’t buy products, they buy from people. Remember, don’t be a typical salesperson, you want to be what I consider a product specialist.

Tip #10: Use Captivating Titles And Descriptions

read me
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There are so many amazing blog posts online that goes unnoticed daily. You need to be creative, but don’t lie to your readers when creating your title. What I mean by don’t lie is don’t misinform your reader, also known as click bait.

Example, your title is “Make Money Online Instantly” and your content has nothing about how to make money instantly.

We deal with that regularly, especially on YouTube.

What happens is when you lie about your title, your readers will likely never return to your website again. That’s why you not only want to grab your readers attention, you want to make sure your content will deliver the appropriate information.

Thanks For Reading!

Content is literally the blood of your blog. A blog without content is just an empty shell without a soul. However, the quality of your content is also extremely important.

And of course, optimizing for search engine and marketing it on Social Media is also extremely important. But it all starts here.

If your content is crappy, it won’t rank well. Nor will it do you any good by marketing them. I hope these 10 tips on how to write high quality content for your website helps.

If you have any other questions, please let me know by leaving a comment down below.

How To Write High Quality Content For Your Website
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