How To Translate Your WordPress Website With GTranslate

Did you know that you can install and use WordPress in multiple languages? Let’s face it, not everyone speaks or reads in English.

By creating a multilingual website with WordPress, it can help increase your web presence and reach people from other parts of the world. In this article, I will show you How To Translate Your WordPress Website With GTranslate.

Why You Should Use GTranslate For Translating Your WordPress Website

I’m a huge fan of WordPress, not only because of how amazing it is as a content management system, but the fact that it can be used in any language.

Personally, I didn’t know the importance of translating my content to other languages until I realized my friend was operating a WordPress website that targets the Chinese market.

If your business website have a multilingual audience, then it can be extremely beneficial to translate your content to cater to different languages.

I’ve used Google Translate in the past, but machine translations are not usually accurate. I’ve presented machine translations to my lady and she had trouble understanding the text.

With GTranslate, they offer neural translation starting at $7.99 per month and the translated text is extremely close to a human translator. I confirmed this by having my lady who is fluent in the Chinese language to proof-read a few of my translated pages.

How To Translate Your WordPress Website With GTranslate

GTranslate is an automated translation service that is powered by Google. It comes with 109 languages to help you attract a broader audience. It’s goal is to help you generate more sales and more ad revenue if you are a Google AdSense publisher.

It is extremely easy to configure your website with GTranslate. It literally takes minutes! Your visitors can select a language from your customizable language selector.

GTranslate also integrates nicely with Google Analytics and works great with WooCommerce pages or more specifically Shopify! If you are not sure if GTranslate is for you, they do offer a free translation plugin. Unfortunately, it can not be indexed by search engines like Google.

However, the paid version of GTranslate fixes that problem. Starting from $7.99 a month and up to $37.99 per month, it offers features such as URL Translation, Search Engine Indexing, Neural Translations, and more.

The follow steps will help you automatically translate your WordPress website with GTranslate:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel and Locate Plugins > Add New > Type GTranslate in the search box.
  2. Once you’ve located GTranslate, make sure you Install and Activate the GTranslate plugin.
  3. Navigate to Settings > GTranslate.

There you can enable languages that you want to add to your WordPress website. You can also enable Google Analytics, auto switch to browser language (for those who are not using a browser in your default language), widget designs, and more. Just make sure you hit “SAVE” when you are done.

Now if you paid for GTranslate, you will need to configure it on GTranslate’s website. Basically, you will see something like this:

Simply click Setup Wizard to get started with your configurations!

GTranslate setup wizard
  • Save
GTranslate Setup Wizard
  • Save

If you use Cloudflare, you’ll need to login > Select Your Website > Click DNS > Add Record > Change Type to CNAME. I will provide an example below using Russian as my target. Everything you need can be found in GTranslate’s website under Check DNS.

cloudflare DNS management
  • Save

You’ll need to do this for every language you’d like to add to your WordPress website. It’s tedious, but trust me, it’s totally worth it!

If you are not using CloudFlare, here is a more in-depth tutorial by GTranslate on how to add CNAME records in DNS Manager.

Continue with the setup wizard once you’re done and make sure you install GTranslate on your WordPress website and GTranslate will do some final checks to make sure everything is good to go.

Lastly, head back to your WordPress Admin > Settings > GTranslate > Select The Sub-directory URL Structure that you choose earlier in the GTranslate setup wizard.

It will take a day or so to fully configure. In the meantime, your translated pages might give you errors or warnings. There’s no need to panic, as a paid member of GTranslate, your translated version is being shown as a separate website so it will take some time to fully configure.

The good news is, your translated pages will be indexed by search engines like Google.

If you are interested in translating your WordPress website, I highly recommend using GTranslate. It’s super easy to configure and it works exactly as they describe it.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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