How To Save Money On Your Email List

How To Save Money On Your Email List
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The money is in the list. You’ll hear this quite often from me because I believe every internet marketer or blogger should have an email list of their own. It’s the one tool that allows you to contact your visitors. It’s the one tool that allows you to get repeat customers.

Just in case you don’t have an email list. You should sign up for an Aweber account now! (Click here to sign up for your first 30 days free). However, as much as I enjoy having an email list. It can be quite expensive especially when you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

That’s why I want to present to you a way to shave off some of those inactive subscribers, so you can save some money. It’s almost like gaining weight! If you continue to eat (receive subscribers), you will continue to grow bigger and bigger. The inactive subscribers are essentially the unwanted fat.

Over time, you’ll realize that some of your subscribers never open your email. That’s because they don’t care for what you have to offer. They might’ve signed up at some point in time, but they were never really that interested. This happens quite often, so that’s why it’s important to clean your email list.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Email List


Why It's Important To Clean Your Email List
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Reason #1. Save Money – Depending on your autoresponder (email marketing service provider), you will be charged monthly based on the number of subscribers you have. Which means, reducing unwanted email subscribers will also reduce the cost to maintain your email list.

Reason #2. Avoid Getting Blocked By Internet Service Providers – Nobody wants to be on the shit-list of anything. Did you know internet service providers (ISP) tracks how often your newsletters bounce? What it means is, your emails are not deliverable to an email address. If you continue to deliver newsletters to the undeliverable email address, they will eventually block you.

Reason #3. Reduce Your Spam Complaints – This might not be a big problem at first, but once you’ve built a large enough email list. Spam complaints will become more common. With enough spam complaints, you will be blocked by the internet service providers.

Okay, now that you understand the importance of cleaning your email. Let’s go over what you can do to prevent having to clean up as much. In medical, it’s always easier to prevent than to cure. The same applies to your email list.

How To Prevent Having To Clean Up Your Email List Often

Prevention is better than the cure
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Tip #1. Delete Unsubscribed Users

Depending on your email marketing service provider, you should delete unsubscribed users. They count towards your overall email subscribers, so by deleting these unsubscribed users. You will see a decrease in your monthly bill. Just for your information, Aweber does allow you to delete unsubscribed users.

Tip #2. Make It Clear To Your Subscribers

When setting up your email collection page (landing page or sales page). Make sure you properly inform your potential subscribers what they are signing up for. For me, I give away a free eBook on how to make money online. I make it very clear, so my subscribers know what to expect.

Bonus: A free eBook is a great lead magnet to gain lots of email subscribers.

When you give away a free eBook, you might want to mention that they’ll be signing up for your newsletter when claiming the free eBook. If your subscribers didn’t know that you will be sending emails on a regular basis, they will probably ignore your emails when it comes.

Tip #3. Tell Them One More Time Just In case

You should tell them one more time by sending a welcome email to inform your subscribers that you will be sending them emails on a regular basis (or how often you want).

If you are going to send them an email once per day, tell them it will be sent once per day. It’s all about consistency and informing them of such. That way, your subscribers won’t be surprised when they receive an email from you.

Tip #4. Delete Bounced Email Addresses

You should also double check your email list to see which emails bounced. As I mentioned above, if you don’t clean up these bounced email address, you’ll run the risk of getting blocked by internet service providers. A bounced email address won’t do you any good anyway, right?

Tip #5. Ask Your Subscribers To Use Their Primary Email Address

The reason why you should ask your subscribers to use their primary email address is to ensure that they will continue to open your emails. Many people have throwaway email addresses like Yahoo or Hotmail. A good way to ask your email subscribers is to edit your opt-in form.

Instead of requesting for an email address, you can change it to a primary email address. This lets your email subscribers know to use an email that they will check regularly. Again, an inactive email address is no different from having no email address. Well, actually having no email address is better than an inactive email address because having no email address won’t cost you money.

In Conclusion

By following my tips, you should be able to save money on your email list. Obviously, you don’t want to go around deleting every inactive subscriber. But if you have to, you’ll just have to do it. Prevent unwanted email subscribers as your primary goal and you’ll be saving lots of time in the long run.

Do you have other ways to prevent having to clean up your email list? Please let us know by leaving a message down below!

Kind Regards,

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How To Save Money On Your Email List
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4 thoughts on “How To Save Money On Your Email List”

  1. Hi Eric,

    A penny saved is a penny earned. I don't have a blog yet, but this is very helpful information. I'm going to start a blog soon, so can i message you for help?

    - Eric

  2. Hi Wendy,

    You certainly can! I do read my email on a daily basis. Allow anywhere from 1 to 2 hours per response though.


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