How To Properly Launch An Info Product Online

How To Properly Launch An Info Product Online
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Launching an info product online can be a daunting experience especially for those who have never done it before.

You’re worried about the success of your product, so you’re spending all of your time perfecting it. I don’t blame you though considering how many competitions are out there.

However, if you spend too much time perfecting your product, you’ll end up increasing your odds of failure.

In this article, you will learn how to properly launch an info product online and increase your odds of success. Are you ready to continue? Good because I can’t wait to bless you with knowledge.

First Ask Yourself, Who Is Your Product Targeting?

who is your audience
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No matter what kind of product you produce, it will always have a targeted audience.

For example, laundry detergent companies will target moms and housemaids.

If you are unsure of who your targeted audience is, you should pay attention to who your competitors are marketing too. After all, if you’re trying to launch a similar product as your competitor, your audience should be the same type of people.

There are free tools out there to help you analyze your competitor’s website such as Tools like Alexa will break down their usage of keywords, demographics, gender, devices, age group, etc.

Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can then move onto the next step.

What Are You Hoping To Accomplish?

what is your goal
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Before launching your product, you should always ask yourself what you’re hoping to accomplish. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re on track.

Simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you trying to increase profits?
  • Are you trying to create brand awareness?
  • Are you trying to increase user engagement?
  • Are you trying to get more social media exposure?
  • Are you trying to grow your email list?

If you don’t know what your goals are. Then you won’t have a clue if you’re meeting your goals and expectations.

Do The Marketing First Before Creating The Product

Do The Marketing First Before Creating The Product
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​​​​The last thing you want to do is to spend thousands of dollars just to create a product that nobody cares for! That’s why I recommend that you do the marketing first before creating the product.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Choose a launch date that the product will be officially released to the public.
  • Create the sales page for the product with a list of what your product will offer.
  • Offer an incentive to pre-order now.

Based on the number of people pre-ordering your product. You’ll have a rough idea of how well your product will do once it gets launched.

Companies do this all the time!

For example, Apple allows you to pre-order their latest devices before it gets released to the public.

This allows them to estimate how well they will do before the launch and so they can anticipate how many devices to produce.

Sure you’re not Apple, but you can still apply this marketing technique, so again, you don’t waste your time and money producing a product that nobody wants.

Don’t Wait To Perfect Your Info Product. Just Launch It With Parts Completed

don't wait for the ducks to line up
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Many people never launch their info product because they are too busy trying to get all the ducks to line up.

The truth to the matter is, you wouldn’t know how perfect your product really is until your customers actually try it.

Instead of wasting all of your time creating the perfect info product. Why not create part of it, launch it, and ask your customers for feedback.

You can then take this information to drip feed future lessons into your info product.

For example, let’s say you have an info product with 30 lessons. Each lesson takes about one week to complete.

If you have lesson #1 completed already, you’ll have roughly a week before your customers are ready for lesson #2.

This will allow you to fix any mistakes early on and keeps you accountable. Remember, it’s all about planning! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


You can also use your sales page as a checklist to add every feature listed, so you don’t get sued for false advertising.

Sell Your Info Product On ClickBank

sell your info products on clickbank
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ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate network available and it houses thousands of info products on the internet. ClickBank offers you 2 types of services.

You can either become an affiliate marketer to promote other people’s products or you can become a vendor yourself.

As a vendor, you can then offer your info product for sale and leverage the traffic of other affiliate marketers. As a vendor for an info product, you can afford to pay out larger commissions to your affiliate marketers.

It’s not like selling a TV where you have to account for production cost, labor, etc. Since your product is only information, you can distribute as many copies without having to spend more money.


The more money you pay out, the more affiliate marketers you attract.

ClickBank has over a hundred thousand affiliate marketers actively searching for new offers to promote. It’s almost like having a giant sales team available to sell your products for you.

The nice thing about using ClickBank as a vendor is that you don’t have to deal with the affiliate payments or transactions.

ClickBank will handle it for you to ensure that your affiliates are getting paid accordingly (VERY IMPORTANT) and you don’t need to have a merchants account.

Get A High Gravity Score On ClickBank

get a high gravity score on clickbank
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In a nutshell, a high gravity score is an indicator to potential affiliate marketers that people are making money from the product.

If an affiliate marketer sees a low gravity score such as a ZERO, it basically means that no one is really making money off of the product.

If you want to increase your gravity score, you can invite affiliate marketers in your space to promote your product on the launch date. You can do so by creating a landing page for your potential affiliate marketers to sign up.

You need to give the affiliate marketers a reason to promote your product. That’s why you should always inform your affiliate marketers about how much money they can potentially make.

Personally, I don’t like upsells and downsells, but most info products will need it to really make substantial money. Or you can create memberships for your customer, so you earn continuity income.

Lastly, set up a contest for your affiliate marketers. For example, you can offer cash prizes for the top 3 or 5 affiliate marketers.

The one who sells the most will receive the largest cash prize and the rest will receive lower cash prizes according to where they rank.

The goal is similar to trying to rank on the first page of Google. Except you are trying to land your product on the first page of ClickBank, so you can get exposed to the hundred thousand affiliate marketers.

In Conclusion

If done correctly, you should have a very successful product launch with plenty of affiliate marketers promoting your product.

There are other affiliate networks that you can try out as well, but ClickBank is definitely one of the best places to get started.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to launch your info product properly. Please leave a comment down below and I will do my very best to answer everyone.

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How To Properly Launch An Info Product Online
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