How To Increase Productivity When Making Money Online!

Do you feel like you’ve plateaued in the make money online space? Are you making money online, but it’s not increasing? If that sounds like your current situation, then I’m going to show you how to increase productivity when making money online.

Trust me, I’ve felt that way and I still feel this way somewhat today. The idea of making money online never even crossed my mind while I was growing up. 

How To Increase Productivity When Making Money Online!
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The problem with the make-money-online industry is that there are a lot of shiny objects. It’s very easy for you to lose focus and spread yourself too thin.

For example, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Day Trading, Online Surveys, Google AdSense, YouTube content creator, freelancer, etc.

The fact that it takes a lot of effort to make money online, makes it common for people to jump from method to method. You don’t want to do that.

Focus on the one that you enjoy the most and be good at it. Don’t be the jack of all trades. In the case of my make-money-online venture, I chose affiliate marketing. It’s extremely inexpensive to get started and the biggest risk is your time.

If you only allocate a small portion of your time with the wrong mindset. You’ll probably end up not making any money and your time will get wasted.

Okay, enough of me wasting your time. Let’s go over how to increase productivity when making money online!

Tip #1. Set a short-term goal (daily, weekly, or monthly)

set realistic goals for online business
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You don’t want the goal to be too easy to achieve and you don’t want to give yourself too much time. If you set goals that are too easy, you will give yourself the excuse to slack off.

Remember, your goals are your driving force toward results, so you must realize what you want to achieve. For example, more leads, more revenue, etc.

Without a goal, you won’t have a clear direction of where you want to be. Also, without a goal, you wouldn’t know if you are succeeding or failing. 

Tip #2. Set specific schedules and stick with it

Set a schedule for your online business
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Working online should be done without restrictions, but it doesn’t hurt to plan your day to maximize your earning potentials.

Why do you wake up every day at a certain time to go to work? How come you can do it even though you hate it?

That’s because you’re used to it and you need money. Keep that mindset and manage yourself because you don’t have anyone knocking on your door telling you to go to work (when making money online).

When you set a schedule for what you need such as reading emails or adding content. You want to stick to it and not allow anything else to get in the way (except for emergencies of course).

This can be quite difficult in the beginning because you’re probably working another job while trying to establish your online presence.

I’ve personally struggled to keep up with my set plans for this website, but I asked myself this question. What do I usually do when I get home? Watch television, which brings us to my next tip.

Tip #3. Free yourself from all distractions

Free yourself from distractions
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There are many things in life that distract us such as playing video games, watching a movie, watching a YouTube video, looking at pictures on Instagram, etc. The list goes on and on!

I’m not saying you should completely give up those entertainments, but instead, you should reduce the usage.

Let’s say you normally spend 5 hours per day doing any of the above. If you can reduce it to 2 hours per day, that’s an extra 21 hours per week. That’s practically half of a full-time job!

Tip #4. Create a workspace for yourself

work station at home for your online business
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You want to designate a space for your online business. That means get rid of anything that you don’t need within that workspace. You don’t want to give yourself the chance to get distracted by things that are not going to make you money.

You want to have an actual desk for your computer. I know most users like myself uses a laptop and it’s great because of its portability.

The problem with portability is how easy it is to work on your bed. I’m not going to lie… I am guilty of this because I get pretty darn lazy.

I realized that my production is cut in half when I lay in bed while working on this website because I fall asleep half-way through writing.

As a matter of fact, I’m falling asleep at this very moment. It makes sense because our bed is our comfort zone and that’s how you sleep so well every night.

In Conclusion

A lot of beginners wonder how long it actually takes to make money online. Well, that’s the wrong question! Instead, you should ask yourself this: How much time and effort are you willing to dedicate to your online business?

You don’t have a boss to tell you what to do or keep you on track, so you have to be your own boss and make sure that you get things done.

Remember, we can all improve! We can all generate more money than we’re already generating. As long as you follow these tips, I can almost guarantee, you will see a huge improvement. 

I really hope this article was helpful. If you’re still stuck or need further assistance. Please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you.

How To Increase Productivity When Making Money Online!
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Eric Chen

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