How To Get Traffic For Your Website – Most People Neglect This

You’ve decided that you would like to build a brand and bring awareness to your online business. You want traffic, so you can convert them into sales. However, regardless of the industry, you’re in.

Most people seem to neglect an important aspect of building a relationship and gaining trust which leads to more traffic. Are you just another writer on the internet or are you an actual person with a story to tell.

Your readers are not only there for information, but because they also want to hear from you. Hence, why some bloggers have thousands of readers every day while others are struggling to get by.

Take this for example, during a live presentation, do you prefer someone who is engaging and presenting in a way that you feel involved?


Do you prefer a live presentation where the presenter is reading off of their PowerPoint? The fact of the matter is, anyone can generate content and information, but not everyone can present it the right way.

What Is An About Me Page?

what is an about me page, How To Get Traffic For Your Website
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In my opinion, this is the MOST important page you can have on your website. This is the opportunity to share your story and how you can help your readers.

The fact is, there are many blogs and websites out there that simply focus too much on how to do this, how to do that aspect. — You want to be different compared to everybody else. The about me page is unique to you and nobody can share the same experience that you had.

Notice how I mentioned the story? Well, that’s because it’s probably the most important part of an about me page. It helps your reader further understand you as the person behind the screenwriting articles.

It’s the most powerful way of building a relationship with your readers because anyone can recall what they’ve learned, but not everyone will remember who the author is. — Sharing a story of yourself will leave a deeper image in your reader’s mind.

The end results are more returning visitors and more exposure. People are more likely to talk about you and sharing your articles. — More return visitors, more social shares = more traffic which leads to a higher percentage of conversion (sales).

What Makes Your Website or Blog Unique Is You

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No matter what niche or industry you’re in, you’re likely to find thousands or maybe even millions of websites or blogs that talk about the exact same thing. Take my website for example, if you do a search on Google.

You’re likely to find a ton of other blogs talking about how to make money online. What separates my website from the others is… ME.

I’m unique and nobody can replicate that…

Your readers are here to grow with you and it adds a nice touch by sharing who you are now and how much you’ve developed over the years.

It’s actually quite simple, you can talk about the following:

  • Where you come from and hardships that you had to overcome.
  • Working a regular 9 to 5 jobs and how much you dislike it.
  • What you hope to accomplish over the years for yourself or for your family.
  • How you took action by creating a website or a blog to help others while making money.
  • Where you are today!

As you can see, a blog is like a personal journey that tells a story about you and what you’ve learned from your experience. — Make friends with your readers(: I didn’t start my blog knowing everything about how to make money online. I started off by offering a piece of myself, my personality to my readers.

You Don’t Need To Share Everything About You

what is an about me page, How To Get Traffic For Your Website
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Whatever happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Well, whatever you publish on the internet, stays on the internet. Even after you delete it… it’s still in the archived and you just can’t delete it.

You can talk about your life, but you don’t have to disclose information such as where you live (exact address), your phone number, the names of your friends, information about your family, how many relationships you’ve had, etc.

In the end, it depends on what you are comfortable with. You will never see me post embarrassing images of my family, friends, or even myself.. okay maybe myself, but that’s it.

Just make sure you are okay with sharing those details, moments, pictures, etc before making them public because you can’t take it back.

One Last Tip To Run A Unique Blog

The next time you write a blog post, you want to include a bit of your personality in it because I’ve come across many blogs that sounded far too generic and hard to read.

Here’s an example, my friend was researching a specific topic for his website and the article that came up provided lots of information, but I had trouble getting past the first paragraph.

It sounded way too generic, so I have a very crucial tip to my friend…

You want to write in a way that your readers will feel engaged and fun to read. I’m not sure if he will continue to edit this article, but the chances are high. He’s always editing to ensure his readers are getting the best experience possible. Why don’t you check it out and tell me him what you think? What is Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Interested In Starting A Blog Or A Website Of Your Own?

Download my free eBook written with a 7-Day Action Plan to keep you on track. When you read my eBook and take action, you will also find yourself another opportunity to expand your online business venture.

Thanks again for tuning in with Smart Affiliate Hub. Do you agree with what I said in this article? If not, please share your opinion because I’m open to constructive criticism.

If you find this article helpful, you can do me a favor by sharing this article on your social media accounts. Also, if you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below(:

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What Is An About Me Page, How To Get Traffic For Your Website
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2 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic For Your Website – Most People Neglect This”

  1. this very true. i dont like to read when i feel like the poster is not a real person. i am interested in making website like yours. how long do you think i make money?

  2. Hello Abram,

    In terms of how long it takes to make money, it depends on how much work you're willing to put in. How competitive your niche (mine is how to make money online) is. It varies because it's similar to losing weight. Some people who are dedicated and put in the work are more likely to lose weight faster than someone who is not willing to put in as much work.


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