How To Find Content For Your Website
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Do you want to learn how to find content for website? Content is the bloodline of your blog and it’s important that you’re providing fresh and relevant content to your audience.

That’s why it’s important to have interest in your niche before getting started. However, as time goes by, you might find yourself stuck. Unable to find new content.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I am going to show you different methods to finding content for your website.

What Is Content On A Website?

First of all, what is content? Content can be anything that you add to your website. It can be in the form of a blog, an article, or video from YouTube or other media.

Content is necessary to deliver a positive or negative experience to your viewers.

Example (Positive Experience):

Let’s use losing weight in this scenario! One day, the author blogs about natural ways to lose weight in text-based. The next day, the author blogs about how to lose weight with a video he or she uploaded on YouTube.

Regardless of text or video, it provided a positive experience for the viewers because losing weight was the reason why the viewers came to his or her website.

Example (Negative Experience):

Let’s use the same niche from the earlier scenario! The author blogs about losing weight on day one in the form of a product review.

The product review is on a pill that provides ZERO side effects. The next day, this author adds another piece of content to his website, but this time it is about How to play Grand Theft Auto V.

  • The author is consistent with adding content, but the contents are irrelevant. The viewers came to this authors website for information on how to lose weight, not how to play Grand Theft Auto V.

What You Can Learn From The Above Scenarios

If you want to provide a positive experience to your viewers, you want to focus on writing about your niche.

If you are talking about games, only talk about games. If you are talking about toilet papers, only talk about toilet papers.

All you have to do is make sure your articles are relevant to your niche.

Did You Run Out Of Content Ideas?

The truth is, you can have a HUGE passion for your niche, but nobody knows everything. Most people give up on their niche website because they run out of ideas!

The following are some personal methods that I’ve used:

Finding new products related to your niche

As an online marketer, you want your website to be the “go-to” website when people are searching for answers. There are many products on the internet, both good and bad. Your job is to inform your viewers which one you would recommend.

Find A Website With A Similar Niche

Okay, this one is SERIOUS because this can make or break you. You can come up with many different ideas when reviewing someone’s website, but try your best not to COPY them.

You want to be unique with your content because if someone finds out. You will lose ALL credibility.

Another Little Scenario

Let’s say you’ve run out of ideas for your website and you decided to look around for inspirations.

The first website that showed up on the Search Engine is similar to your niche so you decided to check it out.

What You Should Do (Example)

The article is about reviewing a website called, “How a cow can out-run a horse!” What I suggest you do is read the article to get some ideas.

Once you’ve collected enough information, you can then create your version of the article. One that is far better than your competition.

Your audience is here to read unbiased reviews. You want to have personal experience with anything you review, so you can offer your unbiased opinion..

What You Should NEVER Do (Example)

The article is about reviewing a website called, “How To Make More Money Than Donald Trump.”

The article was very clear with information on how to make more money than Donald Trump.

The author even included diagrams and formulas on how you can achieve the status of richer than Donald Trump.

However, instead of taking the time to read through the article and actually checking out the website. You decided to take the easy way out and that is to copy it word for word.

Although your audience might not find out immediately, this will eventually catch up to you and you’re likely to get punished by search engines.

Check Out Google News

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Have you ever heard of Google News? You can find information on ANYTHING that you can think of.

Google News is a great way to find resources to help you develop quality content.

The MAIN reason why I recommend using Google News is how up-to-date the articles are.

You can use Google News to inform your viewers of the latest and newest “your related niche.”

You can also sign up for the Google Alert, so you can be informed when a relevant article is posted to your email! Click Here For Google Alerts.

Contact Other Companies

You can also try and reach out to the companies you are an affiliate with. Ask them to send you products for review purposes and it shouldn’t be a problem if you generate a lot of organic traffic. This will open the doors to more opportunities such as YouTube reviews.

It’s always easier to review a product if you’ve had first-hand experience with it. This will help you understand the product more, so you can deliver a better review to your viewers.

The worst case scenario is the company saying no to you. Guess what? That is there lost because they just lost a GOOD review.

Let’s Be Real

No matter how passionate you are, one day you will hit the plateau where you feel like nothing you write makes sense. You can’t seem to figure out how to proceed with your website’s content.

My recommendation is, take a break from blogging! Go out and relax for a day because you’re probably over-working yourself.

I’ve done so many times and the ideas will magically come back when you least expect it. Thanks for reading and please contact me or comment below if you need help with coming up with content ideas.

Kind Regards,

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  1. Eric due to my eye vision problem my frequency is slow to post on blog but i try to find new thing related to my blog niche everytime your this post is very help full for me and i bookmark it for later deep study and getting more benfits like you post thumbs up for your post

  2. Hello Kenneth,

    Not a problem at all! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to let me know!

    Kind Regards,

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