How to Create Highly Relevant Content That Actually Drives Sales

How to Create Highly Relevant Content That Actually Drives Sales
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Are you writing lots of content, but not driving in sales? Let me ask you a question. How are you marketing your content? After being in the make money online industry for so long. I realized that when your so-called guru’s say, “Content Is King.” I beg to differ. Yes, content is definitely important, but what’s more important is how you market it.

Think of it as a support system. Without great content, you have nothing to market. Even if you have content, without marketing, you will have a hard time driving traffic. From now on, I want you to keep this in mind, Content is Queen and Marketing is King.

From my experience, I’ve tried to produce lots of content without the marketing aspect and the results were less than satisfying. I almost wanted to give up because I thought this internet marketing gig was a lie. Due to this experience, I totally understand how frustrating it can be to put so much time and effort but to see no results.

If you are currently producing quality content, great! However, in the end, you need to live and generate money. In this article, I will go over how to create highly relevant content that actually drives sales.

Learn and Understand How A Conversion Funnel Works

conversions sales funnel
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The formula for making money online is Traffic + Conversion = Sales. That’s why it’s so important to understand how a conversion funnel work before you focus too much on creating content.

There are 3 stages of a sales funnel (Top, Middle, and Bottom:

Top Stage: This is the stage when your potential customers become aware of your companies existence. They know about you, but they are not in the buying phrase yet. Often times, these potential customers are still conducting researching to protect themselves from wasting their money.

Middle Stage: This is the stage when your potential customers are still doing research, but they are much closer to making a buying decision. They know that they like your brand or product, but they are still trying to figure out if it fits their needs.

Bottom Stage: This is the stage where your potential customers are ready to become a customer. They are reading to take out their credit card to make a purchase. This is the stage that you want to focus the most on when developing content. The reason why is that, this is your chance to explain why you recommend your product and why it is better than your competition.—Be honest and state facts!

Once you fully understand the importance and how a conversion funnel works. It will help you with adjusting your content marketing strategy to drive sales.

Map Your Customers Journey

map your customers journey
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A journey map focuses on what happens after the purchase. You see, a business requires repeat customers because you can’t always count on acquiring new customers.

More importantly, it is less expensive to market to your existing customers rather than trying to advertise to drive in new customers.

Here’s an example: You can either work hard for SEO results (Organic Traffic) or paid traffic from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc (Brings In Traffic Only When You Pay).—To acquire new customers, it cost more time and money.

Whereas, you can market to your existing customers through email marketing. It doesn’t cost you any money to market to your email list over and over again.

Reach out to your customers after the sale, create a long-term relationship. Do you notice that it’s much easier to convince someone you know or trust to do something for you? That’s because you’ve developed a relationship with them. Map your customer’s journey and join them on their journey(:

Use Analytic to Track Leads and Conversions

use analytics to track leads and conversions
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I had a reader who asked me how come he’s not making any sales even though he’s getting leads to his website. So I asked him this exact question: Do you know where your leads are coming from? If you don’t then you need to figure it out as soon as possible. You see, having leads is important, but you need relevant leads.

By tracking your leads and conversions, you will get a better understanding of where and how your customers discovered you. Based on that, you can create content that caters to those customers. Click here to learn how to set up your Google Analytic.

Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket

don't put all of your eggs into one basket
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When it comes to content creation. There are many different ways to do it! Don’t put all o your eggs in one basket.

Here are some examples for you:

  • Blogging (What I’m doing!)
  • Video Content (YouTube is one of the largest search engines out there)
  • Infographics (A picture is worth a thousand words)
  • Case Studies (Provide information on your experiments)

Diversify your content strategy and you will receive more exposure which increases the chance of your content reaching more people.

Stay Up-to-Date In Your Niche Space

stay up-to-date in your niche space
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Nobody likes to read the old news and that’s why news reporters have to constantly work on finding new information for their audience. Sure, you’re not a news reporter, but the same idea applies to you!

You need to stay relevant because your potential customers are probably searching for the next best thing! Let’s say you’re selling phones, most of your customers are probably looking for the latest iPhone X, not the previous iPhone 4. By staying up-to-date, it will ensure that you produce content that is easy to convert into sales!

What I like to do is subscribing myself to multiple blogs in the make money online space. You can do so in your perspective niche. The truth is, nobody knows everything. Blog posts are information researched and put together by someone.

Paid Ads On Social Media

social media
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In all honesty, I prefer to get traffic organically (free), but the truth is. Search engine optimization (SEO) takes a long time to see results. For your information, you should still use SEO as one of your marketing strategies because it drives traffic in the long run.

Paid ads are great for those who want to turbocharge their content exposure to drive more traffic. Depending on the content, you will need to produce different ads.

I wouldn’t create an ad on every content that you publish. That’s a waste of money! Instead, I would ask myself, what type of content would bring in the highest conversions?

The Breakdown

  • By understanding your sales funnel and mapping out your customer’s journey, you will get a better understanding of what they want and how you can meet their needs.
  • Tracking your leads and conversions will give you an idea of how well your content is actually doing. Something is wrong if you’re attracting irrelevant traffic.
  • Diversify your content strategy, so you can reach out to a larger audience base!
  • Stay up-to-date will ensure that your content stays relevant and will definitely increase conversions.

As long as you follow these tips, you should be able to create highly relevant content that actually drives sales.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave them below!

Kind Regards,

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How to Create Highly Relevant Content That Actually Drives Sales
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