How To Build Your First Affiliate Marketing Website

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Do you want to learn how to build your first affiliate marketing website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! There are other money making methods such as stocks, investing in bitcoin, drop shipping, online surveys, etc.

But,in my opinion, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest online business to start. It doesn’t require a lot of capital and the risk is extremely low.

In fact, you might have stumbled upon an affiliate website without even knowing it. Many companies offer their own affiliate programs to help generate additional traffic to their website.

In a nutshell, you as the affiliate marketer, drives traffic to the companies that you are affiliated with. When your referrals make a purchase, you’ll earn a commission. They track who sent the referral through the use of affiliate links.

Since you’re here, you’re probably interested in learning how to build your first affiliate marketing website. So allow me to go over a few more details and show you how to get started today.

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Marketing Website?

what is an affiliate marketing website
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It’s a website that you own, but you don’t necessarily sell anything. Instead, you promote products that don’t belong to you.

You earn money by inserting affiliate links (provided by your affiliate program) into articles that promote the product or service.

For example, an article that reviews a protein shake can have an affiliate link that directs the visitors to the store that sells the protein shake. The affiliate link is basically your personal identification that allows the vendor to track who referred the customer.

Most affiliate marketers promote products and services through blogging. There are also people who promote affiliate products through YouTube videos.

There are 2 benefits to blogging on your affiliate marketing website:

  • Provides information that the customer is seeking (Google loves text-based content).
  • If your article ranks well, you will get free targeted traffic directly from search engines.

However, if you’ve decided that affiliate marketing is not for you. You can always convert your website into an eCommerce store.

An eCommerce store is very similar to affiliate marketing except there are actual products listed on your website that they can purchase instead of having to navigate to the actual retailer.

Both are great ways to make money online, so it is entirely up to you to decide which path you would like to take.

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

read before proceeding
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#1. Affiliate marketing is NOT one of those get-rich-quick schemes that you’ve probably seen a million times online when searching for ways to make money online. It’s a real business, so expect to give it time to grow! There are people who work from home and makes more money than the average person who works at a regular 9 to 5 job.

#2. Most people FAIL in affiliate marketing. It’s not because affiliate marketing doesn’t work, its because they give up too quickly. If you want to succeed, you must understand that it will NOT get you rich overnight.

#3. Do NOT quit your current job right away. That is not smart especially if you have bills to pay for. I don’t want anyone to come back to me complaining about bankruptcy and losing their properties after quitting their jobs.

#4. As an affiliate marketer, you have the luxury to work on your schedule as well as the location. What do you think about making money and not having to wake up early in the morning to drive to work? What about not having to be stuck in the 5’o clock traffic?

#5. Affiliate marketers don’t have to deal with shipping products and customer service. All you have to do is pick up your computer and promote products and services.

#6. An affiliate marketing website with decent traffic can easily earn money through passive methods such as Google AdSense. However, this is a method that I don’t recommend. You’ve worked so hard to generate traffic, why send them away for a few dollars?

How To Build Your First Affiliate Marketing Website Today

step by step
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Step #1. Choosing a niche topic. Most people are overwhelmed by this process because it’s going to be THE TOPIC that your website is going to be about.

When choosing a niche, it’s highly recommended to choose something you have a passion for. However, you also want to make sure the niche you choose is popular!

Even if you are passionate about your niche, you will find it very difficult to make money if very few people search for it.

You can learn more about finding a profitable niche by clicking here.

Step #2. Choosing your domain name. This is another important step that you must not take lightly. This is the identity of your website. If you look at your browser bar, you will see that my domain name is smartaffiliatehub. You want to choose a domain name that is relevant to your niche. Learn how to choose a domain name for your website.

There are many domain service providers that you can purchase your domain from such as GoDaddy and CheapDomain. However, most of these will offer you a discounted price for the first time, but it does go up over time.

Also, if you want additional like spam protection and secure sockets layer (SSL), there will be an additional charge.

If you want to create a website like mine, I would recommend getting your domain through Wealthy Affiliate. The domain price is not as cheap as GoDaddy or CheapDomain from the start, but it does include hosting and it comes at a flat annual fee (does NOT go up in price).

If you would like to run multiple websites, as a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate ($49.00 per month), you can host up to 50 websites on their server with no additional charges. In addition, all of your purchased domains will have FREE secure sockets layer (SSL) for a lifetime.

Get started by filling out the information below:

You can probably find hosting services for fairly cheap, but the speed and security will not be able to compare to what Wealthy Affiliate offers. Check out my article on how to spend less on quality web hosting plus more!

As a bonus, you also get online marketing training with videos as well as tools, resources, classrooms, and the community to help you succeed.

Step #3. Find an affiliate program. You want to choose reputable affiliate programs because you want to get paid on-time right? For beginners, I recommend becoming an Amazon associate because they have a large selection of products that you can promote. You can also refer to my list of affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche by clicking here.

Step #4. Follow these tips before you write reviews for products. A product review must be straightforward and informative. You want your visitors to feel fully informed about the product, so he or she can make an informative decision.

  • Use appropriate titles for your product reviews. I would definitely use the name of the product and include the word review as a title. Let explain why! Many consumers do research online before making a purchase, so the usual step they take is searching for the product name with the word review on search engines like Google. When you use the product name along with the word review. You are opening the doors to getting your article indexed on Google.
  • You want to be as transparent as possible. Honesty is the key to success, so even though you can potentially make money through an affiliate program for a product. You want to give an unbiased point of view (to the best of your ability)! People are tired of hearing the same old, this is the best, buy it now statement.
  • You want to be as thorough as possible! I’ve seen lots of garbage product reviews online. You have to assume that this is your ONE and ONLY shot at getting the attention of your visitors. They will remember your website if you provide a garbage product review (in a bad way). Rest assured, they will not be visiting your website or take you seriously ever again.

Step #5. Find products that are relevant to your niche and write an article about each product. Even though some products can be similar, I always recommend writing separate articles on each product because that creates more content.

It’s easier to promote something that you believe in yourself. If you have the extra money, I would actually buy the product and use it before writing about it.

You see, the goal is not to promote everything you see. Personally, I usually promote something that I also use.

What Your Goals Should Be:

You want to review products that you would recommend to your family and friends. This is why I always ask myself this question: Would I feel comfortable recommending (something) to my (friends or family members)? If the answer is no, then its probably not a good product to promote.

What To Look Out For:

You also want to utilize the resources on Amazon such as popularity. There are millions of products on Amazon, some with lots of reviews and some with zero reviews. I would pay extra attention to the ones that are popular because the ones with very few reviews are usually not good.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t write reviews on bad products either. I would still write articles on products that I don’t recommend, but I would provide a link that directs back to the recommended product instead of providing an affiliate link to the bad product.

In addition, it doesn’t hurt to do your research on your products. The goal is to find out how popular it is! You can search the name in a Keyword and Niche Research Tool also known as Jaaxy (This comes with your membership at Wealthy Affiliate).

Step #6. Include affiliate links in your product reviews. If you don’t do this, you will NOT make any money. However, keep in mind that not every product review requires an affiliate link.

Remember what we talked about in Step #5? There are product reviews with recommended products and product reviews with bad products.

The ones with the recommended product should ALWAYS include an affiliate link. It can be a simple hyperlink or a picture with a link.

The ones with the bad products should ALSO include a link, but not an affiliate one. Instead, you should provide a hyperlink that directs your visitors back to a recommended product.

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing can be overwhelming at first, so I recommend taking this slow; step by step. However, I do recommend choosing your niche, purchasing your domain, and setting up your website as soon as possible. Your website gains authority over time, so it doesn’t hurt to get that out of the way as soon as possible.

Success is NOT built overnight. Let’s use a few people, for example, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein. These successful inventors didn’t achieve their success overnight.

As a matter of fact, they’ve gone through countless trials before succeeding. That’s pretty much how it works with affiliate marketing.

You might fail a couple times before you succeed, but if you don’t try, you will never succeed.

Did you know as an affiliate marketer, you have something in common with those successful inventors?

Let me explain, each one of these inventors had a journal similar to what we now use known as a blog. They write their ideas into their journal without knowing whether it will work or not, but they never gave up.

They wouldn’t be a famous figure today if they did right? That’s why the key to success is NOT only the market or the platform you use… its YOU!

I can only recommend so much, but if you’re not willing to try, you will never know whether it works or not.

The good news is, my recommended platform is FREE to try. You won’t have 50 websites, but you do get 2 for free with hosting. On top of that, you also have access to online marketing training and much more!

Interested In Signing Up For Wealthy Affiliate? Click on the banner below to get started!


affiliate marketing, how to build your first affiliate marketing website, how to build a website
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56 thoughts on “How To Build Your First Affiliate Marketing Website”

  1. A very informative post and right to the point. Without a website there is no way that you will make any head way in affiliate marketing. These days it is more easier to set up and publish a website with the help of platforms like wealthy Affiliate. and quite frankly it is idiot proof, any one can build one now. But the website is only for the foundation, the real work is building it up into a online business.

  2. Thanks Eric for your well-described article on affiliate marketing. The article is very interactive and speaks itself. You have touched all the elements of the well crafted affiliate marketing website.
    I am planning to launch my own affiliate website and hope the knowledge I gained here will be of great help.

  3. Hi Eric, is it suitable to do affiliate marketing and open eCommerce store in the same website? Recently I have been planing to add affiliate link into my eCommerce website. hoping I can earn some affiliate income. But don't know whether its work or not. Am I have to build another website for affiliate marketing? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


  4. Thank you for this valuable article!

    I have a question regarding the actual reviews placed in a website for affiliate marketing.

    I am very familiar with the products in my niche! With that being said, I naturally have my favorite products for certain ailments that I know work. I cannot vouch for the thousands of other products.

    Is it possible to be successful by ONLY posting reviews of the products that I personally recommend?

  5. Hello Arun,

    You are very welcome(: I wish you great success on your future affiliate marketing business! If you are stuck on any part of the start up process, please feel free to contact me for assistance.

    Kind Regards,


  6. Hello Andrew,

    You are absolutely right! Building a website is the challenge anymore. The biggest obstacle between you and success is yourself. If you don't put in the effort, you will never succeed. Wealthy Affiliate can only do so much for you. Thanks for your input(:

    Kind Regards,


  7. Hello Dr. Misty Baker,

    You absolutely can! However, I prefer to review products that I don't recommend as well and provide an alternative to it. Reviewing both GOOD and BAD products can build credibility and trust. You don't want to be the affiliate marketer that says EVERYTHING is good, even though it's true haha(:

    I wrote an article specifically on how to write a good product review on your website. You can find it by clicking here.

    Kind Regards,


  8. This article is so true, and making money definitely deosnt come over night. I enjoyed your article getting good information out there. Your recommendationof Wealthy affiliate is a really great one. And with a platform like Wealthy affiliate you can get where you want if you give it time. My problem with domain sites is having to pay for other options like protection

  9. Hello AlecMoore,

    You are absolutely right! Wealthy Affiliate offers you everything from domain, hosting, protection, training, and more for a very affordable price. Thank you very much for your kind input!

    Kind Regards,


  10. Hey Eric,

    Great article! I browsed your entire site a bit to see what you are all about, and I am impressed. I was also told that I wouldn't go far, as well as that I lacked motivation, and that I didn't complete anything. Good for you, for maintaining integrity and working hard to pursue an honest living. You'll go far in this business. I also use Wealthy Affiliate, and Kyle and Carson's guidance is the only reason that I am blogging full time. I'm glad to see other people making it happen in this industry. Especially as part of the WA community. Good job, and keep writing!

  11. Hi, this is a very comprehensive review and I can see that there are many advantages of doing affiliate marketing. You set out the steps very clearly for anyone who has an interest and needs to know how to get started. I know about wealthy affiliate and they are fantastic. Onwards and upwards for affiliate marketing!!

  12. Hello Ian, 

    Thank you for the kind feedback!!! Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to work at home, now the rest is on me (: Even with all the tools and resources in the world, if you don't put in the effort, you will not succeed(: I feel like people who joins Wealthy Affiliate or the online business world need to have the mentality of working hard and reaching for long term success. It's definitely not a ticket to getting rich quick! 

    I wish you great success in your online business as well(; 

    Kind Regards,


  13. Hello Melissa,

    Thanks for the kind feedback! I can't believe getting into an online business can be so easy! As a matter of fact, I've made it into a hobby.  However, if it wasn't for Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn't be able to get this far (:

    It's 2018, our world is slowly changing day by day, but one thing never changes... the need for money. Hopefully through this website, I can learn, research, and educate people on legitimate ways to make money online. 

    Kind Regards,


  14. Hi Eric.
    Thanks for a very informative article. I like the way you've made the step by step guide. It doesn't look that scary.

    I have been thinking about trying my luck in affiliate marketing for some time now - but I never could figure out how to start. I might give it a go now.

    Do you have any additional thoughts on what niche to pick. I mean - you write that it's important that the niche is somewhat popular - but does that not also mean that it will have much competition??

    Anyways - thanks. Niels

  15. You have provided me with such detailed information on how affiliate marketing works and I learned a great deal here.

    I must admit though, it certainly seems overwhelming. I do however feel some excitement. I always thought that building a website is restricted to only those with technical know how. You have shown me that it is not the case with affiliate marketing.

    I like the fact that Wealthy Afffiliate offers one a trial to test out their platform. That why I do not lose any money if I am not happy after having put them to the 'test.'

    I finally like to tell you that I appreciate you telling me that this is not a 'get rich thing.' I often see posts on Facebook and other social media promoting services that promise returns within a day or two.I know there is no such thing.

    I am ready to dive in and give this a go.
    Thanks for the help

  16. Hey Eric, your article is very informative. It gives the newbie every little detail they require before launching on. Affiliate marketing is really a 'beauty', I like creating my own schedule as when to get up and when to get to work.
    This is all possible with Affiliate marketing. Thanks for putting out such a good review.

  17. Hello Jon,

    That is a great attitude to have as an affiliate marketer! As a matter of fact, I am currently on vacation and because of the nature of the business. I can work while I'm in the hotel before going to bed(: I wish you great success and being your own boss for 2018 and many years to come!

    Kind Regards,


  18. Hello Roopesh,

    It saddens me every time when someone tells me about a get rich quick scheme. That's why legitimate affiliate marketers have to work extra hard and be completely transparent with the readers. 

    I don't see the point in hiding anything because you will find out sooner or later. I much rather let you know what to expect, so your expectation is different when you get started.

    I wish you great success in affiliate marketing,


  19. Hello Niels,

    I'm glad my article is easy to follow because that was my goal when writing the step by step tutorial. I'm glad you are thinking about starting! If you are stuck or need some feedback, please feel free to contact me for support.



  20. Well said very Honest direct article only saying what it needs to be said nothing more just the truth.
    Very informative and well articulated I understood the process and to succeed there will be some work involved.
    Thank You for this article I enjoyed very much.
    Many quit and they don't give their chance to something that can change Your life for ever and learn some very good skills that will stay with You always is not to invest on a business and to invest in Yourself to be better prepared to succeed online.

  21. Hello Sergio,

    I couldn't have said it any better. You are absolutely right when it comes to investing in yourself and not your business. The knowledge you gain will follow you lifetime. No matter what you do, there is no enemy worst than yourself, so if you keep a positive mindset and understand that is is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you will do well online.

    Thanks for your input (:

    Kind Regards,


  22. Hey Eric!

    You're absolutely right. Many people fail in this because it takes consistency and hard work. Some people think it's a get-rich-overnight thing, but it's really not.

    Thanks for the stpe by step guide, there were some specifics I was missing, and now I got them pretty clear to boost my affiliate business.

    Interesting post and very thorough!

    Thanks man! Cheers! 😉

  23. Eric, how much time do you think I will have to spend in a day to make a living online like this? Not just that but how much time in general before I see that much. You mention it takes time to build the site. How much time does it take? Thanks for any response in advance.

  24. Important stuff to get started with affiliate marketing. I'm creating a website right now promoting WA.
    I'm learning a lot and choosing a subject that you enjoy will help with building content.
    Blogging is a great way to build traffic over time. It does take time but pays off.
    Like your article shows, WP offers great step by step training to learn what it takes to be successful.

  25. Very thorough and informative post that was easy to read and easy to understand. I have heard a decent amount about Affiliate Marketing at WA but I haven't read much about Google Adsense so I went straight over to that. Im a bit of an amateur in these things still so the post has cleared up some questions.

  26. Hi Eric. Affiliate marketing sounds pretty good. What if a person knows very little about making websites? Can they still be an affiliate marketer? What if they know nothing about sales, will someone show them the way? That price of $49 seems reasonable. Is that all I have to pay? I have seen some real scams out there. I don't need another bait and switch.

  27. I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now, and I can't say enough good things about it. It is a real community that will help you learn not just affiliate marketing but SEO as well. I've had more success with WA in the short amount of tiime I have been there, than I have had in over 10 years of trying to be successful online.

  28. Hello James,

    I absolutely agree, it is definitely a great community for online business owners of any level of expertise. There are many beginners who reach great success under the guidance of Kyle, Carson, and the active community.

    Great to hear success from you James!

    Kind Regards,


  29. Hello Joe, 

    You can be completely clueless in this industry to start with! I didn't know how to set up this website when I got started, but I was able to get this website running within minutes thanks to their training and videos.

    If you have questions regarding how to generate commissions, you can always ask me or any member of WA and I'm sure they will be more than happy to assist you. 

    The good news is, $49/per month recurring is the only thing you pay besides getting your own domain(: There are no up sells besides asking you to join their premium membership monthly or annually (which in my opinion is a good deal if you are serious about making money online).

    Note: You can also earn double the money as a premium member from their affiliate program.

    Kind Regards,


  30. Hello Dominik,

    That's totally fine! I did the exact same thing in the beginning until a friend told me about Google AdSense. That's when I decided to look into it and got approved after 14 days. 

    Check back regularly for more content(:

    Kind Regards,


  31. Hello Owner,

    You are absolutely right! Creating a website promoting something you trust is a good way to start! Also, it's important to understand that affiliate marketing takes time and not easy in the beginning. There are lots of competition, so you need to make yourself better than your competition.

    Good Luck,


  32. Hello Gord,

    There are a couple factors when it comes to the success of your website:

    (Time it takes will vary on how dedicated you are. Typically, 3 months to 1 year)

    1) Design of Your Website - First impression means the world.

    2) Website Speed - Nobody has time to wait for you to load. This is no longer the age of dial up.

    3) The Quality of Your Content - Informative content builds authority, credibility, and trust with your visitors.

    4) Competitiveness of your Niche - The more competitive your niche is, the longer it takes to build authority.

    I recommend checking out these SEO tools you can use to help your website grow faster(:

    I usually spend about 6 hours or so daily on my website, but sometimes I spend upwards of 10 hours xD It's not a race, but don't procrastinate too much. I recommend 2 to 3 hours a day to be safe.

    Kind Regards,


  33. Hello Israel, 

    You are very welcome! I wish you great success in your online business. Make sure you check back once in a while because I am always updating my blogs with fresh content to help you succeed.

    Kind Regards,


  34. Hey Eric, I loved your step-by-step instructions on how to make an affiliate website in 2018. Now I have a blueprint on how to get started thanks to you. I'm going to start working on my new site as soon as I finish this comment. I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate and they gave me 2 FREE websites.

    Thanks Eric!

  35. Hello Jack,

    You are very welcome! You've made an excellent decision by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you great success on your journey of creating your own financial success and working at home.

    Check back often to read our regular blogs to help you with your online business.

    Kind Regards,


  36. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for this wonderful and comprehensive post.
    You really did it step by step, and beautifully pointed out the most important aspects of building an affiliate website. Especially I like the 6 important things you point out before building a website, which every beginner must know.
    You are totally right when saying that "Success is NOT built overnight", success will come over time. Problem with so much unsuccess in affiliate marketing is that people often think that is enough to build a website, make some review and put links in it, but don't make a value in content for the reader behind that scene, so they very quickly quit or blame affiliate marketing for their failure.
    They don't want to learn the basics.
    It's not a problem if you made a mistake if you are willing to admit it and learn from it.

    I think that you are giving a good basic foundation for everyone who is willing to learn about building a website and affiliate programs.

    Thanks for sharing this post and wish you much success in your venture

  37. I couldn't have laid out those steps any better. I fully agree! Thanks for the added motivation, your thoughts about some popular names in history are great points and great motivation.

    Do you find that affiliate marketing vs. an ecommerce website is a better one to start out with? Or vice versa?

  38. I am happy to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate. Definitely worth it. Can't wait until I get an extra income through affiliate marketing. I have already seen that is is not something that comes overnight. How much do we people look for something that comes quickly without effort.

    Thanks for the tip to write out articles for each product review. I was doing 5 or so products in one review and I was definitely not happy with the outcome.


  39. Hi Eric,

    Some excellent information on your site regarding getting started with affiliate marketing. I have two sites up and running but finding it difficult to get rankings in the search engines.

    I'm interested in becoming an amazon affiliate, can you tell me if it's difficult to get accepted by amazon as an affiliate, would I need to be well established in the search results or does this matter?


  40. I have really enjoyed reading your article. Affiliate marketing is the sure way to start in the online world because all you have to do is write your opinions, based on the facts of the products and your personal experiences. You don't have to deal with customers, with complaints, with shipment, with inventory. You just write and promote what you believe in and help people make informed purchase decisions. I am loving this lifestyle already. I wish you much success.

  41. Hello Reyhana, 

    Thanks for dropping by and reading! Affiliate marketing can not only be a business, but it can also be a hobby. For example, we use twitter and other form of social media regularly and we can treat affiliate marketing as the same to make it more enjoyable.

    I wish you great success,


  42. Hello Dave,

    Wow, you have 2 websites? What is your niche for both of them? Amazon affiliate is quite easy to join, but you must make a sale wtihin your first 180 days otherwise they will terminate your account and you have to re-apply again.

    It is always recommended to work on content first before trying to make sales because you want to be an authority, go to figure of your niche.

    Kind Regards,


  43. Hello Oscar, 

    You are very welcome! Making extra money online is a sweet feeling to have. I always try to write ONE product per review and include an alternative at the very end. I wish you great success at making money online in 2018.

    Kind Regards,


  44. Hello Cameron,

    Affiliate marketing is a totally different animal compared to Ecommerce. I actually wrote about drop shipping a while ago for people who would like to sell products they don't own.

    Personally, I find affiliate marketing to be the most cost effective way to start an online business. 

    Kind Regards,


  45. Hello Branislav, 

    Thanks for reading! I've made the mistake in the beginning by thinking about making money fast. I was quickly disappointed, so I decided to change my mindset. 

    I consider my online business as a hobby now and it's making money and I'm enjoying it more at the same time. I wish you great success and stay in touch for more content on how to establish a successful online business.

    Kind Regards,


  46. Thank you for the step-by-step process and things to keep in mind when opening up in affiliate marketing website. I would like to add my own tips as well though, if I may. That is to make sure that your affiliate products or something that you may have an interest or can develop an interest with. And also also always contact the affiliate partner to discuss higher commission rates and if they offer the product for free by being an affiliate great!

  47. Hello Andrew,

    Thanks for your input! I absolutely agree with you(: Especially if you are already a developed website with a decent amount of traffic. It doesn't hurt to ask for better pay. Worst case scenario, they say no and you can find another affiliate partner.

    Thanks again,


  48. Hey Eric

    Very informative article indeed. I like the simplicity and thoroughness of it. You put everything down in an easy manner so it is easy to understand. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a good platform for people new to online marketing. Do I get it correct that by getting premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate we also get access to a keyword tool Jaaxy? This sounds too good to be true 🙂 I have heard that keyword research is extremely important for online success and good keyword tools are quite expensive.

  49. I have heard many times of affiliate marketing and creating a website for that from my friends but I've no idea what they meant. After reading your article, I have a way better understanding of what should be done and found it extremely helpful! Definitely sharing this with my family and friends and signing up for WA too!

  50. Hello Fernglow,

    You are very welcome! Thanks in advance for sharing my page(: If you have any additional questions regarding affiliate marketing, please feel free to contact me!

    Kind Regards,


  51. Dwight Harrison

    Sounds positive and some good ideas here for affiliate marketing.
    To also help with affiliate marketing targeted website traffic. There are 24 Proven Effective Ways How To Increase Website Traffic for more targeted visitors now!
    You can also about learn:
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  52. Awesome post. Super detailed 🙂
    Just came from another one of your posts, in which you highly recommend quality over quantity, and i've not been let down!
    I agree with what you say, in regards to affiliate marketing. NOT a get-rich quick scheme at all. Takes a LOT of hard work!
    Thanks again!

  53. Hi Pablo,

    I appreciate your kind words! Even though affiliate marketing takes time to be successful. Once you're established, the hard work will pay off.


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