How To Build Traffic Through Guest Blogging

Do you want to gain more traffic to your website? Are you writing a lot, but not getting any results? Do you want to learn how to build traffic through guest blogging?

Chances are, your blog is still too new and not ranking high enough on the search engines.

Guest blogging just might be your remedy to lack of traffic. It has always been an effective way to generate traffic to a website.

What you want to do is to guest post on websites that are relevant to your niche topic.

Remember, targeting the right people is more important than targeting lots of people who are not interested in your offers.

Guest blogging, increase website traffic
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Guest blogging is a great way to establish your brand because you are utilizing someone else’s brand to bring awareness to yours.

However, many beginners who don’t fully understand how it works are actually wasting their time and effort.

Guest blogging can also help you gain backlinks which helped with SEO rankings.

However, it only helps when you’re getting articles posted on high authority websites.— Quality over quantity.

Example: My website is about how to make money online and you’re promoting how to lose weight fast. The traffic that comes to my website have no interest at losing weight, so it will not only hurt me, but it will not do you any good either.

Reaching Out Is Quite Simple

Ready to start guest blogging? Simply find a relevant website to your own and ask the owner of the website.

Some might even pay you to write articles on their website because you’re providing value to their audience.

Keep in mind, the owner can choose not to publish your articles if they feel that it’s not quality enough.

Okay, so how can you maximize the odds of guest blogging successfully?

Well, I’ve generated a list of tips for you. Is it guaranteed? Absolutely not, but it will definitely help increase your chances.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it!

Tip #1. Identify Your Target Audience

Finding the right people to read your blog is the most important recipe for success.

When you guest post, you want to find popular blogs with high traffic that are also relevant to what you’re offering.

It doesn’t matter how popular the blog is if the audience wouldn’t be interested in what you have to say!

It also makes it easier to propose to the website owner if what you’re offering is what they are promoting anyways.

Once you’ve successfully identified your target audience, you can now do a quick Google search to find blogs that are popular within that niche group.

Example: Top Money Making Online Blogs or Top Money Making Online Guest Blogging

Once you’ve generated a list of potential websites, it is now time to contact them with your proposition. Good luck!

Tip #2. Make Sure The Website Owner Notice You

This one is quite silly, but definitely increases the odds of getting approved by the website owner.

What you want to do is frequently visit his or her website and leave thoughtful comments.

This means you will need to regularly read his or her articles!— Don’t leave spam comments, because you will definitely get noticed, but in a bad way.

This makes it easier for you and the website owner because he or she already somewhat know who you are.

Tip #3. Explain Your Intentions

It’s almost like an interview, but it is done online.

When you contact the website owner, it definitely helps to give a brief introduction of yourself and what you have to offer to his or her website.

You see, they don’t want to waste your time because they want a free guest post as well.

Keep in mind, the guest post is not about you!

It’s all about providing valuable information to the readers. Your author biography will do its job at directing traffic to you.

But again… it only works if you are providing value with the right intentions.

Tip #4. Write High-Quality Content

It’s no surprise that writing high-quality content comes next.

What good is getting the approval from a website owner if you have nothing to show?

If you provide no value to your readers, why would they want to visit your website?

Another reason why you want to write high-quality content is to stand out.

In the world of blogging, you are competing against thousands of other bloggers.

Chances are, most of you are writing about a similar topic. Heck, I’m pretty sure someone else has already talked about guest blogging.

What makes you so special? I have 10 Tips for you to writing quality content.

Tip #5. Create Content That People Will Likely Share

If you focused on writing high-quality content that provides great value. People will naturally want to share your article!

Why is it important for people to share your content?

Social media is one of the most popular ways to generate traffic with minimal effort.

When someone posts your article on their social media account, people they know will also see it.— It can go viral if your content is worthy.

Example: I write an article > Someone shares it on social media > Their friends read and shares it > The cycle continues!

With social media in mind, you want to also ensure that the blog you’re guest blogging for has lots of social media followers.

This ensures that your article is more likely to be shared in his or her community.

Imagine if the blog you’re guest blogging for has over 1,000,000 followers! Can you imagine what will happen if a fraction of those people share your article?

Tip #6. Build A Relationship And Network

Guest blogging is not like blogging on your own website. You are blogging on a website that is giving you their trust to write on their website.

When you build a relationship with these websites, they will begin to trust you more and eventually offer you more opportunities.

Keep in mind, you never know who you will run into.

You might potentially meet someone who is extremely famous from a popular blog or website.

You can be the best blogger in the world, but nothing beats knowing the right people.

In Conclusion

To be successful at guest blogging, you must get out of your comfort zone. Especially if you prefer to work alone.

After all, that’s why big companies have partners. They understand success requires multiple minds rather than one.

I hope this article helps prepare you for the world of guest blogging along with the benefits that it comes with.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out.

guest blogging, how to increase website traffic
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