How To Become A Top Blogger In Social Media

How To Become A Top Blogger in Social Media
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For the last 6 months, I’ve been checking out my followers on Social Media and I’m very happy to see many are taking the route to becoming a blogger. Some gave up completely and some are still pushing to build their brand. However, one thing I noticed is that many bloggers are not working their way toward becoming a top blogger in Social Media.

Am I a top blogger on Social Media yet? Not really, but I am definitely on my way there. Besides automating some of my tweets and shares, I like to manually check out each Social Media profile to answer questions and approve followers. Let’s just say each day I am spending more and more time on each network to complete my tasks.

Why You Want To Be A Top Blogger In Social Media

You’re not going to get a medal, but you’re going get recognition from your readers. Social Media is a great place to gain brand awareness. Many people spend hours per day on Social Media to find information and entertainment. It’s essentially a free market to market yourself.

The more followers you have, the more will follow, that’s just how it works. However, just by having followers is not enough. You need to be actively engaging with your followers. Sometimes when I scroll through my followers Social Media profile, I notice that they don’t really get any likes. I don’t get a lot either, but I do get some.

After all, what is the point of constantly posting on Social Media if nobody is going to check it out? It’s the same concept as blogging without marketing. In this article, I will go over 4 tips to help launch yourself forward to becoming a top blogger in Social Media. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Tip #1. Use Captivating Images

Social media is known for using images to get the point across. Your goal is to use the images to direct potential readers back to your blog and that’s where text content will come into play. While you’re promoting your blog on Social Media, forget about how great your blog post is. Focus on how great your images are!

By all means, my images aren’t the best, but I do try my best to make them decent. There are free and paid resources out there such as Canva that enables you to create nice infographics and more.

Tip #2. Blog With 6 Star Quality In Mind

Okay, I know 5 stars is usually the best rating possible, but what you want is to go beyond that. Now that you’ve successfully directed traffic from your Social Media profile to your blog. It is extremely important that your content delivers. If your content sucks, your readers will probably never return again.

Having a captivating image on Social Media following with a 6-star quality blog post will increase the odds of gaining a new follower and returning visitor.

There are a couple of people I follow with amazing images on Social Media paired without the world content. Guess what happens whenever they post on Social Media? I like their image and check out their blog post each and every time.

Tip #3. Social Interaction

Okay, let’s break it down. Why do we call it Social Media? It’s information and entertainment like the media, but let’s not forget the first word before media. Providing media is important, but you also need to be interacting with people that like, shares, or comments on your posts.

I get messages in my inbox on a regular basis. I do check every one of them and there are some that I don’t respond. For example, I will respond if someone is asking me a question regarding marketing, blogging, how to make money online, etc.

However, it’s not hard to identify spammers, bots, and advertisers. Therefore, if you’re sending me useless information, chances are, I will not respond.

Here’s why I like to manually check out each of my Social Media networks. By communicating and interacting with people, it shows them that I am real and that I truly care about their best interest.

It’s very rude if someone leaves a comment and you don’t respond. People will see it when they stumble upon that particular post. They’ll see the true color of you, someone who only cares about making sure their post goes live.

Tip #4. Growing Your Social Media Presence Takes Time

Lastly, I want to provide you with a little encouragement. As I mentioned from the beginning of this article. Many people are becoming bloggers, but some are giving up completely after a couple of months.

The truth to the matter is, we’ve all been there. Pushing out new content, but feeling like nobody is listening. Pushing out new content, but nobody gives a crap about it.

If this is you, just keep pushing! You can ask any successful blogger, marketer, entrepreneur about their first year of blogging. If one tells you that it was easy and that traffic came almost instantly. Guess what? He or she is lying to you. We’ve all gone through that phase where nobody is engaging with our content. — It’s normal because nobody knows you yet.

In Conclusion

Don’t be discouraged and continue to push out new content. Over time, people will start to recognize you, but make sure you follow every single tip that I mentioned in this article.

Did you find this article helpful? Did I fail to mention any specific tips that you might have? Please let us know by sharing a message down below.

How To Become A Top Blogger In Social Media
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