How Is The Coronavirus Affecting You

How is the coronavirus affecting you
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Covid-19, a virus that started receiving notices back in December of 2019 has reached all parts of the world.

With many businesses closed, how is the coronavirus affecting you?

Now I’m no expert in terms of virology. I am merely a blogger that is sharing my experience on how it is currently affecting me.

Living in the United States and self-quarantined for the past 14 days.

I have been updating myself with the news as well as contacting friends and family through the internet.

With San Francisco as well as other nearby counties being locked down. Millions of Americans are now being sheltered in their homes.

Operating Smart Affiliate Hub has enabled me to not worry as much since I do have income coming in from various sources.

However, I do see a decline in sales as well.

Even bloggers on the internet are being affected by the Coronavirus.

However, News outlets, as well as health blogs, should receive an increase in traffic rather than a decrease.

Now Is A Time To Help, Not To Exploit

Ever since the breakout became apparent, everyone is mass purchasing face masks as well as products like hand sanitizers.

What I find disgusting is the increase in price during such a crisis (on the internet particularly). Sure, I understand that it’s an opportunity.

But when millions or perhaps billions of lives are at stake, making a profit should be the least of your concern.

Sure you can make a quick profit right now, but it’s a despicable thing to do. Instead of exploiting others, you should be helping.

Remember, this quick profit that you can make is only temporary. So if you’re an internet marketer that is buying and selling these essential goods for a profit.

Please reconsider…

How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Me

Honestly, I’ve been self-quarantined for the past 14 days. I can certainly continue as it is the right thing to do.

The only problem that I have is boredom. There’s no one home except for myself. A decision that I made coming back from abroad.

For the past 14 days, besides working on Smart Affiliate Hub, I’ve also been playing a game called, RuneScape.

With so much free time, I am able to level up and get much closer to maxing my gaming account.

However, with bills racking up, I am slowly feeling the effects. I am starting to question my emergency funds.

Realistically, how much time do I have before it is exhausted? Since it’s uncertain how long this pandemic is going to last.

After all, it does take time for money to come in even if it’s through affiliate marketing.

And with a decrease in sales, it’s not helping either…

In Conclusion

With so much uncertainty, there’s only one thing that I recommend everyone to do.

When you’re in public, it’s important that you protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask (N95 or higher).

If all you have are surgical masks, wear it. It’s better than not wearing anything at all.

At the very least, it will create awareness to those around you. Now is not a time to panic, but it’s certainly not a time to complacent.

Remember, just because you are young and healthy, does not mean you cannot be infected.

What you should be worried about is bringing the virus home and infecting your elders.

What good is telling senior citizens to stay at home, when you can potentially bring the virus to them by potentially exposing yourself to the coronavirus?

I hope you all stay safe and feel free to share tips on what you are doing to protect yourself as well as your family.

How is the coronavirus affecting you
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