Google Is Shutting Down Google+

google+ is shutting down
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Looks like Google is going to close the door and shut down Google+ after failing to disclose a user data leak that happened months ago! Yup, this is not a joke or a prank. Google has announced that they will be shutting down the consumer version of its online social network.

The one that many online business owners use to promote their content. Even though it’s not the end of the world, it’s still going to impact those who were active users such as myself.

Not too long ago, Facebook suffered from their own major data breach which affected 87 millions of users including celebrities and regular people like me and you.

Well, looks like Google had a bug of its own that allowed third-party app developers to gain access to not only the data of its users but also their friends.

Long story short, it looks like Google will be shutting down consumer access to Google+ and improve their privacy protections for third-party software/applications.

Go see for yourself: Google has released a blog post disclosing that there was a data leak which has potentially affected up to 500,000 accounts. Due to this bug, many third-party applications may now have access to your private information.

“We found no evidence that any developer was aware of this bug, or abusing the API, and we found no evidence that any Profile data was misused.” – Ben Smith, Google Fellow and Vice President of Engineering (found in the blog post)

Do Not Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket

I am not a news reporter, so I will stick with being a blogger. As a website that talks about making money online and also a heavy user that promotes content on Google+. I must say that this was very shocking and will definitely change my view on Social Media.

Anyways, in this article, what I really want to talk about is not only Google+ being shut down, but something more serious. That’s why I recommend all of my readers to build a brand and have their own website (build one via Wealthy Affiliate).

There are many affiliate marketers who rely heavily on Social Media to build their business. As you can see, even the giant Google can make mistakes and have services shut down.

If you built your business on Google+, chances are, you’ll lose everything as soon as Google removes Google+ from you! Let’s not forget that even if they don’t take away Google+, they can still ban you if they feel like it’s a necessary action.

The point is, you have no control over any Social Media platform (Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc). What you do have control over is your own blog. (As long as you don’t break the law).

My Final Thoughts

It’s crazy how this happened, but we live and we learn. All you can do is do what’s right and avoid making the same mistakes again. If you are learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing or any other means.

Make sure that you build your own brand, reputation, and customer base. Social Media is only a tool. It’s not something you can fully depend on to operate your businesses.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Please leave a comment down below!


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google+ is shutting down
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2 thoughts on “Google Is Shutting Down Google+”

  1. Indeed Dragi,

    That's why as entrepreneurs, we cannot place all of our eggs in one basket. Diversify your income, marketing strategy, etc. Focus on building your brand through your website because that's one thing you have CONTROL over.


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