Google AdSense Approved On A 14 Day Old Website

Google AdSense Approved

Hello Folks,

Welcome back to another Blog from your host Eric! Today, we have a very interesting topic to touch base on; Google AdSense Approval. In today’s blog, we will go over how I got approved with a 14-day old website!

Smart Affiliate Hub was created on October 16, 2017, and was Google indexed on October 18, 2017. The following day after getting indexed, I decided to give Google AdSense a shot! I kid you not, I didn’t expect positive results…

On October 19, 2017, I officially applied for a chance to advertise for Google and was given the message to wait for 3 days!

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I was approved for Google AdSense on my YouTube account prior to applying for this, but the process was totally different.

I anxiously waited and checked my email regularly throughout the day. I had a lot of negative thoughts in my head as well! I was questioning myself and my website… I didn’t think I was good enough.

I was searching the internet to read stories about other people’s experience with trying to get approved with Google AdSense and the results scared me even more.

Apparently, many people never got approved no matter how many times they’ve applied, so I started looking deeper to increase my odds of getting approved.

Forget About AdSense and Focus On Your Content

I lied when I said forget about AdSense haha! The truth is, you can’t forget about it because that is your goal and you want to achieve it. However, instead of worrying about the approval, I started using it as a motivation to improve my website(:

As long as you haven’t received the denied letter, you still have a chance to increase the approval potentials!

What do you mean by increasing the approval potentials?

That means it’s time to get to work and double check your content and continue publishing new high-quality content. Usually, the first time you publish an article, it will have minor mistakes and room to add additional contents in the future!

Fortunately for me, I don’t have a lot of blogs to revise since I’m new, but it was still a heck of a lot of work. As a matter of fact, ever since the creation of Smart Affiliate Hub. I’ve been sleeping extremely late trying to make sure my website is as good as it gets.

If I can do it, You can do it too!

Currently, I work a day job for over 9 hours because I can’t afford to NOT work and focus only on this website. However, I do spend about a minimum of 10 hours on my website every day! That sounds crazy, right? That’s because I have a computer at work, so I get to work on my website when I’m not busy with a client.

Getting Google AdSense approved is a HUGE MILESTONE for me because it’s an opportunity to earn a passive income.

Before you go ahead and apply for Google AdSense. I highly encourage you to review this article on Google Support: Click Here To View Content.

Now that you’ve read the AdSense Program Policies, let’s start talking about what I believe helped get my website approved.

Note: There is no magical formula to guarantee an approval. All you can do is follow the guidelines and make sure your website doesn’t violate any of their policies.

What I Did For Smart Affiliate Hub And Got AdSense Approved

I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member to take advantage of the 2 free websites with hosting. I used Wealthy Affiliate to monitor my websites health because I had no clue how everything works.

Sign Up For Google Plus Account

When I was working on the certification course, it stated we should sign up for a Google Plus Account if we don’t already have one.  I had one made a long time ago, so I skipped that portion and went straight to the rest!

(No longer important because Google Plus is getting removed). You’ll still need a regular GMAIL account though.

Register For Google Analytics

I registered my Google Plus account with Google Analytics to monitor where my traffic is coming from and how long people tend to stay. Just between me and you, I don’t have that much traffic ):

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As you can see, this is very important information as an online affiliate marketer! I am still working hard every day hoping to see some positive results one day.

Register for Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

The next thing I utilized was Google Search Console. This will provide you with additional information regarding where your traffic is coming from. Google Search Console also gives you information as to which URL of yours have been indexed on Google.

Verifying your website is very beneficial to you in the long run even though it DOES NOT affect your website when it comes to getting indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Fortunately, WordPress takes care of Search Engine Optimization as well as getting indexed. Your job is to write a quality blog post with the use of keywords to help with ranking in the future.

Update All In One SEO General Settings

The next thing I did was prepare my website for the search engines! I went on my WordPress dashboard and accessed my All In One SEO (You don’t have to upgrade to PRO)

all in one seo
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As stated on Wealthy Affiliate, this is a very important step because it will get your contents ranked on search engines!

At this point, I navigated to the Home Page Settings to fill in the blanks for the: Home Title, Home Description, and MAKE SURE you enabled Keywords.

Do this if you haven’t done so already!

About Me, Contact Page, Privacy, and Disclaimer

I also made sure that I had a proper About Me Page, hopefully, that was an interesting read for you(:

I also double checked to make sure my Privacy and Disclaimer was completed. There are templates you can use from Wealth Affiliate when you access your SiteRubix Menu called SiteContent.

wealthy affiliate, sitecontent, templates, affiliate marketing, privacy, disclaimer, about me
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I haven’t tried the Keyword Rich Content Page, but maybe one day I’ll check it out(:

The Contact Us page gave me the most trouble because website building is very new to me. I didn’t know what was considered a good Contact Us page.

This was quite embarrassing, I ended up writing it out and soon realized you can add forms, so people can send you a message on the same page.

My recommendation is to play around with plugins and don’t be afraid to mess up because you can always reverse what you did to fix any potential problems.

People Called Me The Blogger At Work

I was blogging every day, sometimes twice a day! This is good and bad in my opinion ): If your articles are helpful and high quality, then post away and do it as much as you want.

However, if it’s just spam or half-(A word) articles then you are being counterproductive. Why? Google will send a specialist to analyze your website and that includes all of your articles.

I don’t consider my articles to be HIGH Quality, as a matter of fact, people criticize the way I write. I appreciate constructive criticism, but I will continue to type the way I want.

Blogging is a way for me to express myself and I will continue to type with my voice. – Sorry for being off-topic.

I believe it’s a good idea to continue with what you’re doing even though you are waiting for the approval notice from Google.

After all, it’s not the end of the world! You were blogging, to begin with, so why stop now? (:

Connect With Your Viewers

Ever since I created this website, I’ve been eagerly waiting for engagement with my viewers. When your viewers spend time out of their lives to leave you a comment. The least you can do is respond back!

Viewer engagement promotes return visitors as well as showing Google that your website is active. (:

It is a lot of work to blog and answer your viewers, but it takes you literally a couple of minutes. If it’s a complicated question, it will give you the opportunity to research and learn more yourself. It’s a win-win situation!

Advertising Daily

Every time I publish a new blog, I would share it on Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, and more! I don’t have a lot of followers on any of these platforms because I wasn’t very active.

However, If you are already active on Social Network then this will benefit you! Free Advertisement(:

I also registered for AdWords, it’s the mirror image of AdSense. I basically set a budget of how much money I’m willing to spend on a daily basis. In my case: $1.00 haha!

This was an opportunity to test the water and gain some traffic (:

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The Moment Of Truth

On October 30, 2017, I received an email from Google approving my application and giving me access to Google AdSense. I was so happy, I almost jumped out of my bed!

There is no guarantee when it comes to getting approved for Google Adsense, but one thing is for sure! As long as you work hard and follow their guidelines. You can also get approved as well!

I would like to take this time to give a SHOUT OUT to Wealthy Affiliate for giving me the resources to get to where I am today. If you are thinking about starting your own online business. I would highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. They have a Test-Drive Free Membership that offers you everything you need to start today!

Click The Banner Below If You Are Interested:

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I hope to hear your success stories soon and thanks for reading!


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Kind Regards,

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adsense approved after 14 days
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34 thoughts on “Google AdSense Approved On A 14 Day Old Website”

  1. Thanks for your tips with regards to getting approved for Google AdSense, I’ve learnt a ton of knowledge here.

    I understand obtaining high rankings in the search engines is all down to the delivery of regular quality written content that’s not duplicated but I still haven’t grasped how many words per post they regard as a quality article - Any ideas? Acquiring Google AdSense approval sounds a very similar route to me.

    I too have signed up with Google Analytics and Google+ to befriend the masters and I have noticed when I share other peoples posts on Google+ and they return the favour with mine, some of those links appear on the first page of search results so we may be hitting on something here.
    I’ve had my website a year now, so here’s hoping for my approval, thanks again,

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, what you have to offer here on your website is so impressive and very encouraging and it is also amazing of the amount of time that you put in that is a whole lot of time but the good thing is that is paying off and will yet pay off big time. Continue to keep up the good work and being and encouragement to so many who needs to hear your story.

  3. Hello Norman,

    I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad my article was encouraging because the goal! Ultimately, I want to help and motivate those who wants to make money online.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for leaving a comment! In terms of words, I'd say a minimum of 500 words, but my advice is write until your heart is content. 

    When I write my articles, I just write until I can't write anymore. That way, it's something coming from me personally and not just me trying to type enough words to meet the minimum.

    Also, comments on your article also count towards the 500 words because they based it off of overall of the page.

    If you like, you can contact me and direct me to your website, so I can take a look. I'm in no position to tell you want to do, but I'd be happy to give you some feedback. I wish you the best of luck on your next application. 

    Kind Regards,


  5. You break it down well. It´s all about quality content. If your website offers that, you will get approved by google adsense!

    Did you make almost 3000 visitors in under a month with the help of Wealthy Affiliate? That looks impressive, makes me very curious!

    Thanks for getting back to me

  6. Hello Manny, 

    Thank you very much for leaving a comment. You are absolutely right! All of my current visitors are from following the tips and guides of Wealthy Affiliate. I'm always happy to help and offer my feedback, so if you need anything. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

    Kind Regards,


  7. Congratulations, Eric!

    I was on chat awhile ago with someone complaining his application has been denied by Google AdSense. He made a mistake of submitting a site after a month of writing content, but the content are fewer compared to these you have in your site. I gave him some tips similar to what you gave here and advised him to apply anew but with new gmail account and apply as if he's a new applicant without history of disapproval.

    Am I correct with that advice?

    By the way, I like how you format your writing here, although for some professional writers, they will definitely give you lectures on how articles should be written. But never mind them, for it is your preference, right? And your readers are enjoying it.

  8. Thank you Gomer, 

    Thank you for your kind comment! I believe the second time around is always harder in terms of getting approval, but I don't know if making a new account will really help because you're applying for the same website. 

    Also thanks for your feedback on my writing style! I feel like a blog is very personal and should be written in your own style without limitations. Honestly, if I had to type in any other way. It wouldn't be natural and I wouldn't have fun typing it.

    Kind Regards,


  9. Great article! I too love Google AdSense. It’s a great way to earn income without doing a thing, I am glad they approved me, but they had to check my website twice. In your article, you mentioned updating the SEO Home Page Settings for Home Page Title/Description and enabling keywords. How exactly do you do this and where exactly is it located?

  10. Hi there. I was just reading your article about Adsense and I thought I would just drop you a quick comment to say thanks and also to ask you a question.

    I have been blogging for quite a few years now and I have run several sites. In the past I have had a couple of websites that were getting good traffic and so on, so I naturally applied for Adsense which was approved in both cases.

    However, despite getting thousands of visitors to those sites and despite getting a few ad clicks, I made VERY little money.

    In fact the last time I tried Adsense it took me 4 months to make just $50! At this point I decided to pull the plug on Adsense and have concentrated on affiliate marketing ever since.

    So my question is... Have you had a good earning experience so far with Adsense? Have you found any way of increasing the amount of clicks that you get?

    Thanks for your help,


  11. Hey Eric,

    Great tips here. It took me about 2 months to get approved for Adsense. I actually got denied the first time around. Looking at my site then, I could see why. Then I applied again when my site had more content and views. I was approved about 3 days after that.

    So yeah, you're right..You need quality content.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  12. Hello Shwana,

    Thanks for leaving a comment! To access your SEO setting. Make sure you have All In One SEO plugin installed. If  you made the website with Wealthy Affiliate, it should have  installed by default.  All you have to do is make sure you activate it. 

    The next step is log in to your Website Dashboard. If All in One SEO is installed and activity, it should show up on the left side bar(:

    If you need more assistance, please let me know!

    Kind Regards,


  13. Hello Otorres2628,

    Thank you so much for sharing your comment and experience with our viewers. I wish you continue success (:

    Kind Regards,


  14. Hello Andrew,

    Thank you very much for leaving the kind comment. It seems you are well established in online business. My personal opinion is, don't focus too much on AdSense because it's intended as passive income.  I get about 4 clicks for every 1000 impression. That's means I will need to have a huge amount of viewers to make decent money. 

    Also, I believe Ad placement, size, and color makes a difference. My suggestion is play around with it because everyone's website is different in terms of how you write your content, your theme, etc. 

    At the moment, I am still testing it out, but I will definitely update you and maybe write another article on how to maximize revenue with AdSense. I can't do it now because it's also very new to me.

    Kind Regards,


  15. Hello Eric,
    can i do the same with my blogspot blog and the other thing is i think google says blog must be 6 month old

  16. Hello Kenneth,

    You absolutely can! I will take a look at your website later and offer you some suggestions.

    I don't think the 6th month is too critical because I got approved with a half a month old website with blogs. I'd say focus on quality content is far more important.

    I would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliates, just click the banner on this blog. It is absolutely free to try! You will have access to 2 free websites with hosting as well as free certification course to teach you how to build a successful online business or blog.

    Kind Regards,

  17. Congrats! This is some achievement and it's also amazing that you managed to get your website indexed after one day :O.

    I'm still playing around with Adsense on my site. It's one of those things where I'm not quite sure how to use it to its greatest effect. Do you have any tips?

  18. Hello Stephen,

    Thank you very much for the kind comment! In terms of AdSense, I would recommend playing around with the sizes and placement in your articles. Also, you should try a theme that would best fit your website to give you a professional presentation. 

    Basically, effective and clean integration is the best way to go!

    Kind Regards,


  19. Hey, man. You did a great job talking about the fundamentals of Google AdSense. I too plan on making money from the internet. The internet is a fantastic way of making money online. There are so many clueless people online who do not know what they are doing when it comes to Google Adsense. Your article brings insight to those who are so eager to making money online. Great article, literally.

  20. Hello Phil,

    Thank you for the kind comment! Hopefully this article is informative and will help others accomplish their when it comes to making money online.

    Kind Regards,


  21. Thank you for a "ton" of information about Google AdSense. I found your article helpful and detailed. I admire your dedication, 10 hours a day spent on building your online business, that's a lot. I try to work on my site everyday but sometime it doesn't work the way I planned. I found the information and the tips about the steps you took through Wealthy Affiliate website building very helpful. Thank you and good luck.

  22. Hello Grace,

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment! It's definitely not easy, I'm fortunate to have plenty of time (: I'm happy my content was informative and hopefully gave you some pointers on how to proceed with your online business. 

    I'm quite new to this business myself, so I can most definitely learn from you as well!

    Kind Regards,


  23. Thank you Eric for writing this informative article, You have laid this out in step by step format, I am bookmarking your page so I can refer back to it. I am currently adding more content to my website. I applied for Google Adsense and was turned down, do you have any suggestions for re-applying.

  24. Hello Pam,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad my article was helpful to you! My recommendation is read the email thoroughly because Google AdSense team would usually leave you information as to why you were rejected in the first place. 

    What you want to do is fix what they rejected you on before re-applying. If you can provide me with more information such as why you were rejected. I can try and help you (:

    Kind Regards,


  25. Thanks for the great post. There is a lot of information that I have work through. I appreciate the great article and can tell that a lot of work and research went into putting this together.

    I love this post.

    It's so easy to spend hundreds of dollars on Ads, but if you can learn how to get your ranked by the major search engines than you can make more money and decrease your expenses.

    Love it.

  26. Hi
    Thank you for this great information and easy to follow post on adsense and how it works. I am still learning how to use adsense.
    How many times per blog post do you recommend that we put adsense? Is it best to have it in the side bar or within the post? I am curious what would work best.
    Thanks for your help

  27. Hello Monika,

    Congratulations on getting Google AdSense approved!(: Well, it all depends on your article. For example, if your article contains a lot of words, you can put one to two ads. 

    My word of advice is double check and put yourself in the viewers point of view. Would the ads give you a poor experience? 

    Placement is key, you want your viewers to see it, but not annoy them(: For me, I placed 2 Google AdSense on the side bar and usually one on each article. I recommend testing it out with different colors and sizes. You should also download the Google AdSense App on your phone, so you can monitor and figure out what is working and what is not, so you can make adjustments.

    If you need more help or feedback, you can click here to contact me

    Kind Regards,


  28. Hello Jerry,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and leaving a comment! You are absolutely right, there are many ways to advertise your website. The most effective way is to get ranked for organic traffic. First of all, it's FREE traffic and they are here for information, so as long as your articles are helpful and relevant. Chances are, you will make more sales too(:

    Kind Regards,


  29. Hello Eric
    thanks for sharing, I do see many posts online(mostly on social media) of people complaining that their Google Adsense application has not been approved.
    But if you check these sites, you`ll realize that too many things are missing,no privacy policy,no about us page etc.
    I feel to get google Adsense approval, a website must have some standard just as you explained in your post.
    Happy for you, you got Google Adsense approval so soon, I`m sure it will work well for you, and with you already sharing your posts on social media, soon you will be having more traffic to your website.

  30. Hello Roamy, 

    Thanks for your kind comment! I totally agree that we should all make sure our websites meet their guidelines before applying. I feel like most of these websites are too eager to make passive income, but way too soon!

    Thanks again(:


  31. You have given some great advice in this post and even though it is about how to get approved by Google Adsense it is good advice on getting ranked on google. I guess the two pretty much go together, don't they? If you are not getting traffic your Google Adsense Ads won't get clicked. I have never had a problem getting approved by Adsense so I am wondering do they really care how old your site is?

  32. Hello Margaret,

    Thanks for leaving a comment(: I would assume the age plays a factor, but ultimately you want have a website that meets their guideline and has decent amount of traffic.

    Let's say you have a website that has been around for 3 years, but you don't get any traffic anymore because you have been inactive. Why would Google want to give you Advertisements to advertise to your non-existent viewer?

    My traffic doesn't have a whole lot of traffic either, but I guess I had enough quality content and decent amount of traffic to qualify(:

    Thank you so much again for leaving a comment!

    Kind Regards,


  33. You are an inspiration. I hope I can achieve the same success as you when I start my blog.

  34. Hi Jefferson,

    I’m sure you will! The first step is to start a blog and keep me updated. I will also send you feedbacks whenever I can(;


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