GetPaidToTry Review 2021: Is GetPaidToTry a scam?

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Welcome to my GetPaidToTry review? There are many make money online opportunities on the internet.

However, most are deceptive and are total lies. Is GetPaidToTry another make money online scam? Or is GetPaidToTry a real opportunity?

Is GetPaidToTry a Scam?
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Overall, I don’t recommend GetPaidToTry. First, you won’t earn anything substantial. Second, you’ll spend most of your precious time trying to complete offers and surveys only to be told that you don’t qualify.


About: What is A website that claims you can make money online by completing their offers and surveys.

Price: Completely Free

Pros: You don’t have to spend a dime to access their program.

Cons: Even though it’s free, the offers are garbage. Most of the time, you’ll spend working on an offer and realize toward the end that you don’t qualify. So it’s a waste of your time.

Verdict: I would steer clear from First, you won’t earn anything substantial. Second, you’ll spend most of your precious time trying to complete offers and surveys only to be told that you don’t qualify.

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You've Come To The Right Place

Are you wondering if is actually going to pay you? With so many get-rich-quick schemes online, it’s definitely wise to be skeptical.

I discovered from a friend of mine who got interested in making money online after seeing my Instagram posts.

He doesn’t want to do what I’m doing because his full-time job requires physical labor, so when he gets home, he’s too drained to research content, writing, and marketing it.

So his question was, is a scam?

I’ve reviewed many GPT (get paid to) websites and so far, I’m not very impressed. Will change my mind? Well, let’s find out together!

What You'll Find Here

What I like and dislike about Wealthy Affiliate.

How Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about affiliate marketing.

The price to join Wealthy Affiliate.

What you’ll receive if you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate lawsuit by Mobe.

Get inspired by reading about Wealthy Affiliate Success stories.

And of course, whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

what you'll discover here
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What Is GetPaidToTry?

  • Save is a website that allows you to make money by completing surveys and offers.
When you sign up, you’ll also get a $5.00 instant activation bonus plus $20.00 in extra bonus opportunity. It sounds like a bargin so far since you’re earning easy money by just signing up.

Unfortunately, at the time of this article, GetPaidToTry is only available to people who reside in the United States. So if you’re from another country, you’ll need to find an alternative.

GetPaidToTry is not an actual survey provider, so you’ll be receiving offers from other survey platforms when asked to fill out surveys.

Besides completing surveys, you’ll also earn money by referring friends and family using your provided unique referral link and reading emails through their paid emails program.

Now that you understand what GetpaidToTry is all about. Let’s continue to find out what to expect for signing up!

What GetPaidTOTry Offers

getpaidtotry cash offers
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After signing up for GetPaidToTry, you’ll be asked to fill out your profile. The reason for it is to qualify you for the appropriate surveys and offers.

In my opinion, the surveys don’t pay very much (anywhere from pennies to dollars) and it takes anywhere from a few minutes up to almost an hour to complete.

Therefore, most of your earnings will come from reading emails, completing offers, and referring people to GetPaidToTry. Keep in mind though, there are strings attached to the things you do.

Read emails and earn pennies. Yup, reading emails is such an easy task that they only pay out anywhere between $0.01 to around $0.05.

To earn with this, you must be enrolled in this program and the emails that you get will include a link.

Once you click the link, your GetPaidToTry account will get credited accordingly.

Examples for completing offers, some offers require you to sign up or subscribe to a product or service. This means you’ll start receiving emails from different companies trying to sell you things.

Some will ask for a payment to activate a trial. This is very common and they hope that you forget to cancel your subscription before the trial expires.

And some might even require you to make a purchase or pay for shipping and handling.

Get paid to refer friends and family. For referrals, you’ll earn $0.50 for each referral that signs up and $1.00 per referral if you can bring in 50 referrals per month.

How You'll Get Paid

Getting paid is probably the most important part of signing up for GetPaidToTry. Once you’ve reached the required minimum threshold of $20.00, you’ll get to request for payment.

Your payment can come in 2 ways, one is a physical check that gets mailed to your address or you can choose to receive the payout via PayPal.

Personally, I recommend choosing PayPal, since you’ll get your money faster. Also, what happens if your check gets lost?

Red Flags That I've Found

Like my other product reviews, it’s always a good idea to find red flags to determine whether a product or service is legitimate or a scam. The same applies to GetPaidToTry.

Here is a list of things that I’ve discovered during my research.

RED FLAG #1. Doesn’t Payout And Claims That You’ve Violated Their Terms And Policy

This one is not uncommon in the world of GPT.

A report found on Complaints Board shows that one of the users on GetPaidToTry was supposed to get paid $100.00, but was denied of his payment because he violated their terms and policy.

Even after being denied of his money, he continued to receive emails from GetPaidToTry. This is completely unethical because they are earning money while wasting the time of their users.

getpaidtotry unsolicited phone calls
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During the signup process, you are asked to provide them with your name, email address, living address, phone number, etc. According to the picture above. This user started receiving unsolicited phone calls asking for his debit card information.

RED FLAG #3. Offers Will Cost You More Than What You Expected
getpaidtotry fraud
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As you can see, Marcia Kohler complained about having to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Which she was okay with until she realized that the website took her to another page where she was being up-sold.

Instead of $4.95, she got charged $80.00 plus an additional $89.00 charge after 14 days.

Fortunately, her bank called her to verify the payments, so she was able to successfully report it to get all charges dropped. I can’t imagine the frustration and concern she had at the time.

RED FLAG #4. Not Qualified For Certain Surveys

When completing the surveys, you’ll notice that you’re not qualified toward the end. That means you’ve wasted time when they should have qualified you earlier on.

This is also one of the biggest reasons why I don’t try survey opportunities. The payout is far too low and a complete waste of time when you calculate your earnings per hour.

Is GetPaidToTry A Scam?

pyramid scheme, is wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme
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I have concluded that is a scam. First, you’re not going to make much money for the time you spend taking surveys and completing offers. Plus, you’re also at risk of getting spammed through emails and phone calls.

If you want to make money online, I don’t recommend giving GetPaidToTry a shot. I certainly wouldn’t trust them with your personal information.

Chances are, they will sell it to third parties which creates an endless chain of spam.

When I looked at their FAQ page, it states that you can cancel your account. However, I don’t see the option on My Account page…

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getpaidtotry cancel account
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If you’ve already entered your information. I suggest deleting the information and updating your account. If you are interested in making money online.

There are better options out there, even though the payout is not that great. My cousin uses an app called Swagbucks to earn sandwich money.

However, if you want to replace your 9 to 5 job, I recommend looking into starting your own online business. If you are interested in doing so, please continue reading and I’ll explain more about it.

In Conclusion

My final verdict is to stay away from GetPaidToTry. They are not recommended and I view them as a scam. If you really want to learn how to make money online, there are other more viable options.

GPT websites are not the answer because the payout is poor and most of them don’t actually pay as promised.

Instead, you should create something tangible. Something that you have control over rather than depending on someone else to pay you for your time.

That’s why I highly recommend starting a blog for affiliate marketing

Learn how to make money online passively by recommending products and services to your audience. Not only are you helping others, but you’ll earn a nice income on the side.

I’m going to be honest and say that it’s not entirely passive since it requires you to do actual work. For example, I had to do research and write about

If someone clicks on one of my affiliate links and buys the recommended product or service, I’ll earn a commission.

Just recently, I earned a few hundred dollars for promoting a sales funnel creation software called ClickFunnels. The commission was earned while I was sleeping.

My course is absolutely free. I’ve even included 2 options (used to be 1 option only). I’ve included a second option because many of my readers were telling me that they couldn’t afford to spend $49.00 per month.

My Free WordPress Installation Service plus Hostgator website hosting service starts as low as $2.75 per month. For less than $0.10 per day, you should have no program getting started.

Even if you decide that affiliate marketing is not for you, you can get a refund with 45 days of registration.

If you have any additional questions in regards to GetPaidToTry or how to make money online. Please leave a message down below and I will try my best to help you out! review,, getpaidtotry review
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