First Time Using The ZAGG Rugged Book Keyboard Case!

Blogging with zagg rugged book on ipad
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As an experiment for my upcoming trip to Beijing, China. I decided to purchase the ZAGG rugged book durable wireless keyboard & detachable case to try to eliminate the need of a laptop.

So this article will be typed completely with my iPad. However, I’m probably going to use my laptop to edit add images to this article.

I can tell you right now that I do miss having a mouse cursor. The touchscreen part of blogging on an iPad is still new to me.

Hopefully with time, I’ll become better at this.

The first thing I noticed is the urge to reach for the touchpad (normally found on the laptop). So that was different and the overall size of the keyboard is extra small.

ZAGG Rugged Book Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9.84” x 7.20” x 1.10”
  • Device Compatibility: iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air
  • Battery Life: 2 Years per full charge (impressive)
  • Backlighting: Yes (7 Colors)
  • Hinge Mechanism: Mechanical Hinges
  • MultiAngle Viewing: Absolutely!
  • Tablet Function Keys: Designed for Apple iPads
  • LaptopStyle Keyboard: Yes
  • Detachable Case: Yes
  • Language Options Available: Yes

The Design Of The ZAGG Rugged Book

In terms of the design, I think this is one of the best iPad Case with Keyboard in the market.

It’s truly rugged and seems to be built like a tank. So you can certainly relax when traveling with this case because it will be durable.

The additional keys located at the top of the keyboard are all designed for iPad functions (which I like very much).

I like the fact that I don’t have to totally depend on the touchscreen for certain tasks.

My main concern is the hinges on this case that holds the iPad. Based on how it feels on my hand, the keyboard portion of the case is quite light. The iPad is what weighs down this unit.

With the iPad standing up, I can imagine a lot of strain being put on the hinges, so only time will tell how long the hinges will hold up.

So far, they are very stiff, so I’d imagine it’s quite durable as well.

The Four Modes Of ZAGG Rugged Book

So there are four different modes when using the ZAGG Rugged Book: Keyboard Mode, Case Mode, Video Mode, and Book Mode.

  • Keyboard Board Mode: Dislike the built in touchscreen keyboard? This mode enables you to type naturally on a smaller scaled standard keyboard.
  • Case Mode: Detach your iPad from the keyboard at ease, so you can enjoy your tablet without having a keyboard to weigh it down.
  • Video Mode: Detach your iPad from the keyboard and rotate it 180 degrees to use your keyboard as a stand for presentation or movies.
  • Book Mode: Remove your iPad from the keyboard and rotate it 180 degrees. Reattach your iPad with the screen facing away from the keyboard. Close it like normal with the screen facing out, so you can use it as a reading device.

Personally, I’m spending most of the time using Keyboard Mode since I’m blogging.

However you can use this for other purposes! Just a few weeks ago before purchasing this case/keyboard.

I witness a construction contractor using this to read his blueprints as well as send emails to architects for verifications.

This makes ZAGG Rugged Book one of the most flexible iPad case/keyboards in the market.

My Final Thoughts On ZAGG Rugged Book

So far, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. It does take some time getting used to.

For daily blogging, I still prefer to use my regular laptop since it allows me to easily modify text such as fonts, sizes, etc without having to use the touchscreen.

Let’s say you want to BOLD a few text, it’s much easier to use a mouse compared to the touchscreen.

It also harder to do research for your content. What I might try to do is conduct my research and save it as a draft.

Once I’m ready to complete the article, I can then use the researched information to produce the content.

However, it is much more portable compared to a laptop. I’m probably still going to bring my laptop just in case, but I’ll try my best to blog on the iPad with this new keyboard.

If you are interested in buying this keyboard, here’s a link to (not an affiliate link) for you to buy it: ZAGG Rugged Book

Kind Regards,

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Blogging with zagg rugged book on ipad
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