Enlightened My Uber Driver On How To Make Money Online

Enlightened My Uber Driver On How To Make Money Online
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Today, I had a very unusual turn of event. I don’t normally take Uber or any other ride share services because I have my own car.

But living in San Francisco, sometimes it is more convenient to just call for an Uber. Which I did and the driver and I had a unique conversation.

No, we were not talking about how our day was or any of the usual awkward conversations. We kicked it off by talking about how to make money.

This sparked an interest because I’m all about how to make money to live a better lifestyle and quite frankly, he is also trying to make money by driving people around.

In this article, I am going to talk about my Uber experience as well as why you need to remove yourself from the income source, so you can live a better lifestyle.

You Are Still Trading Hours For Dollars

trading hours for dollars
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As an Uber driver, you are not working under the conditions of a regular job. You don’t really have a boss to answer.

You can technically work whenever you want. However, you are still trading hours for dollars! What you need is a way to earn passive income!

The Uber driver I had worked 10+ hours every single day. Sure, it’s his choice because he doesn’t have to work long hours every day.

However, why is he working 10+ hours every single day? Is it because he loves driving people around? Heck no…

So why does he work long hours?

He works long hours every single day because he wants to MAKE MORE MONEY.

As an Uber driver, you have more freedom compared to most conventional jobs, but you are still restricted to how much money you can actually make.

If you want to make more money, you’ll have to drive longer hours or drive during special times with special rates.

Limitations Of Being The Income Source

In a nutshell, if your income stops if you’re unable to work, then YOU ARE the income source. Most people are their own income source because the majority of the world works a regular day job.

Most people say, if you want to make more money, you’ll have to either find a better paying job or get a few other part-time jobs.

I say bullshit…

  • We are already limited to how much time we have per day.
  • We are limited to how much we can do and how many hours we can actually work without killing ourselves.

In the case of the Uber driver, he was limited to how many hours he can actually work. Even if puts in all of his efforts, that’s still only 10 hours of potential income.

What he needs is a way to remove himself from the income source, so he can make money even when he’s sleeping.

Benefits Of Removing Yourself From The Income Source

There are many great benefits when you remove yourself from the income source.

  1. Your earning potential is not limited to like a regular job.
  2. You can diversify your income stream because your income is not dependent on your input.
  3. You can spend more time with people you love such as friends and family!
  4. No longer do you have to trade YOUR hours for dollars.
  5. No more getting stuck in rush hour traffic!
  6. You can create a better future for your kids.
  7. You can send your kids to better private schools.
  8. You can make money even when you’re traveling for vacation.
  9. You can make money even when you’re sleeping.
  10. You can technically work from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

​How To Remove Yourself From The Income Source

In order to remove yourself from the income source, you’ll need a system that works for you.

For example, an average brick and mortar business can allow you to remove yourself from the income source.

Simply hire employees to do the work for you, so you can sit back and focus on other ways to increase your income stream.

However, it’s not easy to just start a regular brick and mortar business. Well unless you have a few hundred dollars to throw around…

Fortunately for you, the internet has revolutionized how we make money. Instead of saving thousands of dollars to pay for rent, employees, utility bills, and other miscellaneous expenses.

You can start an online business for as low as the cost of a domain name and a monthly website hosting services. Interested in getting started?

Start Your Online Business

Check out this make money online opportunity by signing up for a free account on the exact platform that helped me create Smart Affiliate Hub!

In Conclusion

After getting dropped off by my Uber driver, we exchanged cell phone numbers. I’m not sure if he will take the initiative to learn more about how to make money online.

However, it feels great to enlighten people about the opportunity to work from home and not get leveraged by anyone.

My brother is a part-time Lyft driver, so I am not bashing on Uber or anyone who works for Uber.

If you enjoy what you do, great! But nothing beats working for yourself and having the freedom to use your time the way you want to use it.

Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Kind Regards,

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Enlightened My Uber Driver On How To Make Money Online
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2 thoughts on “Enlightened My Uber Driver On How To Make Money Online”

  1. Wow Eric! What a fabulous conversation! So true we need to learn to think differently to understand the concept of multiple profit streams.
    So enjoyed reading this !
    And really liked the way you listed the difference and perks.
    Light the path !
    In peace and gratitude

  2. Hello Ariel,

    Thank you very much for reading! You are absolutely right. Most people consider it risky to start a business, but the truth is. Working a regular day job is riskier than starting any type of business. If you get hurt or if you get fired... you'll lose your only income stream.


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