Don’t Make These Content Marketing Mistakes

Content is king, you’ve probably heard of this statement as a content producer or a content marketer. However, in my opinion, content is queen. What good is content if nobody sees it?

Hence why marketing is actually the king while content is the queen. For those who are new to the marketing industry, it can seem overwhelming. But that’s okay!

We all start somewhere…

First of all, what is content marketing?— creating and sharing relevant and valuable content to attract and retain a group of audience and ultimately increase buyer conversion. This can be done through video, blogging, and or social media.

With that being said, there are many ways to market your content and it’s difficult to say which one works best. While there are multiple methods to market your content, there are also many mistakes you can make as a beginner.

Allow me to show you the common marketing mistakes that you can avoid! Seriously, don’t make these content marketing mistakes!

avoid these content marketing mistakes
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Writing for the purpose of writing – Not Planning

I understand how exciting it is to create your first piece of content. It’s your first piece of content that might eventually make you money, but hold your horses because writing without an actual plan will not get you very far.

It’s like climbing up Mount Everest, but didn’t plan on bringing the right equipment to make it up safely.

Before you begin writing, you need to have a plan. Here is a list of things you should do before you start:

  • Do your research! Yes, we are not in school anymore, but research is absolutely necessary. You need to research what your target audience is looking for. What problems they have and what kind of solution you have to offer.
  • Use tools such as Google AdWord Keyword Planner. This allows you to see what is currently trendy in your relevant niche.
  • Spy on your competitors! Not literally, but observe how they are marketing their content to reach their audience. You can do this effectively using a tool called SEMrush.

Inconsistent Publish Frequency

Most content creators fail to make any money because of their inconsistency. Here’s a little recommendation: create a planner to keep yourself on track.

Google likes to see consistency, so try to keep your publish frequency relatively close to the same. It also helps inform your audience when to expect new content from your website.

I followed a blog about a month ago and the owner would only publish once every couple of months.

Long story short, I totally forgot about that website and every month I would receive an email informing me of their latest content.

What ended up happening is that I unsubscribed to that person’s email list.

Not Using Automation

Work smart and not hard… well, I believe in a fine median between the two. You have to work hard, but you also need to work smart.

A lot of content creators are not utilizing automation as a resource whenever they can. As stated previously, content relies on expressions to be successful. If nobody sees your content, it will end up as another piece of wasted time.

There are tools available in the market that automatically posts your content on your behalf via Social Media. This process allows you to focus on other aspects of your online business.

Keep in mind though, you must set up these automation software correctly. I would also recommend that you double-check the posts to ensure that it is working properly.

You can’t rely entirely on automation because what happens is, some programs will auto-generate text from your content and publish that on social media too.— Make sure it’s not generating generic text that nobody understands.

Keyword Stuffing

What good is content that reaches the right people if it doesn’t give any value? The quality of your work is extremely important.

Depending on who you’ve been learning from, you might’ve received advice on something that no longer works. When it comes to content, keywords are essential for SEO purposes, but overdoing it will not do you any good.

In the past, people can stuff their content with lots of keywords and they would rank very high. This is also considered a black hat method because it’s an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in the search engines.

Fortunately, that doesn’t work anymore because contents with keyword stuffing provide little to no value.

Personally, I recommend just writing out your content and give it your best to properly inform or educate your audience. The keywords can come after!— I usually research my keywords prior to content creation. After completing my article, I would go back and add roughly 1 keyword per 100 words.

Using The Wrong Headlines

There are approximately 3 million blogs posted daily, so it is absolutely critical to ensure that you stand out. Many content creators neglect this process when producing content. Yes, it is important to have high-quality articles, but you must also capture the attention of your audience.

This is why you should focus on your headlines. Your headline or title will be displayed on the search engines as the title tag.

That’s your one chance to capture the attention of your audience. Even if you’re on the first page of Google, without a captivating headline, you’re still at risk of missing out on that potential visitor.

Keep in mind, we are not in the business of click-baiting. You want to make sure your headline is not only captivating but relevant to the content within.

Quantity Over Quality

This is a mistake that I’ve made and it has definitely cost me time and money. As a beginner, you were probably told to produce lots of quality content, and the more you have, the more exposure you can potentially get.

Well, it’s true that the more content you have, the more indexed article you get. Unfortunately, there is a fatal flaw. Most beginners misinterpret this and start producing articles faster than Mc Donald’s producing burgers.

What usually ends up happening is the production of articles that are mediocre. If you can produce quality content on a daily basis, then all powers to you.

This is why you want to find a median for yourself. How frequently can you write and publish quality content?

Even if you can only produce 2 high-quality articles per week, that’s still better than 7 mediocre articles per week.

It is a waste of time forcing yourself to write lots of mediocre articles. It will not provide any value to your audience and will severely impact your credibility.

Not Proofreading Articles Before Publishing

Before you hit your publish button, it doesn’t hurt to stop, go back, and proofread your articles. The truth to the matter is, we are not perfect and we do make mistakes.

I highly encourage everyone to double-check their work before publishing. You want to double-check to ensure proper spelling, grammar, and keywords are in place. Does it have to be perfect? No, but it needs to be readable.

Thanks For Reading!

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Don't Make These Content Marketing Mistakes
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