Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
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A restaurant without customers will eventually go out of business. A website without traffic will not make any money, simple as that! Regardless of which stage you’re at in your online business career, you’ll also wonder how to get more traffic to your website.

You’ve done things like guest posting, networking on Social Media, attending live events, but your traffic just isn’t coming through. Have you ever tried to think outside the box? Here are a few creative ways to drive traffic to your website!

Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Giveaway Digital Marketing Tools

Everybody loves a good giveaway! It can be a great way to not only help your readers but also grow your website traffic. In my case, I have multiple licenses for certain premium plugins for WordPress. Because I have purchased the plugin previously, I get to buy multiple licenses at a heavily discounted price.

Recently, I gave away 2 thrive plugins (lead and architect) to a friend of mine who also has a blog of her own. I still have a few more and I do plan on giving it away to a few lucky email subscribers.

In order to grow my website traffic, my plan is to offer a giveaway and broadcast this through Social Media to drive more traffic plus gain a few subscribers to grow my email list.

Giveaway Branded T-Shirts

Marketing is all about getting your brand in front of people. I remember driving to a local restaurant for dinner. I noticed a particular van with unique designs on it. On the side and the back of the vehicle, there was a logo, website URL, and a phone number.

It was a mobile car wash service that comes to your place (home, work, etc). If you’re busy like me, you can have mobile car services wash your car for you while you’re at home or at work. Cool right?

I had no idea such a service exists until I saw this van! Chances are, many people also have no idea that your online business exists as well.

One of the most affordable ways to market your brand is by creating branded t-shirts and giving them away. On your t-shirt, you want to include your brand logo, website URL, and an incentive.

Earlier I mentioned that I was giving away free digital marketing tools, so why not include it on the back of the t-shirt? When people see it, they’ll be enticed to check it out!— I recommend giving away something that relates to your online business. After all, you want relevant traffic, not just general traffic.

Do Some Offline Promotions

Do you remember back in the days when fliers were popular? Well, I still notice them now in 2018! Some are fliers for missing pets or open house for rent.

As a blogger or internet marketer, you should be doing everything possible to create brand awareness. Fliers are inexpensive to create, you can print thousands of fliers for your business for less than $100.00 (depending on where you go).

Just make sure the fliers are eye-catching with a clear display of your website’s URL plus what you’re offering. Afterward, you can distribute them by yourself or with friends at a local shopping mall or in my case, outside of the employment development center (a place where people go to seek out jobs) haha!

At first, it might feel a bit awkward and most people WILL end up trashing your fliers, but that’s okay! People who are throwing your fliers away wouldn’t take action anyway.

Create Local Meetup Groups

Download apps like meetup to set up groups to hang out or to conduct business events. It’s a great way to get known as well as network with like-minded people like yourself.

I’ve gone to a few events for WordPress where I was able to offer my expertise in this field. There were people at the event who was struggling to understand how to set up their plugins, how to do SEO, how to create beautiful landing pages, etc.

I offered to help them for free. This lets people know that you really do care and it creates a long-term relationship. Not only did I made new friends through the event, but they’re also my advertisers. Whenever someone asks them a question that relates to what I do, they would redirect them to me.

Wear Your Branded T-Shirt To Events

If you have your own branded t-shirt, you should wear it where ever you go especially at events. For example, I was at a local seminar on SEO, I noticed quite a few individuals were marketing themselves by wearing branded t-shirts.

They didn’t go around telling people about their business.

Their t-shirts were doing the advertisement for them. All they had to do is wear it, walk around, and socialize! You can do that as well! It doesn’t cost a ton of money to create your own branded shirt. You can also give them away to increase exposure!

In Conclusion

That concludes my list of creative ways to drive traffic to your blog. It requires more work compared to the typical post on Social Media gig. However, it is highly effective and well worth it if you wish to grow your online business and make more money.

Those who treat their online business like a real business will outshine those who treat it as a hobby. So take your online business seriously and use these creative ways to drive traffic today!

Are you doing something different to drive traffic to your website? Please share your feedback and thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Kind Regards,

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Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
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2 thoughts on “Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website”

  1. Interesting, interesting article Eric.

    Really like the way you shape your posts, it's just storytelling. Telling your own stories, the new era of blogging. Storytelling with social media platform influence in it.

    Great job mate!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your kind words! Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to get your point across because stories are more interesting to read haha.


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