Creating Income System Review – Do Not Buy

Creating Income System is an internet-based opportunity that claims to show you how to make money online with no prior experience needed. In fact, on their homepage, it showcases two people, one earning $70,000 within his first three months. While the other is now averaging $700.00 per day.

On paper, it sounds amazing, but is it true? Is Creating Income System legit? or is Creating Income System a scam? With money on the line, it is important to understand what you’ll get for your money. Let’s find out together in my Creating Income System review.

creating income system review
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Creating Income System Review

As you can see from my rating above, do skip the Creating Income System if you thought about purchasing. It’s a complete rip-off. They’re trying to charge an arm and a leg for a domain name and web hosting. I personally use Hostgator and I don’t pay nearly as much for a domain name and web hosting.

Another dead give away is their lack of effort. Their website is a single landing page with little to no information. My illegitimate websites use the same template while making minor changes.

But if you want to learn more about Creating Income System, please continue with the rest of this Creating Income System review.

What Is Creating Income System?

Creating Income System is a program that claims to provide you with a free website that’s worth a tremendous value. In return, all you have to do is purchase a domain and web hosting service. Sounds fair enough since those are two important elements to running a website.

However, you don’t get to preview the website until you’ve made your purchase. There’s a huge risk when it comes to paying before seeing. Would you buy a used car without seeing it in person and test driving it?

Sure you can’t really compare this to a car, but $197.00 is a pretty penny. The least you should get to see is a demo website that they’ve set up (with proof that they own it). That way, if you don’t get the actual product, you can use it as evidence to dispute for your money back.

Then again, if Creating Income System is a legitimate business, then they shouldn’t worry about you disputing against them.

Creating Income System: Signing Up Process

After filling out my details, I was redirected to another website known as Site Hosting Source. There’s not even a proper introduction, it simply tells you to watch their video and sign up for a domain name & website hosting.

In the video, they claim that they will build you a free website that’s worth $1895 after you purchase their domain and website hosting service.

Sounds awesome, but is Creating Income System really free? Why are they so generous? This is when the truth revealed itself…

Creating Income System Is Not Free

creating income system is not free
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I took a picture of the billing information page and I notice they’ve thrown in a timer to give you that sense of urgency. That’s crazy! Why would I rush to pay for such a huge mark up when I can take my time and spend less money elsewhere?

The picture is clear now! Creating Income System claimed that they will create a website that’s worth $1895 for you absolutely free; that’s a lie!

You will have to purchase a domain and web hosting service at the marked up price before you get your so-called, free website.

They Don’t Tell You What You’re Getting Until After You’ve Paid

Okay, that’s fine as long as the website you get is actually a quality website. The problem is, even at this point you don’t know what you’re going to end up getting. It can be a random website with a few pages. You’re definitely better off creating your own website to save money and become better at it in the long run.

If you really want to buy a niche website, you can definitely purchase it online, but only from sources that will show you what you’re getting first.

I’ve personally never heard of Site Hosting Source before as a hosting company. It’s probably because they offer you overpriced plans. Remember, having a reliable host is very important because it can bring you lots of problems down the road. I would just go for a reputable hosting company such as Hostgator.

Is Creating Income System Overpriced?

In short, Creating Income System is overpriced! Let’s break down the price of what Creating Income System offers compared to what you would normally pay for.

The results are quite shocking because you thought you were getting a great deal because of the free website, but you’re actually getting ripped off.

The 2 Mandatory Components For A Website:

#1. Domain Name: This is the name of your website and it’s something you must get! There are free sub-domain names out there, but you will have to pay for it if you want your own domain.

The average cost of a domain name is roughly $10 per year. You can also buy domain names from vendors, but they can cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000s of dollars. Creating Income System offers you a domain for $15 per year, which is not too bad.

#2. Website Hosting: On average, you can get your own web hosting service starting at $1-10 per month. Personally, I recommend Hostgator because they’ve been around for a very long time and have always offered competitive pricing.

Hostgator’s website hosting plan starts at around $2.75 per month (subject to change) and that equates to $33 per year. Let’s take a look at Creating Income System, they offer website hosting plans at around $127 per year. That’s almost 4x more expensive!

Creating Income Online Also offers Optional Services :

#1. Account Set-Up ($10.00 one-time): Honestly, they are milking it! You can just install WordPress on your website and it’s totally free! If you don’t understand how to do it, most website hosting services will take care of it for you.

Or if you sign up for Hostgator through me, I will personally help you install WordPress along with the plugins needed to get started. Just recently, I’ve included the Divi 4.0 package which is valued at $249.00.

#2. Domain Name Privacy ($14.90 per year): This is optional if you would like to hide your website identification. If you don’t hide it, people will be able to use WHOIS to look up your name and address. If you are running a personal website then YES, you should hide your information. However, you should keep it public if you are running a business with a storefront.

My Final Thoughts On Creating Income System

Creating Income System is yet another disappointment that is only out there to get your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, these types of scams are out there and many people are falling victim.

If you are interested in making money online, I have a free recommendation for you! Unlike the Creating Income System, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership account.

With a free account, you can create 2 websites with sub-domain names along with accessing tools, resources, and training to teach you how to get started. Wealthy Affiliate offers a premium membership plan for those who are more serious.

Personally, I don’t recommend upgrading right away. Build your first free website and create some content. Make sure you try it out and see if making money online is for you. You don’t want to waste your money and quit shortly after.

I hope you enjoyed my Creating Income System review. Have you encountered this program before? Do you have a scam story to share? Please share this with your friends and other online marketers who are searching for ways to make money online legitimately.

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below and I will try my best to help you out.

creating income system
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2 thoughts on “Creating Income System Review – Do Not Buy”

  1. Hi Eric, Thank you for exposing another scam. This is why making money online is so discouraging. There are too many people looking to take advantage of you.

  2. Hello Wilson,

    You are very welcome! If you come across another potential scam, please let me know so I can investigate and write a proper review. (:

    Kind Regards,

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