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The Brutally Honest Review

What is ClickBetter?

is clickbetter a scam
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ClickBetter is a product marketplace for vendors and affiliate marketers who are interested in selling products based mainly on the topic of making money online (MMO). The way it works is very similar to the popular network known as ClickBank.— Unfortunately, what’s holding ClickBetter back is that they allow anyone to promote their products, so you will find much low quality and even scam products in their marketplace.

For example, here’s a product that I reviewed recently that is associated with ClickBetter. The name of this particular product is known as Auto Home Profits and you can check out my full review here.— This really damages the image of ClickBetter.

Some Products Do Not Allow PayPal Payments

PayPal is one of the largest transaction companies in the world and when I realized that some products being sold do not allow PayPal, it raised a huge red flag. PayPal is notorious for limiting and holding your funds when you receive a significant amount of chargebacks. This made me question the quality of the products being sold. Why are they not allowing PayPal transactions? Is it because their PayPal account is already limited?

ClickBetter Can’t Help You With Refunding Any Up-Sells 

ClickBetter is very good with their refund process, but unfortunately, most of their products also carry an up-sell and it’s handled outside of ClickBetter. That means if you want a refund for those, you will need to contact a separate party. — This only happens because they allow anyone to join and sell products.

This gives scammers the freedom to promote and victimize others. Note: If you ever come across this issue, you’re better off disputing the transactions via your payment method such as credit card company.

What I Do Like About ClickBetter

is clickbetter a scam
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  • ClickBetter runs a legitimate business with a legitimate processing system for transactions. They handle your purchase and runs a support team to deal with complaints and offer refunds to dissatisfied customers. This reassures that you will get your money back… to a certain extent of course. As stated previously, if you purchase any up-sells, you will need to contact a separate party and maybe even dispute the transaction via a credit card company.
  • This one is subjectable depending on how you see it. If you are a new legitimate business searching for a way to sell and promote your products. ClickBetter is not a bad place to start because they approve pretty much anyone. The con is, there are too many low quality and scam products that you have to compete with. —Unfortunately, people naturally opt-in for low quality and scam products first because they provide unrealistic claims.

Note: When you sign up for networks like this, you will have to expect a small portion that gets taken out of your profit. The good news is, you don’t have to deal with customer support. You also get to take advantage of allowing other affiliates to promote your product(s) for you.

I Wouldn’t Promote Products From ClickBetter (At least not now…)

I run a website that teaches my readers how to make money online and also to prevent them from getting scammed. Until ClickBetter revamps their entire system and makes it more difficult to get approved before you can promote and sell products… I’m going to have to past…

They have a nice system set up, all they need to do is make it so scam products are at least reduced. I don’t want to refer my readers to a product to earn a quick dollar and have them hate me for life.

Alternatives To ClickBetter

There are many networks out there that offer the same or similar services to ClickBetter. The list provided below is not in any particular order. It’s literally what comes to mind haha!

  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant: Formerly known as Commission Junction is a well-known affiliate network with a diverse product line. The approval process is not as simple as clickbetter because you have to go through a pending trial, but as long as you’re a legitimate marketer. You should have no problem getting approval.
  • ShareASale: If you’re already an affiliate marketer or have done some research. ShareASale should cross your mind at one point. They offer a huge variety of products that you can promote, but you must verify your website before you can promote anything.
  • JVZoo: The only problem I have with this network is that you have to rely heavily on the filter system because they offer a lot of low-quality affiliate programs that are less than ideal. It’s not nearly as bad as ClickBetter, but you definitely need to do research before putting any of their products on your website if you care about your reputation.
  • ClickBank: This is one of the largest networks with great customer support. Besides, make money online products, you can find a range of other products and the quality is usually top notched. There’s always a possibility for loopholes though, so due diligence and research everything you consider promoting.
  • Amazon Associate: I’m sure most of us have dealt with this internet giant. This is probably the most diverse network you can work with to promote products for nearly any niche. However, the commission rate is very low and not ideal for those who are seeking to make lots of money. I consider the income from Amazon as supplements.
  • eBay Partner Network: Since I mentioned Amazon, it’s only fair that I bring up eBay as well. This is a great company to promote products because it’s backed by eBay themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone can get in because you need to run a website with lots of quality traffic. — Well, it’s actually a good thing because you won’t make any money with poor quality or no traffic anyways.

My Final Thoughts On ClickBetter

Until ClickBetter changes their approval process and only allow quality products to be promoted, I won’t be working with them. It makes no sense for me to promote low-quality scam products when I’m trying to build a readership. That’s just counter-productive. I do have a recommendation for those who want to learn how to make money online.

It also offers an affiliate program of its own with continuity. This means you can get paid on a monthly basis as long as your referral stays as a premium member. What’s great about this free recommendation is that it comes with internet marketing training as well as 2 free websites with website hosting and more. It’s the same program I used to create this website.

Did you enjoy this review? Hopefully, you are now fully informed to make the best decision possible. If you enjoyed this review, please do me a favor and share this article on your social media platforms to inform your peers to be cautious when searching for affiliate program networks to avoid ruining their reputation. If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

Is Clickbetter a Scam
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