Changing My Publishing Frequency

time for change
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For almost 2 years, I’ve been trying to consistently publish 1 blog post per day. After conducting a survey with my readers about what they want and also for my own well-being.

I’ve decided to reduce my publishing frequency to every other day. Which means you can still expect at least 4 new blog posts per week. I may or may not post in between, but you’ll get at least 4 new blog posts per week.

The goal is to give me a bit more time to produce higher-quality articles as well as a bit more free time to spend with my family.

After all, the point of making money online is to have the freedom to earn a living while actually living life.

In the future, I may hire writers for Smart Affiliate Hub. When that happens, I might change the publishing frequency to daily again. But for the meantime, you can expect 1 new blog post every other day.

Currently, I have around 20 blog posts in the queue. I’ve moved them out to be automatically published on their appropriate dates.

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time for change
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Eric Chen

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