Benefits You Might Overlook When It Comes To Blogging

Benefits You Might Overlook When It Comes To Blogging
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Blogging is not just about writing content, publishing a blog post and waiting for people to come read it. Not even close! Blogging is a very powerful marketing strategy with many benefits that you might have overlooked.

Over the years, Social Media and video content have made its way to the marketing world, but that doesn’t make blogging any less relevant.

In fact, blogging is still one of the best methods out there if you want to build a brand and make money online.

In this article, I will go over a few benefits you might overlook when it comes to blogging. It’s freezing here in California, so I’m going to keep this nice and short before I become a human icicle.

Benefit #1. Keeps You Accountable For Your Online Business

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest benefits because you don’t have someone overseeing you. There is no one there to remind you to get back to work or to tell you when you need to get to work.

I’ve seen many bloggers/internet marketers quit because they started becoming lazy. And that’s why most people fail to make money online.

They don’t treat their blog like a real business.

If you want to succeed, you must have the right attitude.

If you can commit yourself to a blogging schedule, it will give you the discipline needed to succeed. For example, I have a very busy life, but no matter what I do. I am committed to producing at least 1 blog post per day.

Benefit #2. Allows You To Network With Others

When I first started blogging, I thought I would be on this journey alone. After all, I am sitting in a room by myself pouring my heart out through typing on my blog.

Blogging success is a group effort. It enables you to connect with other people/brands from within or outside of your niche. It’s exactly what millionaires hang out with millionaires.

Blogging will enable you to share your knowledge and learn from other bloggers.

Benefit #3. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

keep your mind sharp
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Image Source: International Council On Active Aging

I’m not sure if this applies to you too. But when I graduated from College, I stopped remembering the days. If you were to ask me two years ago what day it was, I wouldn’t be able to answer you. It’s because I didn’t have to use my brain as much anymore.

The thing about blogging is that you have to constantly think about what you want to write about.

It doesn’t end there because you’ll have to do your own research, learn from other people, and depict the information in your own words.

That’s why I recommend blogging for people who are already retired. Not only can you make money working from home, but it will keep your mind sharp.

Benefit #4. You Can Develop Technical Skills

Now with the current age of the internet, you can pretty much outsource someone to do practically anything. For example, you don’t need to know how to code or design a blog theme.

You can just pay a company or someone to do it for you.

You don’t need to pay someone to install your website and have it hosted online. There are many free tutorials out there or you can have me do it for you for free.

But as you continue to build your blog, you’ll eventually stumble upon minor things that you’ll learn some technical skills from. For example, I didn’t know how to edit my images before. I was using Microsoft paint from windows. If you take a look at my older blog post, that’s what I did.

You’ll learn that some of these things are easy to do and it will save you a ton of money if you can just take care of it on your own.

Benefit #5. Your Blog Is Your Vouch

Anyone can claim they are someone they’re not. You can claim to be the best internet marketer in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you have nothing to show.

In fact, if someone claims that you are a joke and a scammer. There’s little that you can do, but if you have a blog. You can vouch for your expertise especially if you are ranked on search engines for top keywords.

Benefit #6. Your Blog Is Your Full-Time Unpaid Salesperson

As you start adding blog posts to your website, you’ll slowly gain more traffic. It’s probably not going to generate you a sale right away, but the beauty of blogging is it being able to generate you sales for years to come.

Unlike a job where you’ll get paid for the effort, you put it at the time. You’re not going to get paid per hour with blogging. In fact, you’re probably not going to get paid for a while.

But as long as you have high-quality content, it will slowly climb the ranks for search engines. Eventually, it will continue to drive traffic to your blog.

Right now, many of my older blog posts are generating far more traffic compared to my latest and greatest content. It’s absolutely normal!

In Conclusion

You may or may not have known about these benefits of blogging, but it’s still a great reminder. And it’s a great motivation to continue pushing out high-quality content.

Blogging is here to stay as long as people need information.

Just look at Google, for example, they are still the most visited website on the internet according to Hosting Facts. Even though video content is extremely popular, but Google is still king when it comes to information.

Quick questions for you!

Are you currently blogging? Do you believe blogging is here to stay?

Let us know by leaving a comment down below. If you have any questions, let me know and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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Benefits You Might Overlook When It Comes To Blogging
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