Avoid Secret Investor Society And Here’s Why!

secret investor society review
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Would you like to make an extra $2,301.00 per day? Secret Investor Society claims to have a Legendary Free Ad Cash Income System that can get you there.

Is Secret Investor Society a legitimate opportunity or another poorly executed scam attempt that you should avoid at all cost?

Well, I’m glad you’re here because, in this article, I will go into detail to help you make an informative decision. Will Secret Investor Society change your life or will it cost you time and potentially money? Continue reading to find out.

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Secret Investor Society Review

Name: Secret Investor Society
Website: https://secretinvestorsociety.com/
Price: Free, Not Really
Owners: Unknown
Recommended? Continue Reading To Find Out

Secret Investor Society – Product Overview

At the beginning of the Secret Investor Society sales video, Simon Green (narrator) emphasize heavily on how you can start earning a minimum of $3,500.00 per day within the next 45 days! Also, he mentioned how affiliate marketing, binary options, and forex don’t work.

I’m not going to say that statement is entirely false because most people do fail to make money online. However, to say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work is completely false because I am making money through affiliate marketing.

In the sales video, you are told about how you can make a ton of money by flipping online ads. But Simon didn’t figure this out all on his own. In fact, his brother-in-law was the person who discovered the secret by a group of online advertisers back in Silicon Valley in 2013.

This is called secret money making system earned him $2,480.00 on his very first day. All he had to do was deposit $250.00 to his account and let the money work for him.

During his first month of adventuring this new found money making secret, he made $284,000.00 and $2,800,00.00 after 3 months. Simon was intrigued by this and tried to do it himself.

He didn’t earn $2,800,000.00 after 3 months, but he brought home a whopping $1,800,000.00 which is still extremely impressive. Also, he only spent 45 minutes per day to manage his ads.

Now let’s snap back to reality because the Secret Investor Society is not part of reality. It’s a mere fantasy that simply doesn’t work. Over the years, others have used different names to market the same thing. Just recently, I reviewed another product called Free Ad Cash System. They also used the same testimonial person which is a paid actor on Fiverr.com

What To Expect From Secret Investor Society

Secret Investor Society is not entirely free. In fact, you’ll have to invest money into it first. After signing up for Secret Investor Society, you’ll be transferred to the Click2Sell platform.

At first glance, Click2Sell platform looks like you can purchase online ads, but the problem is when its time to making a withdrawal. The number looks good on the computer, but it’s only good if it makes it to your bank account.

click2sell marketplace
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If you take a look at their marketplace, the costs are in the hundreds and thousands of dollars. Personally, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on anything that I don’t trust.

It’s like giving me a free house (let’s pretend that you can’t sell this house) knowing that I can’t afford to maintain it. When I finally move into the house, I find out that I have tens of thousands of dollars of repairs to make it liveable.

They also sell packages that range from $200.00 all the way up to $25,000.00:

click2sell packages
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Now that is what I call, an expensive up-sell from free.

Can You Make Money Flipping Ads Online?

Online ads are not the same as stocks and bonds. You can’t just buy and sell ads like you would in the stock market. My impression for Flipping ads online is exactly that.

If this was true, major advertising companies like Google and Facebook would have taken advantage of this already. I am extremely disappointed with systems like Secret Investor Society.

They are what is known as the typical get-rich-quick scheme. It’s designed to target those who are in desperate need for money. Making money online requires real work. Look at successful people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or successful YouTubers. They’ve all sacrificed and contributed to their audience in their own ways.

Bill Gates created Microsoft, Elon Musk with Tesla, and YouTubers are entertaining their audience. None of them are an overnight success. So what makes Secret Investor Society so special?

The truth of the matter is, you can’t make millions of dollars with 45 minutes per day in 3 months. It takes real work and real dedication to become successful.

The Secret Investor Society Uses Paid Actors

Like Free Ad Cash System, Secret Investor Society uses paid actors to give you the impression that their system is legitimate. When in fact, it’s all a lie. I’ve reviewed a countless number of systems that use the same method (paid actors for testimonials).

A picture is worth a thousand words:

secret investor society testimonial
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fiverr paid actor
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Is Secret Investor Society A Scam?

I have concluded that Secret Investor Society is a scam and should be avoided at all cost. If you’ve already signed up, refrain from making any form of payment on Click2Sell.

The idea of flipping ads to make money online is fake. I do promote and recommend products and services myself, but I would never over-hype my claims.

In fact, making money online is NOT easy whatsoever. You should take it as a bad sign whenever you hear someone tell you that making money is quick and easy.

Whenever it’s easy, it’s not worth it. When it’s worth it, then it’s easy! I don’t recommend Secret Investor Society, but don’t lose hope. I have a a recommendation for you if you really want to learn how to make money online.

A Real Way To Make Money Online

Since you were checking out Secret Investor Society, it tells me that you are interested in making money online. Hopefully not quick because there’s nothing I can teach that would make you rich fast.

I want to show you what I’ve been doing and what worked for me. The same method that enabled me to run Smart Affiliate Hub and earn money in my sleep.

Yes, I do affiliate marketing and it does require work. For example, the article you’re reading right now includes affiliate links in which I’ll earn a commission if you decided to sign up such as Wealthy Affiliate (not an affiliate link, but a review article that does contain affiliate links for Weallthy Affiliate).

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that includes everything you need to start an online business like Smart Affiliate Hub. That’s why I call it an all-in-one solution for complete newbies.

If you are interested in learning exacly how I did it. Please download my Ultimate Passive Income Model ebook for free. It details the exact process of how I started. If I can do it, you can do it too!

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave a message below and I will try my best to help you out!

Kind Regards,

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secret investor society review
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