Are You Prepared For The Long Game?

Are You Prepared for the Long Game?
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I got started with writing on the internet after stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate. Before, I would download apps like Swagbucks to earn a few cents here and there. I didn’t think about making money online as a full-time gig. I just wanted to supplement my existing income with whatever I could earn online.

You see, I only used the internet for entertainment, gaming, and shopping. I didn’t even know what a blog was until I started back in October 2017. I would have never guessed that stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate would change my life completely.

I don’t consider myself a full-time blogger, but I do write one blog post a day. The beauty of this business is that you don’t have to be working on it full-time. It only requires part-time input with the potential to replace your full-time job. Internet Marketer/Blogger John Chow always talks about how he makes a 6 figure monthly income while working for 2 hours per day.

From the beginning of my journey, I made lots of friends in the blogging community. Some are still blogging to this very day. One thing that saddens me is the fact that the majority of them will fail. 95% of people who start out blogging will fail to make their first $1.00.

Why Do Most People Fail?

most people fail
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Very few people are successful in the blogging and internet marketing business. Is it because successful people are smarter than the majority? Absolutely not. It’s because they are prepared for the long game.

List of why most people fail:

  • Scammed by the so-called guru that promises to make them thousands of dollars overnight.
  • Never received foundation training on internet marketing.
  • Searching for the shiny object. Can never stick to one particular program without going to the next best thing.
  • Don’t want to put in the work or effort.
  • Expecting instant gratification from making money online.

How Long Is This Going To Take?

how long is this going to take
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After blogging for almost a year, most of those old blogging friends are nowhere to be seen. Their social profiles are completely deserted. There are no more daily tweets and shares. I guess they have realized that blogging is just not for them, which can happen to anything in life.

I have made new friends along the way. Some have been blogging for years while others have just started. Regardless of experience, we had one common question. How long does it take to make money online? How long does it take to have a successful blog?

Instead of asking how long it takes, you should ask yourself this…”Am I prepared for the long game?” Blogging or internet marketing is like any business, it takes time.

Don’t Get Discouraged At First

blogging is like a marathon
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In the beginning, it’s very easy to get discouraged especially when your expectations were high. You didn’t know what to expect because you’ve never done this before. Or you might have heard from a so-called expert that he or she has made over $1000.00 every month after a couple of days.

So when you start blogging, your results might not align with your expectation which results in you thinking about quitting. But you’ll need to learn that it is okay to not succeed at first. Success is nothing, but a string of failures. Without failure, there wouldn’t be success. The key is to not give up and be prepared that making money online is going to be a marathon.

Choose The Right Platform To Fight The Mental Battles

Success and failure have a lot to do with your attitude and mentality. If you don’t believe in something, you’re not going to put in the effort. Therefore, your results will be less than someone who actually believes in it.

A business is a team sport, if you go in there alone, you’re likely to get burned. A business without customers is a business that will go down very soon. When it comes to blogging, you have to understand that you’re potentially writing for thousands of people.

That’s why I didn’t start off alone, I had lots of people to support me. Not just my family and friends, but real like-minded entrepreneurs who are also working toward success. Click here if you want to learn from the exact platform that I chose from the very beginning.

Are you prepared for the long game?

Are you prepared for the long game
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Hopefully, by now, you’ll understand that blogging is a long game. If you give up too soon, you’ll never see the fruits of your garden. A good gardener plans for the long run.

Think of yourself as a gardener. The work you put into your blog is seeds. You’re not going to harvest the next day, it’s just not possible. Not everyone one of your crops are going to grow up nice and healthy either. That’s why you want to plant a few more seeds to improve your odds of success.

As a blogger, the more content you have, the more coverage you have on the search engines. You’ll have to spend time researching, writing, and advertising. But the more you do it, the more people you help, and the quicker your blog grows.

Again, Kick the “how long does it take” to the curb and ask yourself if you are prepared for the long game!

Kind Regards,

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Are You Prepared For The Long Game?
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6 thoughts on “Are You Prepared For The Long Game?”

  1. Eric, thanks for being honest about making money online. There are so many liars who only cares about making money. They don't care if you actually make money in the end as long as they make it. I am new to your blog and I've read a few blog posts from you and I think you will be very successful one day.

  2. you are one of the few transparent people i have seen so far in the MMO industry.

  3. Hello Stanley,

    I really appreciate your kind words! If you need help with anything related to making money online. Please don't hesitate to send me a message!


  4. Hello Jeric,

    Yup, that's the unfortunate truth about the make money online industry. There are lots of people who only care about making money. When the truth is, helping people will lead to greater rewards.


  5. Hello Michael,

    Your odds of success increase exponentially as long as you don't give up. Most people see huge success after their second year, but who knows. With enough effort and consistency, you might see success much sooner.


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