Are You Getting Ready To Get Ready?

Are you getting ready to get ready?
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When starting an online business, it is important to focus on your goal and that is to eventually make money. It won’t happen right away and it’s important to put forth the work to scale your business, but lots of beginners are constantly in what I considered the learning mode.

The make money online business is filled with information and if I were to spend all of my time learning, Smart Affiliate Hub wouldn’t be here today.

Based on my experience, I wasted a lot of time, in the beginning, trying to learn the industry. I wanted to know everything about SEO, email marketing, Social Media marketing, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, paid advertisement, low ticket products, continuity products, high ticket products etc.

In my mind, I wanted to prepare myself before I get into the industry. I thought it was smart, like preparing myself for a basketball game. Boy was I wrong…

What You Shouldn’t Do

Are You Getting Ready To Get Ready?
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There is a lot of information on the internet when it comes to making money online. For example, you have my blog, you have blogs from other famous bloggers in this space such as Neil Patel, John Chow, etc.

It’s a good thing that you follow their blogs and try to learn what they teach, but what you shouldn’t do is to learn and not apply what you learn. Implementation of what you learn is the key to success.

Learning will get you the knowledge, but implementing what you learn will get you the results.

If you learn about how Bill Gates became successful. You will only know how he became successful. If you apply what he did to become successful, you will be one step closer to becoming successful.

What You Should Do

Are You Getting Ready To Get Ready?
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Learn as you go! Realize that it is okay to make mistakes because that’s of part of learning. Smart Affiliate Hub didn’t always look like how it is now. As a matter of fact, it is still growing and I can guarantee that in a couple of years, it will look different yet again.

I was very fortunate to sign up for my recommended platform. It gave you me the tools, resources, and the training it takes to become successful in this space.

Although, the training from my recommended platform included step-by-step action plans. I was a rebel and wanted to do things my way. I guess that’s why people say don’t reinvent the wheel. Well… I did and failed…

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Stop Getting Ready To Get Ready

Tip #1. Be The Decision Maker

Unlike a regular job, you have don’t have a boss to answer to. Usually, your boss is the one to make the decision and you’re the one to just do it. This ensures that the job gets done!

The problem starts when you’re the one in charge. When nobody is breathing down your neck, it’s much easier to procrastinate and just not do it.

Ask yourself how badly do you want to get things done? How badly do you want to start making money online? Be the decision maker and just do it!

In the make money online industry, those who take action will succeed. Those who don’t take action will drool over the success of others.

Tip #2. Forget About Perfection At First

Here’s an analogy for you: Getting all of your ducks to line up perfectly before you start. The problem is, perfection doesn’t really exist. You can get close and that’s by starting and enhancing over time.

You can create an absolutely stunning website that you feel is perfect, but months or years later. You will end up tweaking it to make it BETTER.

Don’t waste time trying to create the perfect logo, setting up the perfect WordPress theme, when you should really be focusing on creating content. My recommended platform comes with free website building plus hosting which comes with a good selection of themes to choose from. Stop trying to perfect everything, just get one started.

Sure the appearance of your website is important, but when you’re starting out. What you really want to do is build a readership.

Tip #3. Stop Making Excuses

Okay, so we all make excuses when we have doubt in mind. That’s why people say, “You are your worst enemy.” When it comes to making money online, we often tell ourselves the following excuses:

  • Oh, I don’t have the money to start an online business?—Well, if you have an iPhone or access to the internet, then yes you do have money.
  • Oh I don’t have the time to start an online business?—If you have time to read this blog, post on Social Media, or watch YouTube videos then you have time.
  • I will start soon!—There’s no such thing as starting soon. If it’s important to you, you would get started right away.

I’ve had friends and acquaintances that gave me those exact excuses many months ago. Do you want to take a guess as to where they are now?—Well, they are still waiting for that perfect moment to get started.

Some could’ve started around the same time I did and if they were as persistent and consistent as I am. They would have a decent sized blog by now.

Stop Getting Ready To Get Ready! Start Your Online Business Today!

Okay now that we’ve covered why you shouldn’t get ready to get ready. It’s time to get started and build your own online business, so you can eventually make money online.

Keep in mind, what I cover is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Download my free eBook (PDF) by clicking on the banner below to receive information on the exact business model that I used to make money online. It also comes with a 7-day action plan covering important foundation building tips and resources.

Hopefully, you find this article to be very helpful. I do publish daily with helpful content to aid you on your journey to living the ultimate lifestyle. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please leave them below and do me a huge favor by sharing this article on Social Media!

Kind Regards,

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Are You Getting Ready To Get Ready?
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2 thoughts on “Are You Getting Ready To Get Ready?”

  1. I super post my friend. I knew a lot of this stuff on Are you getting ready to get ready. However, one thing that I have learned during my time as an online marketer, it never hurts to be reminded. Thanks as you have put something to the front of my mind that I really should be concentrating on.

  2. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for dropping by! You are absolutely right. There were many times when I totally lost track of what I'm supposed to be doing. That's why I enjoy stumbling upon articles that reminds me to focus on certain things.


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