An Important Lesson I Learned From Blogging Today

An Important Lesson I Learned From Blogging Today
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Today I discovered a very important lesson that will change my blogging career completely. When it comes to blogging, I’m always talking about making money working from home, but I’m wrong. For the life of my blog up until now, it’s been worked on from the comfort of my bedroom.

As I woke up this morning, I tried to get myself together to work on a new article, but guess what happened? If you guessed that I wasn’t motivated then you are correct. Instead, I ended up spending an hour watching television. That’s when I realized that I needed a change in scenery.

The truth to the matter is, I am getting far too comfortable with where I was blogging. That’s when I decided to leave my house and head to a nearby Starbucks. After buying a cup of coffee, I went straight to work.

What I Learned While I Was At Starbucks.

Besides their slow WiFi speed and how expensive it is to drink a cup of coffee there, I realized that I was able to focus more on my blog. Surrounding me were other folks who were also on their laptop. Don’t ask me what they were doing because I don’t know. Besides the noisy customers talking amongst themselves, I find that the environment was very suitable for bloggers.

During my stay, I had one thing in mind. I was motivated to start blogging because I have something to lose. I figured if I’m going to spend time and money going to Starbucks. I better get some work done, so I don’t waste it. In the end, I got my job done and I felt great about it! I guess a change of scenery really makes a difference for bloggers.

Forget About Working From Home. Let’s Work From Anywhere.

The beauty of making money online or making money from blogging is the fact that you can do it from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to stay at home. You can do it anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Don’t treat your blog or online business like a regular job. You are not restricted to a set location. That’s why I planned a trip for this year in September. I will be flying to New York City to spend some time with my girlfriend. — Don’t worry, I will blog about my trip haha. (:

While I’m there, I plan to continue working on my blog. Here’s the good and bad news for me… She will be in school during my stay, so that sucks. However, the good news is, I can go to their local Starbucks to work on my blog while she’s attending class. That my friend is the beauty of making money online.

Just to be safe though, the blogs that I write while I’m in New York will likely not get published on the exact same day. I have the habit of batching my content and distributing them through the week. You never know though, I just might publish them on the same day. Do you want to me post about my New York trip on the same day?

Where Do You Blog?

Do you blog from home or do you prefer to blog at different locations? Do you believe that change in scenery helps refresh your mind and makes blogging more enjoyable? For me, I am starting to change my scenery.

Maybe instead of driving all the way to Starbucks though, I can blog in my living room. That is if my cats allow me to… one of them enjoys sitting on my laptop while I’m using it. I guess she is attracted to the heat generated from the laptop. The point is, don’t stay in one spot!

Go out there and make the world your blogs workshop. Do you agree with this short article? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. (:

If you’re not already blogging, you can get started by clicking on the banner below:

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An Important Lesson I Learned From Blogging Today
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