8 Killer Tips On How To Write Good Blog Posts

how to write good blog posts
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The secret to making money online through blogging is quite simple; First, you need to start a blog. However, not everyone who starts a blog is an English major or had experience in writing.— I know I’m not… as a matter of fact, I hated writing essays.

Fortunately, writing a blog doesn’t have to be like writing an essay. After writing over 500 articles since I launched my blog, I realized that I had a lot of fun because I was learning how to be more effective in writing good blog posts.

I went back to my first few articles and trust me… you wouldn’t want to see the cringe on my face. I almost wanted to completely remove those articles from Smart Affiliate Hub.

I guess it’s all part of learning right? That’s why today I want to present a few tips to the beginners who are starting their own blog. My goal is to help avoid making mistakes and provide you with 8 killer tips on how to write good blog posts.

8 Killer Tips On How To Writing Good Blog Posts

tips to writing good blog posts, how to write good blog posts
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Tip #1. Choose Captivating Titles

Before you start a blog post, you should come up with a captivating title. Most readers will not even bother reading if the title does not spark an interest.

However, do not lie to your readers and deliver what your title states. For example, if you’re telling me there is an effective way to earn a six-figure online and your content is completely irrelevant to the title, you will never see me again.

Tip #2. Add A Voice Behind Your Text

The internet contains millions of articles on literally any topic that you can think of. What makes you, unique? Well, the answer is… your writing style.

The truth of the matter is, not many people enjoy reading. When you write like a dictionary, nobody is going to be interested enough to finish your articles.

The goal is to be simple yet informative. When you are informing your readers of a new product. You don’t want to use words that require a dictionary to decipher.

Blogging is supposed to be like writing a journey, minus the book and pencil. You want to be casual with the way you present yourself, so just imagine how you would talk to a friend.

Tip #3. Use A Keyword Research Tool

A blog is completely useless if nobody can find it. Personally, I use a very popular and helpful tool known as Jaaxy Keyword and Niche Research Tool.

It has helped me rank on the first page multiple times within the search engine with multiple word phrases.

It takes the guessing game completely out of the equation. If you are serious about running a successful blog, this tool is a MUST have.

Tip #4. Blog With A Purpose

What is the purpose of your blog? Are you writing for the heck of it or are you writing to promote a product or service? A good blog post will not only deliver good information, but it will also provide an option to take action.

For example, If I am writing a product review on a roll of toilet paper. Not only will I provide information on why I recommend it, but I will also provide a link to direct my readers to the vendor if they decide to buy the toilet paper.

Tip #5. Write With User-Experience In Mind

A blog post is not like a book, it’s not supposed to contain chunky paragraphs (5 or more sentences), so you should break it down into smaller paragraphs (2-3 sentences). It makes it easier to read and not so intimidating.

You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to read by breaking it down. Go and try it for yourself!— I always go back and read my own blog posts and If I can’t stand reading it myself… I don’t expect my readers to be able to.

Tip #6. Format Your Blog Posts

This works hand in hand with tip #5. Before you call it a night and publish the article that you’ve just written. You should go back and format it by using the tools that you are provided with such as header sizes (H1, H2, H3, P), bold, italic, underline, font, text color, etc.

When I list things, I like to use numbers or bullet points to make it easier to read. The easier it is to read, the more likely your readers will finish reading it. — Nobody has time to skim through an article that’s hard to read! You only have one chance to capture your reader’s attention, so don’t mess it up!

Tip #7. Internal And External Links

I have over 500 articles, so it makes sense that I try not to repeat myself too much by providing links to my older blog posts or even external sources. This allows me to slim down on the size of each blog posts while providing more value to my readers.

However, don’t overdo it because it makes it very confusing for your readers.— It’s like you want your readers to finish reading your article, but you’re not letting them by sending them all over the place.

Tip #8. Don’t Focus Too Much On Grammar

Don’t misinterpret this and ignore grammar entirely because people will find it irritating to read when you have too many grammatical errors.

However, you shouldn’t let grammar restrict your writing.

Oftentimes, I would include a bit of my personality and humor into my content, so sometimes I won’t follow the rules when it comes to writing proper English.

However, it makes it more enjoyable to read haha… I think? Let me know if it’s true!

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and most importantly… learned something new! If not, well… I’m sorry… maybe next time? (:

Regardless, I would really appreciate it if you share this article with your peers through Social Media via the button below (mobile) or on the side (desktop). If you can’t find the buttons, please keep scrolling down haha.

If you have any questions, please kindly leave a comment in the comment section below. Other than that, have a wonderful rest of the day!

How To Write Good Blog Posts
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5 thoughts on “8 Killer Tips On How To Write Good Blog Posts”

  1. You got me Eric... the secret to making money from blogging is....start a blog. Based on your honesty, I'm going to do it. I will need your help though because I am new to this. Can you help me?

  2. You got me Eric... the secret to making money from blogging is....start a blog. Based on your honesty, I'm going to do it. I will need your help though because I am new to this. Can you help me?

  3. Hey Jordan,

    It's the truth haha! I can definitely assist you if you have any questions with learning how to make money online. Let me know(:


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