7 Proactive Ways To Build Backlinks

7 Proactive Ways To Build Backlinks
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Rather than writing great content and hoping for people to naturally link back to you. Why not be more proactive about getting backlinks? Although it’s true that writing great content drive backlinks, but how long would it take?

It would take months, if not years! It’s almost like blogging, but not telling people about your blog posts. In this article, I will provide you with 7 proactive tips to get backlinks to your blog. Are you ready for this? Let’s dive right in!

7 Proactive Ways To Build Backlinks

Tip #1. Leverage Quora.com

Quora is one of those question and answer networks with a large community. All you have to do is search for keyword’s related to your industry and you’ll see thousands of questions.

For example, let’s take a look at the keyword internet marketing with Quora search. The first question I found is asking “What is the best way to learn internet marketing?”

Leverage Quora.com
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By responding to the question and reinforcing your answer with a link that leads to a specific blog post on your website. You will not only establish yourself as an authority, but it will also drive traffic back to your blog.

While you’re answering these questions, focus on providing great answers and only add links to your blog when it makes sense. You don’t want to become a typical spammer because not only will your answer get reported, but it can also ruin your reputation.

Tip #2. Broken Link Building

404 broken link building
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 In a nutshell, you are searching for broken links to recreate its original content. Then you can contact anyone linking to that particular article to link to your recreated content instead. People are inclined to do so because nobody wants broken links on their website.

The only problem with broken link building is how hard it is to find. Most webmasters will fix broken links, so how can you find that needle in the haystack?

Well, there are tools out there to help you find these broken links. You can use a tool called Broken Link Finder. Unfortunately, this tool is not free, but trust me it’s worth it!

All you have to do is input the keyword’s that are related to your niche industry and let it find the right type of broken links for you. Next, it’s up to you to recreate the content and contact people to link back to you.

Tip #3. Sign Up For Your Niche Related Forums

warrior forum
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​Forums are still very popular with thousands of interactions every single day. Assuming that you post on relevant forums and not using any spam tactics, you should have no problem getting a decent amount of backlinks without worrying about penalties.

Similar to the question and answer websites like Quora, you want to provide value. Help people with no ill intention and people will start talking about you. This happens because people view you as an authority in your niche and when they do, your blog will see an increase in traffic.

Tip #4. Add External Links To Relevant Websites

external links
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 Utilize the power of networking by adding external links to your own content. Ones that are relevant to your niche and again it has to make sense. You don’t want to link to Apple.com for the sake of linking to their website.

Once you’ve added links to another relevant website, don’t be shy. Go ahead and reach out to their webmaster or anyone who works for that website.

Send them an email and let them know that you think their website is a great resource for your blog, so you mentioned them on your current or recent blog post (provide a link to your blog). Acknowledge their time and ask if they can share your article with their readers via Social Media or maybe even in their future content.

Don’t be discouraged if they don’t respond or link back to your blog because most people won’t. However, by asking, you’ve increased your chances exponentially.

Tip #5. Create A Top List and Contact The Those People

create a top list
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 Everybody loves being on some sort of top list. All you have to do is to contact experts in your niche through email. Let them know you are creating a top list and that you want to include them as an expert. Make sure you give them the sense of urgency by providing them with a deadline. Otherwise, they might disregard your email completely.

In your email, you’ll want to ask them if they want to participate in your top list. For the ones that say, “Yes”, you’ll want to follow up with them with another email to thank them for participating.

Provide them with a link to that article and ask them to share it with their readers through a blog post or social media. Regardless, you will be getting lots of attention from their own audience. Since they are experts in their industry, they probably have thousands or maybe even millions of followers.

Tip #6. Help A Reporter Out Now!

help a reporter out
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 Help A Reporter Out, otherwise known as HARO is a website where a journalist go when they need help with answering their questions. There, you can get some free press if you can provide the journalist with a great answer!

Do you want to get published on a NEWS website or websites like Entrepreneur.com? Well, HARO can make it happen and that’s why it is a great place to get HIGH-QUALITY backlinks.

Unlike websites like Quora, you won’t get as many backlinks, but you will definitely get links back from a website with high authority. Quality > Quantity.

Tip #7. Leverage Your Competitors

cognitiveseo site explorer
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 Most people hate competition, but I love my competitors because they help me grow. If they are writing great content, then they’re probably getting lots of backlinks as well.

You can use a backlink tool to check who is linking to your competition. Now you can create a similar article with better information. Once you’ve finished with the new article, you can now contact the people who linked to your competition.

Tell them about how you noticed their article that links to “your competitor’s blog” and how you have a similar article that covers more information and how it can benefit their readers.

If your blog post is truly better, they will be more than happy to link to you because, in the end, it’s all about user experience. If they can provide more value to their own readers, they’ll do it.

Like any other link building method, you’ll have to contact lots of people to get responses. It’s almost like fishing… the more time you spend fishing, the more fishes you can catch.

In Conclusion

Creating great content is just one piece of the puzzle. Even if you have a great piece of content, it doesn’t guarantee that people will link back to you. If you really want to increase your backlinks and traffic, you’ll have to be proactive about it.

Keep in mind, even if you follow all of my tips above, you will not get a sudden burst of backlinks and traffic. It will still require time, but at least you’re asking for it rather than waiting for it. If you want food, you’ll have to go get it. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to put food on your plate.

Do you have other proactive ways to gain backlinks? If you do, please share your knowledge with us by leaving a comment below.

Kind Regards,

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7 Proactive Ways To Build Backlinks
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8 thoughts on “7 Proactive Ways To Build Backlinks”

  1. Hello Eric, welp you did it again. One amazing post. I did not know half of these options to get backlinks. I am going to have to study this really carefully.
    Great article. And thank you for saying it is going to take time.

    Sometimes we forget that patience and persistance is the vehicle to get us to success, yes?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hello Ariel,

    That's the beauty of blogging. You're learning something new every day! Instant gratitude is the biggest downfall for most people and that's why I always try to remind my reader to be patient.


  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing this! I've been wondering about this for a while. I have a blog, with about 45 posts, but I've had trouble gaining any traction as of yet.

    I have a bit of an overcrowded niche, but I'm definitely going to keep pushing, and trying to gain some ground. I'm glad you mentioned Quora, I use it extensively and have had a decent number of conversions through it.

    Quora seems to hate direct affiliate links, but I've managed to put tons of affiliate links into my content by only putting one per post, and writing thorough posts.

    Thanks again for the advice!

  4. Hi Jordan,

    The best results I've had with Quora is by providing value that led to a blog post of mine. It helps when you have written a ton of articles on various aspects of your niche.


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