7 Essential Blogging Tips For Everyone

7 Essential Blogging Tips For Everyone
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In this article, I would like to go over 10 essential blogging tips that every blogger should know especially if you really want to become successful in this industry.

When it comes to making money online through blogging, it’s not as simple as most people make it out to be. There’s more to it than just simply creating content, adding advertisements, and waiting for the money to come in.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or a green pea, you’ll find these 10 essential blogging tips enlightening and should help you with your journey to becoming a famous blogger. With that being said, let’s get started, shall we?

Tip #1. Be Personal

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The truth to the matter is, people, don’t come to your blog expecting to read from a news reporter. That’s a job for CNN, CNBC, or Cnet.com

People come to your blog to read your opinion and perspective in your niche space. Your readers want to know how you feel about a particular subject or topic.

For example, when doing a restaurant review, your readers don’t want to know about the ingredients! They want to know your opinion on whether you like it or not. How did it taste? What did you not like about it?

Without personality, your blog is just regurgitating what can be found elsewhere! Keep in mind, what makes your blog unique is YOU.

First, ask yourself this question. What is your unique about your blog? If you think about it, regardless of which niche industry you’re in. You’re not going to be the first to blog about it. You’re certainly not going to be the last, so what makes you so special?

Tip #2. Write For People, Not For Search Engines

write for people not robots
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If you’re writing for search engines, who do you think you will attract? Google bots. Sure it’s important to have optimized your content for search engines, but what’s even more important is writing for people. Google bots will not pay you or buy your products. People will.

I’ve come across articles on the internet that is obviously written specifically for search engine optimization. The problem with the authors approach is that it was completely incoherent. I had no idea what the author was trying to tell me.

So what ends up happening? People like me will end up bouncing off of his or her website and never return. This sends a strong signal to search engines that this author is not writing articles that deliver a positive user experience.

If you want to be successful at blogging, you should really focus on how to help your readers. Write in a way that is easy for your readers to comprehend. Adding keywords to your blog is important, but focus on user experience.

Tip #3. Build A Relationship With Your Readers

build a relationship
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When you start a blog, it feels like a one-way communication because you’re just blogging and waiting for people to read it. Well, it’s true at first, but after you’ve been blogging for a few months. You’ll start realizing that readers can voice their opinion by leaving a comment.

The most successful bloggers are the ones that communicate with their readers. Imagine if you ask me a question via comment section and I never respond to you. Do you think you’ll want to come back? I hope not.

Interact with your readers and you will slowly build a strong relationship which results in lots of returning readers on a regular basis. By building a relationship with your readers, it will also send a strong signal to search engines that your blog is extremely active and helpful to the point where people are regularly engaging.

Tip #4. Don’t Rush Your Blog Posts

Don't rush your blog posts
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Its important to update your blog regularly, but what good is it if you’re going to rush your blog posts? Personally, I try to proofread every single post 2 or 3 times. Although, I’m not perfect and I do mistakes. It’s better to try rather than not trying at all.

When you rush through your posts, your readers will see it and trust me… they will not like it. A rushed blog post will usually feel unpolished with lots of grammatical errors. You can use tools like Grammarly to double check your work just in case you don’t have a proofreader.

Tip #5. Use Proper Formats To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable

make your blog post more readable
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Besides grammar and spelling, proper formats are also very important. For every one of my blog posts, I try to brainstorm and layout my headings, subheadings, and conclusion before I start writing. This helps me stay on topic and not jump from one topic to another.

I’ve read blog posts where it just didn’t make sense because the first paragraph talks about this and all of a sudden it jumps to another. Can you imagine watching a movie where the scene jumps from place to place with no explanation?

Also, when writing your blog post, you should try to finish it in one sitting. This is because your ideas are still fresh. You can always go back and delete unnecessary lines after. The bottom is to keep your ideas in order and ensure that it flows smoothly.

Tip #6. Read Other Blogs In Your Niche Space

Read other blogs and expand your knowledge
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I have over a dozen blogs that I read on a daily basis. Most of them are authorities in the make money online space. By reading other blogs, it keeps me up-to-date with the latest news in my niche.

By reading other blogs, you can see what is working and what is not working for that blogger. Now we are all unique in our own ways, but we can still be inspired by each other.

Keep in mind, just because somebody has already touched based on a certain topic. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. For example, I’m sure that I am not the first person to write 7 essential blogging tips for everyone… However, I am writing it in my own opinion and perspective.

Tip: When reading other blogs, if available, you should leave a comment. Your name will link back to your blog and you’ll get to network with people in your space.

Tip #7. Stay Motivated Because You Will Get Haters

haters are going to hate
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You can’t please everyone and that’s the truth. As you become successful, people will try to put you down because they don’t want to see you succeed.

You might start to see negative comments on your blog, some will get pretty nasty, but that’s okay! Negative comments are an indication that you are becoming successful.

Don’t ignore these haters though, just leave them a response thanking them for their feedback while showing no sign that you’re bothered by their hatred. Your other readers will see it and might even back you up. The bottom line is, be the bigger person and don’t engage in an online battle.

Sometimes negative comments encourage great debates. Have you seen debates on YouTube videos? Well, it can get pretty intense haha. Stay motivated and turn every negativity into opportunities.

In Conclusion

By following these 7 essential tips, it should help elevate your status as a blogger. If you have any questions or feedback in regard to this article. Please kindly leave a comment down below because I do answer everyone. Cheers!

Kind Regards,

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7 Essential Blogging Tips For Everyone
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4 thoughts on “7 Essential Blogging Tips For Everyone”

  1. i think tons of useless blog posts in short time did not made any impact on anybody instead few of qualityblog posts made your image as a good blogger and other thing is that to take your time and promote it well otherwise no one can easily reach to your post
    Hi, Eric thanks for helpful tips

  2. Great post Eric! I'm kind of new (couple of months old) into the online blogging and these tips are good to keep I'm mind! Thank you! Sometimes I think NK that I'm too personal but you are telling that being that way with crest my own mark. I will keep that in mind for sure.

  3. Hello Alvaro,

    Welcome to the blogging world! It's okay to be personal, but it's important to stay on topic and focus on solving issues for readers.


  4. Hello Kenneth,

    Good to see you again old friend! You are absolutely right. Focus on writing quality content and make sure you market it. Without marketing, you're basically waiting and hoping that someone checks out your blog posts.


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