6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic

6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic
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A blog without traffic is like a franchise without customers. You’re not going to make any money and that’s a fact. Before you blame anyone, you must understand that there are many variables when it comes to driving traffic to your blog.

As a matter of fact, how do I get traffic to my blog or website is one of the most frequently asked questions in this industry. One of my readers just started his blog and is wondering why he is not getting any traction. You can check out his website by clicking here. He writes about self-development and how to better yourself by leveling up.

I do understand the importance of his question. Chances are, most of my readers are going to wonder the same. That’s why today I will go over 6 reasons why your blog gets no traffic. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic

Reason #1. Your Blog Is Too New

Your Blog Is Too New
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There’s no magic bullet when it comes to making money online. My blog didn’t get the attention it gets now from the get-go. As a matter of fact, I’m still building up my traffic as I type this article. If you have just started your blog a couple of weeks or months ago. Chances are, Google and other search engines have just started recognizing you.

You must give it time because the search engine bots are trying to index your content. You can try speeding things up by using your Google Search Console or manually request Google to index you by clicking here.

If your blog is new, you should focus on building quality content that entices people to link back to you. Give it around 2 to 3 months and the search engines should have you ranked. *You can get ranked much sooner. Smart Affiliate Hub was ranked after 2 days with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate!

Reason #2. Your Blog Posts Are Low Quality

Your Blog Posts Are Low Quality
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For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning will remember how often I emphasize the importance of high-quality content. The purpose of a blog is to deliver value and if your blog posts are low quality, your readers will not stick around.

It’s not always about getting new readers, it’s about retaining your existing readers. Your blog is a business if it’s designed to help people and eventually generate money. A business without returning customer wouldn’t last very long. Imagine public transportation in your neighborhood. Do you think the bus and taxi industry would survive if everybody rides once and never comes back? What about places like Disneyland? Even the famous Disneyland wouldn’t survive if they don’t have repeat business.

Tip: If you feel like your blog posts are not high quality. That’s okay! As long as you recognize it, you can go back and update your blog posts. Click here to learn how to write quality blog posts.

Reason #3. You Are Not Optimizing Your Blog For The Search Engine (SEO)

search engine optimization
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You will hear the word SEO throughout your entire blogging career. Optimizing your content allows search engines to rank you accordingly. The goal of SEO is to get you ranked on the first page of Google, so you can take advantage of Google’s traffic.

Google is the largest search engine on the internet. If you can rank your content on the first page of their search result. How many people do you think would visit your website?

Personally, I use a tool known as the Jaaxy Keyword and Niche research tool. It provides me with statistics on specific keywords. For example, if I’m trying to rank for how to make money online. It will display stats such as traffic, competition, etc. Here are some SEO tools that will really help you out!

Reason #4. You Are A Blogger, Not An Internet Marketer

you are also an internet markter
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A lot of people blog, blog, and blog, but don’t see any traffic. The problem is not because blogging doesn’t work. Blogging works, but you also need to know how to market your content.

At first, you’re not going to get a lot of Google love. You’re not going to get a lot of organic traffic from the search engines. So what else can you do to get traffic? By marketing of course!

Share your blog posts on Social Media. Network with people in your niche! Leave helpful comments on other people’s blog. These are all great ways to market yourself and your content.

It’s like building a swimming pool in your neighborhood without telling anyone about it. Do you think people are going to magically show up? Probably not.

Reason #5. You Are Not Being Consistent Enough

you need to start blogging consistently
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Consistency is important when it comes to blogging. If I was a reader, I would like to see new content coming from you. If you blog today and stop blogging for a month. I’ll assume that your blog is inactive or maybe even dead. This is why search engines rank websites that are updated regularly. Their goal is to rank websites that deliver value and constantly drive traffic.

However, don’t take this the wrong way. Posting consistently can be at any frequency. You can do it once a day or twice a week. It’s totally up to you, but make sure each article that you post delivers value to your readers. If you want to post twice a week or once a month, make sure you stay consistent with it.

Reason #6. Relies Heavily on Paid Traffic

adwords for paid advertisement
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Paid traffic is not a bad thing, but if your blog depends on paid traffic. What do you think happens when you stop paying? Well, the traffic stops of course!

That’s why I build my blog, so I can get traffic from search engines for years to come. As long as I don’t get penalize of course haha!

In Conclusion

If your blog is not getting traffic, it’s probably because of one of the reasons above. Maybe multiple reasons. Regardless, you should continue to build quality content and make sure you market them as you go. Over time, the search engines will start to develop trust in you. It takes time, but I see it as a good thing. I wouldn’t want a random blog to come in and outrank me instantly.

Are you not getting traffic to your blog? How do you plan on increasing your blog’s traffic?

Kind Regards,

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6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic
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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic”

  1. Hey Eric! Thanks for sharing this info 🙂

    So far, I'm having issues with consistency. I'm having trouble with posting so often due to a full-time job. Hopefully, I'll get over this hurdle and there is still a chance of healing my business.

    Because of my issue, is it still possible to save my business, if I get back on track with my blog posting and my frequency gets more consistent? Because I'm quite behind schedule due to overworking at full-time job.

  2. Hi German,

    The good news is, your online business only requires part-time input. I just checked out your website and it looks awesome! My suggestion is to find out what kind of posting frequency would work for you. You don't need to create 1 blog posts per day. I would recommend you try to produce maybe 2 or 3 per week. I usually dedicate 1 or 2 days out of the week for content creation.

    Once you've created your content, you can publish each of them on your desired days. Do advertise on Social Media as well whenever you publish a new blog post. By batching your work, you should find it more sustainable to work a regular job while maintaining your online business.


  3. Hello Eric,
    What I know is that when I come to your site, not only will it be quality content, but I am going to really learn something.
    And this post was no exception. I so do resonate with blogging only works if we get Social Media. I am learning that more and more.
    I agree Jaaxy is a fabulous product. I am hoping my site will continue to grow as I learn more about interacting with Social Media.
    I will keep coming back here to learn even more.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hello Ariel,

    I'm glad that my website has been nothing but helpful to you. Jaaxy keyword and niche research tool is definitely a valuable asset for all bloggers and internet marketers alike. I hope to speak to you again soon.


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