6 Problems With Blogging These Days

Blogging is a very popular way to make money online because of how inexpensive it is to start. Unlike a regular brick and mortar business, your start up cost is a domain name and website hosting service. However, there are 6 problems with blogging these days.

With millions of blogs circulating the internet, only a small percentage are actually successful. It is not because blogging is a scam or it doesn’t work. Most people fail because of the way they approach their business. Yes, blogging can be a business! Look at Zac Johnson, his blog is the foundation of his business.

In this article, I will cover the following reasons: Mentality, Passion, Value, Outsource, Relevancy, and Tools. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you will be able to do whatever it takes to prevent yourself from being a part of the failing statistics of bloggers. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Reason #1. Not Having The Right Mentality

Not Having The Right Mentality
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Has anyone ever told you about winning is all in the mind? If you believe you’re going to fail, chances are you will. For some reason, people think blogging is going to be very easy and that money will start raining down on them. That is far from the truth, so having the right mentality is critical to your success.

Yes, money is important and that’s why you’re trying to make money online. However, you have to ask yourself this simple question. Why should someone buy from you? What can you do to help them?

Instead of focusing on the money, start a blog with the mentality of solving a problem. What can you do to provide to your readers? Think like a real business person.

Look at restaurants for example. What kind of problems are they solving? Bringing different delicacies to people who want to dine out. What good is a restaurant without food? What good is a blog without valuable content? Are you prepared for the long game?

Reason #2. Having No Passion

passion leads to success
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Are you treating your blog like a job? Most people who work the regular 9 to 5 are not passionate about what they do. The only reason why they are working a job is to make ends meet. If you don’t have a passion for your blog, you’re certainly going to fail immediately.

I’ve seen so many bloggers come and go simply because they started for the wrong reasons. Their goal was to make lots of money, so they can live a better lifestyle. That’s a good long-term goal to have, but it shouldn’t be your only goal. What happens is when they realized that it actually takes time to make money online, they give up.

Successful blogs online didn’t start for profit. They started to solve a problem, so it’s easier to push forward and eventually generate huge profits for them. The money is just a bonus for their work.

For me, I wanted to create a blog that shows people legitimate ways to earn money online through blogging, affiliate marketing, and more. I was a victim to make money fast schemes so I’ve made it a mission to only provide legitimate ways to approach this business while informing my readers of potential scammers.

What kind of problem are you trying to solve? Are you passionate about it?

Reason #3. Not Providing Value

Not Providing Value
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One of the biggest problems with blogging is that people are not providing enough value. They are too focused on the sake of blogging. That’s why I always recommend my readers to take their time when it comes to content writing. Go and research and make sure each post serves a purpose.

Put yourself in the shoes of a reader. If you are doing research, do you want to read something that answers your questions? The good news is, writing valuable content is not as tough as you think.

Here are some tips to help you write valuable content:

  • Research Content (Use Quora or other sources to find out what your audience are looking for).
  • Brainstorm with the title, headings, subheadings, etc.
  • Find yourself a comfortable publishing frequency. If it takes you all week to produce one piece of valuable content, then so be it. Your readers will appreciate one piece of valuable content over 7 low-quality articles.

Reason #4. Bad Outsourcing

Bad Outsourcing
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As a blogger and website owner myself, blogging can be very time-consuming especially when you start getting more readers, comments, etc. Sometimes you will feel overwhelmed and if you’re already making money online. It’s not a bad idea to outsource a team.

For example, you can outsource content writers, so you don’t have to write every article yourself. This can be very helpful especially if you like to batch your blog posts.

However, you need to be careful when choosing who you outsource. Many bloggers outsource the wrong type of people, ones that know little about their niche which leads to lower quality content.

After all, your readers come to your blog because of your niche and your content to help them solve problems. With lower quality content, you will suffer a decrease in user engagement.

The phrase, you’ll get what you pay for is very true when it comes to outsourcing. If it’s cheap to hire then you’ll likely end up with content that is low quality and maybe even plagiarized.

Reason #5. Irrelevant Content

Irrelevant Content
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First, I have a little reminder for you. You are writing for your readers, not for yourself. If you are a specific niche focused blog. You’ll want to stay focus on the type of content you produce. If you take a look at my blog, it only contains content that motivates or teaches people how to make money online.

Rarely will you see an article that talks about something else like the best TV show for 2018. Although it is okay to share random ramblings here and there, you should try to stay focus on relevant content.

Here are ways to keep you focused on producing relevant content:

  • Ask your email subscribers what they want to read from your blog.
  • Read your blog comments and use their questions for ideas.
  • Research your competitors and write down topic ideas.

Don’t make this common mistake! Check out my previous article that goes over 10 tips to writing quality content for your website!

Reason #6. Not Using Available Tools

Not Using Available Tools
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For the current and future generations of bloggers, you are very fortunate. Since the birth of the internet in 1990, it has gone through many changes. One of which is the ease of creating an online business. Back then, you’ll need to learn to code but now, there are platforms and tools available to you.

Social Media is one of those free tools that allows you to build brand awareness if you do it properly. Do you notice people are using #hashtags? With the right content and #hashtags, you can get an immediate burst of traffic as well as awareness.

There are also keyword research tools available to help you rank higher on the search engines. The list goes and on! Sure some tools will cost money, but what kind of business has no expenses?

Many of your competitions are taking advantage of available tools, so if you don’t use them. You will have a huge disadvantage!

In Conclusion

If any of the above describes you, then you are in big trouble! You might want to rethink your ways to approach making money online. There are no magic bullets for overnight success. With the right mentality, passion, value, outsource, relevancy, and tools. Your success will have no limitations.

Do you have something else to add to this article? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

Kind Regards,

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6 Problems With Blogging These Days
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6 thoughts on “6 Problems With Blogging These Days”

  1. This is a good read. I never thought about blogging because I hear that it takes a very long time to see any results. But it seems like it will pay off judging by your blog Eric.

  2. Hello Winn,

    Blogging is actually quite fun if you have a passion for what you're blogging about. Making money online is a great niche even though it's highly competitive. In the end, regardless of your niche, you will find information on my blog helpful.


  3. Thank you for reminding us that blogging is not easy money. If we really want to run it as a business, we must do our homework as businesspeople. If we just want to do what we love -- and hope it catches on -- then we really must accept rejection, or lack of notice.

  4. Hello Michael,

    You are very welcome! My philosophy is to turn every negativity into an opportunity. If someone is telling you that you can't do it. That gives you more reason to just do it. Lack of attention is going to happen especially from the beginning. It just makes it sweeter when you finally get the attention that you deserve.

    Keep pushing,

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