4 Reasons To Quit Your Day Job And Start Blogging

Do you enjoy working the 9 to 5 job? Working a 9 to 5 job was the reason why I wanted to quit and start blogging. However, I want to clarify that it all depends on your financial situation. Making money online is like any business out there. It requires small investment and time.

If you are dirt broke like me, then you shouldn’t quit your job right away. Being an employee, you are given some benefits. You know exactly when you get paid or how much you get paid depending on your hourly or salary.

Growing up, I was told by members of the family to save up and buy lots of housing properties. While it holds true for most of my elders, but we live in a completely different world now.

We now live in the age of the internet. Instead of spending my entire life working a regular 9 to 5 job just to earn enough to pay for a house. Instead, I’ve decided to shift my attention and build a profitable online business. Although I didn’t have experience in this industry, I had one thing at my disposal, my laser eye focus for success.

Build Your Own Online Empire

“Work hard for someone else or work hard for yourself?” The choice is yours!

Why I Chose Blogging Over Other Options


You see, blogging is not a real business. It’s a business tool that helps build a successful business. One of the most difficult things to do for a business is to get customer and lots of them. A blog will allow you to drive targeted audience to your business. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, your blog can be a great tool to generate leads and potential sales.

Let me ask you a question. Why do people spend thousands of dollars on Apple products? The answer is quite simple. People know Apple and they trust them.

One of the biggest advantages of a blog is brand building. Sure, you’re not Apple or Microsoft, but you’re unique. By producing unique quality content for your readers. They will start to trust you overtime. Your goal is to be the authority in your niche.

Here’s a little tip or you!

Focus on producing high-quality content that solves a problem and your readers will reward you with their wallet. The more you focus on making money, the less money you’ll end up making.

4 Reasons To Quit Your Day Job And Start Blogging


Reason #1. You’re The Boss Of Yourself

You're The Boss Of Yourself
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No longer will you have to be at the mercy of an employer. No longer will you have to wake up for the 9 to 5 just to build someone else’s empire. You see, I don’t mind waking up, but only if it’s to build my own empire.

Growing up, I was accustomed to working the 9 to 5, but as time goes by. I realized that being a follower will get me nowhere. Why am I doing all the leg work, so the boss can live in his ivory tower?

As a matter of fact, starting a blog is easier than you think! All you need is a vision and the desire to grow that vision into a multi-million or perhaps billion dollars business. Do you know how to use Word document? If you do, then you are more than qualified to start your own blog and be on your way to working from home.

One of the biggest reasons why people fail at blogging is because they don’t see it from a business point of view. They think by starting a blog, money will start to magically rain down on them. That’s far from the truth!

Sounds exciting to the boss right? Well, you won’t become the boss if you don’t start. — Build your online empire here!


Reason #2. Blogging Elevates You As The Expert

Blogging Elevates You As The Expert
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There are thousands of blogs in any niche market. Why should someone listen to what you have to say? A blog can elevate you as the expert. For example, If your blogging about home improvement, you want to be known as the home improvement guy.

All you need to do is share your blog post on Social Media and have it ranked on the search engines. This will position your business so the right audience can find you.

Not only will you be perceived as the expert in your industry, but you’ll also get the advantage of free publicity. If you continue to produce high-quality content, people will be more inclined to link back to you. It’s a great backlink building strategy that you can implement to your business by doing what you’re supposed to do as a blogger.


Reason #3. Increase Your Income

Increase Your Income
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Would an extra $1,000.00 per month change your living situation? What about double of what you’re already making? Unless you can split your body and work 2 different jobs simultaneously, you can certainly forget about increasing your income. At least not anything substantial.

As I mentioned previously, working a job guarantees a set wage or salary at specified times. However, that can be a problem. That means your income will stay the same for the majority of your career unless your employer decides to give you a raise. Which is unlikely unless you’ve been working for the same company for years.

You don’t have much control as an employee, but you have full control as the webmaster of your blog. Like a job, it does require hard work, but the end results will annihilate anything a job can offer. Rather than working hard for someone else’s business, why not work hard for your own?


Reason #4. You’re At Risk Of Losing Everything

don't put all of your eggs in one basket
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Ironically, having a job to make money is the worst way to make money. Because your income is dependent on you. If you get sick, fired, or the company shuts down. You are shit out of luck.

If you think learning how to make money online is risky, working a regular job is way riskier. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is basically a recipe for disaster. I’ve heard of many stories of successful people who became jobless overnight. Struggling to find a new job because of high competition.

As a blogger, you can diversify your income through multiple streams. For example, I can make money by promoting AWeber, ClickFunnels, HostGator, Wealthy Affiliate, etc. If one of those companies disappears from the face of the earth tomorrow? My income will not really be affected.


In Conclusion


Quitting your job to start a blog might seem scary at first. I don’t condone you to do so unless you are financially stable. You most certainly can work on your blog on the side while working a full-time job.

Just keep in mind, why you want to eventually quit your daytime job. Use your job negativity as a source to fuel your desire to live a better lifestyle. Fuel your desire to work from home and on your own terms.

Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it! Are you willing to do it? There’s never a good time to start a new venture. Starting it as soon as you can is better than not starting at all.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Nothing is going to change unless you take action…

Kind Regards,

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4 Reasons To Quit Your Day Job And Start Blogging
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Eric Chen

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