10 Killer Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Titles!

10 Killer Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Titles!
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Did you know that roughly 8 out of 10 people will read the title, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read the rest of your content? That’s why besides spending a lot of time creating high-quality content, you should also focus on the title.

The truth to the matter is, if your title sucks, people aren’t going to continue reading. So what good is having amazing content if nobody cares to read it?

Your blog titles are the first impression and the determining factor for your readers. If they find it interesting, they’ll click through and read the rest of it.

In this article, I’m going to give you 10 killer tips for writing amazing blog titles! Let’s sharpen those titles and grab more attention together.

Tip #1. Use Proven Headline Formulas

Reinventing the wheel is not necessary here. Before me and you, other bloggers and internet marketers have done research to find out what type of headlines will convert the best. Here are 51 Headline Formulas to skyrocket conversions by Sumo.com.

I’ve yet to try every single headline formula, but here are a few that I find to be very effective:

  • How to headlines: These tend to perform quite well because it’s clear what the article will be about. For example, how to make money online will be about how to make money online.
  • Number headlines: A number headline is best for creating a list of something. For example, I’m using a numbered headline for this article.
  • Curiosity headlines: People are naturally curious and if you can get someone to be curious after reading your title. They will very likely click-through and read the rest of your article.

Thanks to BlogCharge.com, you can now check out 700+ powerful words to write in catching blog titles! You obviously can’t write a title with just one word, but it gives you a great idea on how to start.

Tip #2. Read Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Blogs

Amazing titles are everywhere! In fact, if you read the newspaper, magazines, or other blogs, you’ll have a pretty good idea what kind of titles are enticing to read.

Whenever I read something interesting, I would write down the title, so I can use it for myself in the future. After all, there’s got to be something special about that title that enticed me to read the rest of it.

That’s exactly how you want your audience to react whenever they read a title of yours.

Tip #3. Use UberSuggest Keyword Research Tool

If you want to get your readers attention, a great way to do so is by using the right keywords in your blog titles. UberSuggest is a great tool in this aspect, there you can search for a specific keyword and it’ll populate a list of keyword ideas as well as blog titles that are currently working!

ubersuggest neil patel
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As you can see from the image above, you can use Ubersuggest to search for keywords that you want to write content for and use examples from people who are ranked highly on the Google SERP.

Tip #4. Create Multiple Blog Titles Per Blog Post

I know, writing a blog post is very time-consuming especially if you have to do research first. Again, what good is a well-constructed blog post if the title sucks?

That’s why you should spend as much time working on creating amazing blog titles as you do on the blog post itself. And that’s why I recommend creating multiple blog titles per blog post.

You don’t need a whole lot, but a few variations is a good start. Once you’ve created a few potential blog title, you should share it with people you trust and ask for their opinion.

By doing so, you’ll get an honest opinion on which title will work better in getting people to click-through.

Tip #5. Don’t Clickbait Your Readers

Have you ever been encountered clickbait? Whether it’s in the form of a blog post or a YouTube video, it can be very frustrating. You were expecting something only to realize that what you’re getting is nowhere near that.

You’re not alone because your audience feels the same way. People don’t like clicking on appealing headlines only to be disappointed by content that doesn’t deliver.

Having appealing blog titles will get people to click-through, but it won’t help you build a readership or generate a sale if you are click baiting your readers.

So make sure your content matches with your blog title. If your title says 10 Amazing Tips, make sure your content is consists of 10 amazing tips, no more, no less.

Tip #6. Practice Makes Almost Perfect

Like most things in life, all it takes is practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes! I remember the first time I tried to write a blog post, I was blank and stuck for at least 10 minutes.

Now I’m able to generate 1 new blog post per day. The rate at which I finish each blog posts varies, but it’s definitely much easier than when I first started.

You don’t have to write 1 new blog post per day, but it doesn’t hurt to come up with at least 1 new blog title per day. I do this regularly to generate new blog post ideas if I haven’t covered it already.

Tip #7. Write Your Blog Titles For Your Audience

When it comes to niche marketing, you don’t have to please everyone. You just need to know what works for your audience and the same applies when writing blog titles.

Keep in mind, your blog title only matters to people who are interested, to begin with. For example, someone who is interested in fitness will care less how awesome your make money online title is.

And that brings us to the next tip!

Tip #8. Conduct A/B Testing

You can use A/B testing WordPress plugins to research different page titles to see which converts better. And if you’ve followed tip #4, you should have different variations of blog titles for each blog post.

By doing so, you’ll gain data to help you decide which blog post title is doing better when it comes to conversion. Maybe your readers are looking for how to headlines rather than number headlines.

You won’t really know until you’ve conducted A/B testing.

Tip #9. Appeal To Emotions

A blog post usually goes viral simply because the title appeals to emotions. Blog titles that appeal to emotions are more enticing to read and because of that, the number of social shares also increases.

Here’s an image on appeal to emotion to connect to your audience by CoSchedule:

emotional appeal
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So the next you think about creating a blog title, try to appeal to different emotions. After all, your readers are human beings with emotions.

Tip #10. Be Specific With Your Title

Last, but not least, be specific with your title. People don’t click on things that they are unsure of. By being specific, you are telling people what they will expect to find if they were to click.

Let’s say you’re searching for how fast does a cheetah run?

Which one of these titles are you more likely to click?

  • How Fast Does A Cheetah Run?
  • Cheetahs Are Fast!

Let me know which one you chose by leaving a comment down below.

In Conclusion

And that concludes my 10 Killer Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Titles! Whether you write for yourself or for someone else, you should never take blog titles lightly.

By spending more time on writing amazing blog titles, you will see more results for your work.

Just to recap on how to write amazing blog titles:

  • Use proven headline formulas, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Read newspapers, magazines, and blogs for examples
  • Use Ubersuggest keyword research tool to find keyword ideas as well as examples
  • Create multiple blog titles to share with your friends
  • Don’t be a typical click baiter if you want to build a readership
  • Keep practicing and you’ll improve over time
  • Don’t write for yourself, write blog titles for your audience
  • Conduct A/B testing to gather data to determine which title works better
  • Appeal to the emotion of your readers and you’ll generate more clicks and shares
  • Lastly, be specific with your titles, so your readers know what to expect

Hopefully, this was helpful! If you need help with anything, please leave a comment down below and I will try my best to help you out!

Have a good rest of the day,

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10 Killer Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Titles!
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2 thoughts on “10 Killer Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Titles!”

  1. Awesome tips on how to write blog titles! I am a beginner starting a blog very soon. I’ll definitely come back for more information.

  2. Hi Adam,

    I'm glad you found this to be helpful! I have many more tips and I do blog regularly. If you need help with anything, please let me know.


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